Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 20th May 2015 Written Update

Doc gives aadi's reports to raman and says aadi is all happy now and there is no need of counseling. Raman feels happy. Raman hears someone yelling, doc tells its someother patient who is very angry and violent patient. Here doc tells subbu to tell all the truth to his life partner and take medicines on time. Raman leaves happily. Raman gets call from toshi so he stops in the corridor itself. Subbu comes out of the room. Raman doubts whether the voilent patient was subbu. Subbu turns back and finds raman. Subbu tells raman that he has come with his friend who is taking some treatment. Raman believes in subbu and leaves as he is busy with engagement function. Mrs ayyar gets excited when she finds a Punjabi folk dance at bhallas house. So bhallas and ayyars plan for a retro party. Raman asks romy about his cousin couple raj-simran and feels happy when he says they left. Raman gets excited about their first night. Ishu comes to raman and tells the couple went out to freak out. Raman once again gets upset. 

Mihika comes to Acp's office and requests the lady constable to meet him as she needs to give some info about a case. The constable sends her in. Raman sprays pesticide spray in his room as he feels jealous of raj. Mihika finds Acp in an interrogation and keeps waiting outside. Acp comes outside and finds mihika there. Acp says he is busy and come later. Acp checks the culprit's mobile and finds he has 2 wives. Mihika gets a plan, she rushes to the culprit and asks to reveal the truth before she calls his wives and tell that he has another affair. The culprit agrees to tell the truth. Acp will be impressed with mihika's plan. Mihika asks Acp to come out soon and talk to her. Ishu goes to her room and finds bad odor in the room. She cleans the room and places flowers in the room. Raj-simran return back home and finds the room decorated and feels happy. They thank ishu. Raman comes back home and asks abour raj-simran's dinner. Neelu says they had their dinner. Raman asks for ishu. Neelu says she is their room. Raman gets excited and rushes into their room. Ishu tells there was pesticide smell in the room so she cleaned all the room. Raman gets upset and leaves. Later, raman scolds ishu for spoiling his plan. Ishu also gets angry. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th May 2015 Written Update

Koki yells at everyone that she wouldnt bear anyone if someone insults or taunts gopi anymore. Later, ahem-mansi-vidya-meera gather in a room, mansi-meera say that they cant believe in koki's story as she always defends gopi and might have cooked up this story and it looks filmy so that no one taunts gopi anymore. Mansi suggests that they should return back to Mumbai as modis are treating her very badly day by day. Ahem remains calm. Vidya asks ahem how much of the koki's told story is true and how much is a lie. Before ahem replies, there will be a power cut. Ahem-meera leaves. Koki asks dhaval to light candles. Gopi will be upset in koki's room, koki comes there. Gopi says koki that she is fed up with this fighting with everyone and she wants to stop it. Koki says she is with her and not to lose hope. But gopi leaves saying that she should sleep now. Koki will be worried for gopi and prays khana ji to give strength to gopi. At modi house, jigar prays khana ji to give a happy life for gopi from now as she has been under pressure since many days, she was away from them for 10 years, she has lost her family and she has no more support from ahem. All modis gather at mandir. Pari consoles jigar that khana ji will be always with gopi. Hetal says now kids have learnt the truth so they should wish for happiness now. 

Tolu-molu come to chawl and apologize gopi for all the harsh words they have spoken without knowing the truth. Gopi says she isnt angry with them. Gopi again says she is unhappy with her fate and dont blame anyone. Koki will be wondering why gopi is so lost. Later, mansi comes to vidya and tells a human cannot change forever so they cant give a second chance to gopi. Gopi has killed radha only because radha liked ahem so gopi has become possessive. Mansi says she is afraid of gopi now and she might kill her too. Vidya leaves angrily saying gopi cant kill her. Mansi gets angry as vidya might forgive gopi and gopi could take away ahem from her. Mansi opens the door fearcily that electrical wire breaks. Vidya finds an electrical wire broken and gopi working beside it. Vidya drags gopi away from the wire and asks whether she is okay. (Vidya addresses gopi as Maa). Gopi will be in tears to hear word "Maa" from vidya. Mansi-ahem will be shocked to hear this. Tolu switches off the main. Vidya hugs gopi and says "Maa". Koki-urmi and tolu-molu feel happy. Vidya apologizes gopi that she was angry for 10 years without knowing the truth and for misbehaving with her. Gopi forgives vidya and says when she doesnt know the truth how can be angry. Vidya says she is with her and will be with her as koki. 

Vidya promises gopi that she will make their family one.