Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 13 July 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Written Update

Koki asks pari to clean the utensils from store room and arrange them aside. Pari gets annoyed. Later pari tells koki that she couldnt understand which utensils should be cleaned. Koki thinks of doing that work herself. Pari goes to rashi's room with juice but rashi denies when pari asks rashi to get ready to school. After a while gopi goes to rashi's room but couldnt find rashi in the room. Someone ties a rope at the entrance of store room so that the coming person would fall off and gets hurt. At the chawl, urmi asks kinjal to apply kerosene on her scars. When kinjal brings the kerosene to apply, urmi rushes out and shouts that kinjal is trying to kill her. The chawl people support urmi and call police. Police warns kinjal that she would get arrested if urmi gets hurt. 

Koki enters into the store room and falls off. Koki yells for help. Gopi rushes and helps koki. Koki's leg gets sprained. Gopi yells for family members. All the family members gather over there. Chirag feels bad who is doing all this. Mira - pari starts blaming each other about this incident. Gopi defends mira but pari yells at gopi that as mother mira as well trying to kill someone. All of them disperse. Mira says ahem that she cannot think of harming someone. Gopi defends mira and tells pari that though mira behaves rudely with everyone but she cannot harm her family. Even koki feels bad that she couldnt give a happy life to gopi after her release. Gopi consoles koki. Koki asks gopi to have some turmeric milk so that her throat will be fine. Someone cuts the gas cylinder pipe in the kitchen. Gopi goes to kitchen. Ahem smells gas and rushes over there. Ahem stops gopi lighting on the stove.