Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st May 2015 Written Update

Vidya apologizes gopi for all her mistakes. Gopi says when she doesnt know the truth she cant blame herself. Vidya asks ahem why he hid the truth and kept them away from their mom. Ahem replies that gopi was mean and dint bother about her own family and went to jail. Vidya says if he hadnt hid this truth she would have respected him. He was more mean than gopi. Vidya brings a mother's day card and says she loves her so much. Vidya says gopi that even ahem-meera too love her a lot. Vidya promises gopi that she would make their family one. Meera comes there. Gopi says vidya that she was dying to hear word "maa" from them. Koki asks ahem to accept gopi and have a happy life. Even vidya insists to accept gopi. Ahem remains calm. Vidya tries to hold ahem's hand with gopi's but meera comes there and drags ahem's hands. Meera says she wouldnt allow ahem to accept gopi. Meera blames gopi that she and ahem arent fools to accept her. Vidya asks meera to accept the truth but meera yells at vidya. Meera complaints that since her childhood she was living as an orphan. Meera asks vidya if ahem is wrong by hiding the truth, why gopi hasnt called ahem to know about them. Meera yells at gopi that she will never forgive her nor accept her. Meera asks ahem not to leave her and go along with gopi. Ahem promises meera that he would never leave her. Ahem takes away meera from there. Meera asks ahem whether he will accept gopi or not. Ahem asks meera to go home. Vidya comes there. Meera asks vidya to stay away but vidya asks to think in a cool way as always she takes wrong decisions in anger. Meera leaves asking ahem to take a right decision. Later, gopi comes to koki and says she is happy today as vidya has forgiven her. But koki says she is angry with ahem rather than meera. Vidya says ahem that meera is hating gopi only because of the lie he told them since 10 years. And he still loves her and gopi was right all the time. She would convince meera. Ahem says he would talk to meera alone. Gopi explains koki that ahem wasnt wrong completely as she wasnt with him, meera wasnt with her for long time so she is angry. When she convinces meera, she will be fine. At modi house, meera will be yelling at vidya not to convince her. Vidya scolds meera that she cant insult gopi when she cant understand her. Meera yells at vidya that she will never accept gopi. Jigar-pari comes there and tries to convince meera that gopi wasnt wrong all the time. Meera scolds everyone and pushes away all the 3 from her room. Mansi keeps thinking how to stop meera-vidya to get back to her. Hetal consoles vidya to be strong and make her family one. Jigar says she should be gopi's strength but not her weakness. 

Koki explains ahem to think about gopi in a right way and convince meera to accept gopi again.