Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2015 Written Update

Now ahem is feeling bad for gopi. ~X(

Koki will be singing khana ji's songs in aarthi, pari vidya in hospital will be praying for gopi. Suddenly aarthi gets off and in the hospital power cut. Hospital management says the generator is under repair and no time for new generator. Doc suggests to shift gopi to near by hospital to have the surgery. Ahem denies to shift gopi to another hospital. Vidya convinces ahem to agree. Finally he agrees. At modi house, mansi consoles mira to be relaxed. Mira says they should go to hospital. But mansi says modis would insult them once again if they go to hosiptal. Kinjal-hetal reach hospital, pari meets them and says gopi was shifted to another hospital because of power cut. Koki will be waiting for gopi ahem. Jigar tells koki that there is a power cut in Rajkot. Koki asks jigar to call gopi and let her talk to gopi. Koki thinks of preparing kheer for gopi ahem. Ahem-vidya with gopi reach hospital. Ahem grabs gopi's hands and doesnt leave them to send her into the operation theater. Vidya pleads to leave gopi's hands. Docs prepare for surgery. Ahem will be worried for gopi. Hetal kinjal pari reach the hospital. Hetal consoles vidya. Vidya goes to fill up the hospital's papers. Koki asks jigar whether he has talked to gopi, jigar replies no. Koki decides to go to modi house to check what has happened. Urmi says koki not to leave her alone. Jigar says if she goes to modi house and they might come back to chawl. Koki stills doubts something is wrong. Jigar comes out and calls pari and tells koki is worried about gopi. Pari asks jigar to bring mira to chawl and convince her that everything is fine between them or call tolu-molu and let her talk to koki. Jigar calls tolu-molu and asks them to let mira to talk to koki. Koki prepares kheer but gets wasted as a kitty jumps on it. Koki doubts something bad gonna happen. Kinjal says ahem that she never thought of gopi to be dead, and now she wishes gopi to be fine. But ahem reacts coldly. 

Jigar thanks tolu-molu for calling koki from house. Jigar says he will reach the hospital. But koki overhears him and asks who is in the hospital. Jigar tells about gopi's accident.