Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 1 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st May 2015 Written Update

Gopi defends ahem :)

Gopi wakes up and finds ahem beside her. Gopi gets up and checks why ahem is sleeping beside her. Gopi finds ahem's bed wet and clears it. She prepares a bed for herself and sleeps. Mansi wakes up kinjal and explains her that gopi was in ahem's room in the night. Kinjal scolds mansi to discuss about this next day and sleeps. Next day, koki wakes up and finds gopi-ahem's beds got swapped. Urmi comes there and makes fun of ahem that he is very intelligent to swap beds. Later, hetal-pari-bha calls gopi and makes fun of her that ahem has slept beside gopi. Gopi tries to explain them but they keep on pulling her leg. Koki comes to gopi, gopi understands that koki has told modis and feels shy. Manis-kinjal overhears this conversation and thinks of ruining their plan. Pari goes to chawl, mansi-kinjal follows pari. Pari meets a lady in the chawl, kinjal couldnt take pictures of them. Later, ahem comes to fill water but the chawl lady starts yelling at ahem. The chawl lady raises all the topics like ahem left his mother-wife for 10 years, mira misbehaves with gopi, ahem brought another lady being a married man etc. Gopi comes there and defends ahem saying he is a best husband-son and father. Gopi says she feels lucky to get ahem as her husband and wishes to be with him for all the lives. Ahem remains shocked, and reminisces all the insults he has done with gopi. Koki-vidya finds this and feels emotional with gopi's words. Gopi takes away ahem into the house. Before ahem thanks gopi, kinjal-mansi comes there. Kinjal reveals the truth that pari has sent chawl lady to insult ahem then gopi defending him was just a plan.