Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 10th July 2015 Written Update

Bhallas ruins raman's plan to romance with ishu. Romi brings sarika to Mumbai and tells about his marriage with sarika. Bhallas celebrate together. 

Raman signs ishu to come out silently. Ishu after coming out asks why he has called her out. Raman scolds ishu for ruining their romantic night by asking his family to sleep in their room. Ishu replies how she can send them away for their private moments. Raman says he was feeling hungry and asks ishu whether she wants to eat something. Ishu also says she too feeling hungry. Raman takes ishu to a coffee shop and orders coffee. Raman grabs ishu's hands and tries being romantic. Ishu denies as they are in public. The couple hear some familiar voice and turns around. They find rinky-mihir romancing on the next table. Raman takes away ishu from there thinking rinky mihir might feel embarrassed. In the garden raman ishu find Mr bhalla and toshi romancing. Ishu makes fun of bhalla family. Raman scolds ishu to learn something from his family. Raman ishu comes back to the hotel lobby. Ishu asks raman to get back to their room and sleep. Raman says if both the couples arent in the room then they can romance. 

Next day, toshi rinky raman ishu will be getting ready for breakfast. Mihir and bhalla leave to set a table for their family. Raman purposely throws juice on ishu's saree. Toshi takes away rinky from there to give raman ishu a private moment. Ishu goes to bathroom to change. Raman locks the door. Ishu asks raman to give a saree to change. Raman asks ishu to change into his shirt which is in the bathroom. Ishu denies first but agrees later as raman says he would come inside. Ishu wears raman's shirt and comes out. Raman finds ishu cute and s**y. While he tries being romantic, someone knocks the door. Ishu rushes into bathroom taking a saree to change. Raman opens the door and finds romi. Raman scolds romi for his stupid surprise and takes him away. Ishu as well comes for breakfast. Ruhi surprises ishu with sarika. Romi tells everyone that sarika has agreed for the marriage. Bhallas feel happy and all together have breakfast. Ishu calls aadhi and asks about his health. Romi says sarika that he would ask her mother's permission for their marriage. Sarika says her mom has died in an accident. Romi says he would talk to her relatives about their marriage but sarika says she has no one now. Romi hugs sarika and says they are family now. Aadhi says he is fine and mihika is taking care about him well. Later, at night, ruhi suddenly wakes up and asks ishu about shagun. Ishu says raman has seen her in Mumbai but couldnt meet her. 

Mihika calls abhishek and tells about romi's marriage. Abhishek asks the bride's name. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th July 2015 Written Update

Koki still blames mira for all the problems at modi house. Gopi-ahem believes mira couldnt dare to kill a person. Urmi once again starts her kalakaries on kinjal. 

Koki gets worried finding hetal's hands injured because of the boken glass pieces. Koki calls mira and scolds her for throwing the glass pieces in the mud purposefully. Mira denies about it. Mira shows koki that even she has got hurt because of the glass pieces. Koki doesnt believe in mira. Ahem takes away mira from there and nurses her injuries. Mira alleges pari that she was taking her revenge. Ahem says he would send milk for her and leaves. Later, in hetal's room, koki say though she is yelling at mira she couldnt believe that mira could try to kill a person. Later Koki asks meeti to take out the old utensils and give to mira so that she would clean them and also asks pari to arrange them again. Pari feels burdened with the work. Later pari starts cleaning the utensils, mira comes there. Mira provokes pari that she is like a servant at modi house than a daughter in law. Pari gets irked and yells at mira. Gopi-koki comes there and asks whats happening. Pari warns gopi to keep her daughter in control as she is crossing her limits. Koki scolds pari for her childish behavior. 

At the chawl, dhaval calls koki and tells how kinjal has done the drama before his friends and now she is blackmailing them to harassing her. Koki assures dhaval that urmi would change kinjal. Koki talks to urmi and asks her to start her kalakaries once again and change kinjal now. Urmi agrees. Later, kinjal switches on the AC in urmi's room and sleeps over urmi's bed. Urmi finds this and scolds kinjal to leave. Kinjal once again warns urmi not to dare to talk to her in loud voice if not she will make her arrested. Dhaval comes there and takes away urmi from there. Later, kinjal will be reading a magazine, urmi comes there and shows few red marks on her body and asks to apply ointment. Kinjal denies, urmi pleads so kinjal agrees to apply the ointment. Urmi thinks of ruining kinjal's ego.

Gopi says ahem not to feel bad as koki is blaming mira for all the problems at home. Ahem replies he isnt bothered though whatever anyone thinks about his daughter.