Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 29 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th May 2015 Written Update

Koki explained how mean ahem was towards gopi till now. :)

Koki yells at ahem that gopi should die better than living with her unfaithful family. Koki scolds vidya that they all have insulted gopi all the time. Gopi has no reason to live. Gopi is having this torture only because of her, being mean to gopi to get her family back. Koki apologizes khana ji for being mean towards gopi which she has used to get her son back through gopi. Koki feels bad that ahem was a stone hearted person and she is feeling guilty. Gopi was her son all the time. She was pressurizing gopi to make her family one. Koki feels guilty for her mistakes. Ahem tries to console but koki yells at ahem that if gopi dies ahem shouldnt touch her dead body nor can participate in her cremation. And if gopi is safe alive, koki's cremation should be done by gopi but not ahem. Ahem remains shocked. Hetal asks koki to stop this nonsense and pray for gopi. Jigar tries to console ahem. Koki says hetal that gopi shouldnt bear any pain anymore. Mira comes there. Koki scolds mira to let gopi die peacefully. Mira tries hugging koki, but koki yells that she cannot bear her touch nor will forgive in her life. Doc comes out and informs that surgery is done but gopi is still critical. Doc asks modis to donate blood for gopi. Mira says she can, mira says its A+ blood group. Doc denies as gopi's different blood group. Doc asks modis who has AB- blood to gopi. Vidya says its her too and agrees to donate. Koki scolds mira. Mira says ahem that she hasnt done anything purposefuly. Ahem rejects to listen to her. Koki drags mira out and asks her to leave. Tolu molu takes care of parag chirag at home. Koki sits beside gopi. Koki feels bad that few days back gopi was upset with all the problems with mira vidya ahem. Koki says gopi not to leave her alone, as they both share a great relation. Koki says gopi has helped her as a sister, shown right path as mom and never left her alone. She cant live without gopi so pleases to wake up.