Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th April 2015 Written Update

Gopi-koki will be on call with pari. Ahem scolds pari for insulting gopi and kicking her out of the house. Pari says ahem that he was right that he isnt bothering gopi and gopi should have dead in the same place where she was in 10 years. Ahem gets angry and raises his hand to slap pari, but jigar stops him. Jigar yells at ahem not to touch pari. Ahem scolds jigar that he should have supported gopi but dint. Jigar yells pari has not done any mistake. Jigar as well yells at ahem not to involve in ladies matters, nor bother about these matters and leave the house immediately. While walking away from there, pari dashes with kinjal and her mobile drops down on ground. Kinjal while giving mobile back to pari finds gopi is on call. Pari-jigar leaves. Mansi yells at ahem that he hadnt come to console her but fight against gopi's rights. Ahem tries to explain mansi but she doesnt care him. Mansi tells ahem that she would leave Rajkot right now. Ahem asks mira to convince mansi not to leave but mira leaves angrily. Hetal feels happy looking at the couple's dispute. 

Koki will be confident that ahem still loves gopi. So mansi is making a mistake to force ahem to marry her. Because with this decision 3 lives might get spoil. Gopi agrees with koki. Gopi calls pari and scolds her for yelling at ahem. Pari makes fun of gopi as she is feeling bad for ahem. Gopi warns pari and hangs the call. Koki smiles at gopi's behavior. Jigar apologizes pari as ahem has misbehaved with her. Pari says she doesnt feel bad and wish that ahem-gopi to be together. Pari calls gopi and assures that this plan will definitely a success. Kinjal overhears this conversation. Kinjal plans to ruin their plans. Ahem comes back to chawl and checks koki once. Ahem asks gopi whether she is okay. Gopi thanks ahem. Gopi wishes to become one very soon. Here in modi house, mira tries to console mansi. Kinjal comes to mansi and explains that modis wanted mansi go back to Mumbai. Kinjal tells gopi-pari has planned this to gain sympathy. Mansi-mira shocked. Hetal calls koki and tells she was happy to find ahem in front of their house. And she wishes gopi's family should be back very soon. Mansi comes to chawl and explodes on ahem that no one has sent gopi out of modi house, in fact its all modis plan to gain sympathy for gopi. Koki-gopi remains silent. Ahem shocks. Ahem asks gopi about this. Gopi remains silent. Ahem denies to accept that modis has cheated. Mansi asks ahem to call hetal and ask about the plan. Hetal tells pari is deciding who will be living in modi house. Ahem asks whether she cares about gopi-koki. Hetal agrees. Ahem asks hetal to kick out pari right now. 

Ahem asks jigar to kick out pari from modi house. Jigar defends pari saying he cant leave his life partner as he has done.