Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th April 2015 Written Update

At the chawl, ahem calls hetal and asks to kick out pari from the house. Hetal denies. Jigar defends pari saying he cannot leave his wife though she does some mistake nor leave her for silly reasons as he has done. Jigar hangs on the call. Ahem remains calm. Mansi yells at ahem that jigar has completely changed the topic and hetal has denied his request. Mansi yells that modis are cheaters and all are trying to fool him. But Ahem yells at mansi that she is blaming his family and she has no right to blame them. Mansi says she wouldnt stop him in anything and can do anything he wishes. Mansi leaves from there angrily. Pari will be touched with jigar's support for her. But jigar makes fun that he was just acting. But hetal convinces pari that jigar loves her a lot. Pari says she is happy that ahem has defended gopi. Mansi comes back to modi house. Kinjal-mira asks mansi why is angry. Mansi explains the ladies that ahem isnt bothering her and he is feeling possessed with his family. Ahem calls mira and asks to take care of mansi as she left angrily. Kinjal explains mansi not to irritate ahem all the time with same topic. Kinjal says the ladies to plan something to prove ahem that pari-gopi are together. Later pari-gopi talking on mobile, Pari says there plan is working well. Ahem doesnt love mansi and mansi herself knew about that. She isnt accepting the truth and from yesterday's scene mansi will be leaving to Mumbai very soon. But mansi comes there and declares that she isnt leaving to Mumbai now. Pari hangs on the call. Mansi tells she isnt going to Mumbai so asks to prepare salad for her. 

At the chawl, koki asks gopi-ahem to sleep in her room on separate beds. Both agree. Mansi thinks she has to pacify ahem before gopi takes a chance to win over ahem. Mansi calls ahem but ahem doesnt wake up. Gopi tries to wake him up but he doesnt wake up. Gopi takes the call and tells ahem is in deep sleep and this might also disturb koki's sleep. Gopi hangs on the call. Koki as well wakes up and asks who was calling. Gopi tells its mansi. Mansi wakes up mira and tells about gopi's behavior. But mira sleeps. Mansi determines to teach a lesson to modis before they steal ahem from her. Later in the night, water leaks from a bottle and wets ahem's bed. He thinks of going out but remembers koki asking him to sleep in the same room. Ahem finds some space beside gopi and sleeps on it. After a while, ahem grabs gopi so gopi wakes up and finds ahem beside her. 

Chawl's lady insults ahem that he is the most worst son-husband. But gopi defends ahem saying he is the best husband-son and father.