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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Big Boss Season 10 Gossips !!!

Priyanka Jagga's secrets revealed by her ex-boyfriend :

Priyanka Jagga is one of the participants of Big Boss Season 10 who gained a huge popularity within very less days. But unforyunately she got evicted from the show. Priyanka's ex-boyfriend Gautham Arora has revealed few secrets of her life which has shocked everyone. According to Gautham, Priyanka's husband has left her for 3-4 years. Her husband has moved to abroad leaving their kids behind. Gautham being a DJ as profession, met with Priyanka at the launch of Asom club in Dwaraka. They became friends and later dated for 4-5 months. Gautham revealed that he did not like Priyanka's dating habbits and left her. She has used him to get into the auditions. Priyanka was only behind money. At last Gautham has taunted her by saying " for whom she was keeping Karwa chauth ka wrath?" 

Kushal Tandon warns Mannu Punjabi :

Kushal Tandon who has participated in Big Boss 7 has been eyeing on Big Boss 10 contestants. Kushal Tandon has gained a huge popularity after participating in Big Boss season 7 and his love affair with one of the contestants. Recently Kushal has posted on Twitter stating "does the celebrities doesnt belong to India, or else they have come from China Town? Bull Shit. " Now he has aimed Mannu Punjabi and taunted him saying BMW doesnt have any series but Mannu is showing off in the show that he one of BMW series. Lets watch how Salman Khan or Big Boss reacts on this comment. 

Priyanka Peed in her pants :

On day 5 in the house of Big Boss season 10, one of the contestants Priyanka Jagga has peed in her pants and also asked Bani to clean the clothes. Bani remained shocked and calm as she wasnt interested in indulging into the catfight. According to the task was the commeners and celebrity 
contestants should sit on a toy horse rider and drink water till the other contestants give up. Priyanka drank water and peed in her place itself. The celebrities couldnt spoil their image on the show and gave up. By this the commoner Priyanka has won the task and helped Swami ji to get out of the jail. 

Om ji Swami ji's secrets revealed :

The new season of Big Boss had some changes and has invited common people into the house along with the celebrities. So in this list a famous baba ji has named Om ji maharaj has entered in the house. He has gained popularity by flirting girls in the house or by stealing things. But in his real 
life baba has a bad reputation. Baba ji has stolen things from his brother's shop and was has pictures with women in a vulgar way. Their was complaint against baba ji that he has blackmailed few women. Before entering into the Big boss house baba ji was sentenced a warrant by High court that he hasnt marked the attendence. Om baba ji was arrested regarding robbery in his brother's shop. Below you can find few pictures of Om ji baba getting slapped by Deepa Sharma. Deepa has slapped Om ji as he was bad mouthing about he regading her personal matters. Baba ji is still in the house and creating a fuss. Lets wait and watch whats more in baba ji's bag.