Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 13th May 2015 Written Update

Simmi agrees to go on a date with subbu. 

Subbu in ishu's office, ishu asks subbu to sit as she wants to talk to him. Subbu says he cant see any kid's pain so he thought of taking this step. Ishu explains subbu that she has forgotten whatever has happened between her and him, but now subbu has proposed simmi for marriage but only ananya shouldnt be the reason for their marriage as simmi has faced lots of problems with param and now she cant handle if anything bad happens in between her and subbu. Subbu replies that ananya might be the reason for the proposal but he genuinely likes simmi and wants to give her a happy life. Ishu will be impressed with subbu and asks subbu to take simmi for a date and have a good open chat about their feelings and views. Subbu agrees. Ishu will be nervous whether toshi would agree for a date or not. 

Mihika attends to some job interview but shocks when she finds suraj as the boss. Suraj says she is no more ashok's wife and he can offer the job to her. But mihika rejects him saying she has enough qualifications to find another good job and she cannot kill her self respect and work for him. Mihika leaves angrily. Suraj thinks mihika is so proud of herself and thinks not to allow mihika to get a job. Mrs ayyar consoles mihika who feels depressed as she cannot find a job till now and she is being a burden to ayyars. Mihika receives a job offer from courier. But wonders when she finds there is no postal stamp on it. Mihika checks who has brought it. Mihika wonders when rinky comes there and tells she has sent the job offer. Rinky apologizes mihika for her immature behavior in the past and asks mihika to accept the finance head job at raman-mihir's office. Mihika sweetly denies as her presence might bring some confusions and misunderstandings in their lives again. But rinky pleads mihika to accept. Mihika finally accepts. 

Toshi explains simmi to go on a date with subbu and try to understand him more so that they learn more about each other. Ishu will be happy and tells toshi that she was nervous to talk about the date with her. Toshi says she is a modern mom and can send her daughter for a date. Simmi agrees to go on a date. Later, simmi will be worried to go on a date as she has loved only param in her life and might not accept another guy again. Ishu explains that ruhi was the only reason for her to marry raman and she has never expected to fall in love with someone else after subbu but now she is happy with bhalla family. Ishu says simmi to take the second chance in life to have a happy ending. Simmi agrees. Later, subbu comes to bhalla's home to take simmi for a date. Subbu gives a gift to ishu. Simmi leaves ananya at home and goes on a date. 

Shagun gets a call from the police inspector, the police tells shagun to come to station for some enquiry. Shagun gets worried and goes to the police station. Their ACP asks shagun whether her passport was stolen as they have found it on the road. Shagun clears him saying it was hers and no one has stolen it. Shagun tells she is going to Australia to her mil's place. ACP finds shagun was too much nervous about the inquiry. After coming out of the station she meets the agent, Shagun scolds the agent for throwing her passport. The agent says he has started work on the renewal of her passport. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th May 2015 Written Update

Mansi-Kinjal has planned evil against gopi.

Mansi yells at urmi that she never worked at home. Koki scolds mansi not to yell at urmi and asks her to do house core works if she wants to marry ahem. Mansi agrees. At modi house, tolu-molu manage to take locker keys from pari. After getting the keys in-hand, all the 4 walk away from the dining table saying they have some work to do. Pari-hetal will be happy that the kids are together as they used to be. All the 4 go to pari-jigar's room, tolu will be unwilling to open the locker. So vidya takes the keys and finds the passports. Vidya finds gopi's passport has been expired and she went to Switzerland long back, later gopi hasnt gone anywhere abroad. Mira once again bad mouth about gopi saying she will be lying all the time. Tolu-molu defends gopi. Tolu-molu says there might be a strong reason why elders have lied to them about gopi. Vidya confirms that gopi wasnt in US for 10 years nor was in chawl with rashi. And if gopi has left them for radha then where is she. All 4 come out of the room calmly. Kinjal comes to tolu-molu and asks to find a file in the store room. Tolu-molu asks vidya-mira to help them, the ladies agree. Vidya finds an important file in the store room, in which they find out that radha was pregnant with jigar's baby and gopi has taken the custody of the baby. Another document shows radha wasnt well to take care of the baby so modis have taken rashi's custody. Tolu-molu learn rashi is radha-jigar's baby. Mira doubts why does rashi call gopi-ahem as her mom-dad but not jigar-pari. Vidya determines to learn the truth. Kinjal who was been following the kids from long time will be happy and calls mansi. Kinjal tells mansi that their plan has worked. Kinjal reminisces how mansi has explained their plan to let the kids know about rashi's birth. 

Vidya-mira finds out that gopi was in jail for 10 years.