Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th April 2015 Written Update

Gopi comes crying to urmi's house and tells koki that pari has kicked her out of the house. Koki-ahem will be shocked. Koki asks gopi what has happened. Gopi tells pari said that ahem nor her kids doesnt stay in modi house then there is no right to live in modi house. Ahem gets angry. Mansi waits for a long time for ahem and starts off to home angry. Gopi cries and explains that pari has dragged her out of the house. Mansi couldnt get any taxi near the restaurant. Gopi says she has no respect in the society without her husband and she is worried for mira as pari might kick her out as well. Koki says gopi that pari has done the mistake by dragging her out. Pari has taken care of their family but she cant insult her. Again koki says pari is right as no one from gopi's family is living in modi house then they doesnt have any right to blame pari. Koki will be angry but controls herself and consoles gopi. Gopi crying says now she is homeless and she cant stay in urmi's house as ahem doesnt like her. Mansi takes lift in a truck. 

Gopi rushes out to corridor and cries. Ahem follows her. Ahem holds gopi's shoulder and consoles that everything will be fine and he is with her. Mansi reaches urmi's house and finds this. Ahem turns back and finds mansi there. Mansi yells at ahem that she was waiting for him and here he is cheating on him. Ahem tries to convince her that she is misunderstanding. But mansi leaves from there. Koki asks ahem to go to mansi next day but ahem pleads koki saying she is angry because of him and he knows the pain of loved one leaving and he cannot give that pain to mansi. Kinjal appreciates pari and leaves from there. Jigar comes there and tells gopi has called her. Gopi thanks pari for helping a lot in the plan. Gopi-koki appreciates pari. Pari says kinjal was provoking her all the time so she has planned this. Pari apologizes gopi for dragging her out of the house. Koki asks pari to continue their plan. Koki says mansi has left to modi house so ahem will be coming there. Mansi comes to modi house, after a while Ahem comes to modi house but couldnt enter the house. Pari asks hetal to bring mansi's mobile. Hetal acts consoling mansi brings mansi's mobile. Pari finds ahem at door and welcomes him into the house. But ahem scolds pari for kicking out gopi from the house. 

Pari provokes ahem by saying harsh words about gopi. Ahem gets angry and raises hand to slap pari but jigar stops him.