Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 27 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th April 2015 Written Update

Vidya selects a shirt for ahem to go for dinner with mansi. Ahem will be worried for koki but vidya assures she would take care of koki. Pari comes to jigar and about to serve food. And gopi also comes with food. Everyone will be eager to have food prepared by gopi but not with pari's. Pari gets upset listening to modis appreciating gopi. Pari calmly walks into kitchen. Kinjal as well follows pari. Kinjal again poisons pari's mind saying gopi has won everyone than pari though she has done everything for modis for 10 years in the absence of gopi. Kinjal provokes pari to do something before gopi takes over her place in modi house. Later, pari-jigar plan to go for a date. But gopi gives few cotton sarees to jigar and give them to koki. Jigar agrees. Pari insists jigar to give them later but jigar leaves cancelling their date. Jigar leaves. Kinjal again provokes pari that gopi is trying to take her position. Pari starts yelling at gopi for creating problems in their house. Mira-mansi comes downstairs. Mira sends mansi for dinner with ahem. Mansi leaves. Gopi asks pari whats the matter. Pari starts yelling at gopi saying, "gopi is irking her in all the  matters though she knows everything. I have taken care of my family very well but dint allow my family to break as yours". All the ladies will be shocked. Kinjal will be happy for a speedy reaction from pari. Pari complaints everyone that all has taken gopi's side when she has taken care of everyone for 10 years. Hetal-bha defends gopi. Pari taunts gopi saying she isnt allowing to spend time with jigar as she is ordering things to do with jigar and when ahem isnt living in modi house then how come modis are still her family and modi house isnt her house anymore. Gopi yells that modi house is also hers and even modis are still her family. Pari again says when ahem-mira-vidya hates her, then how is it her family. Gopi says though ahem doesnt lives here she is still the dil of modis. Pari says she would take a right position of dil in modi house when she will leave the house and pari drags gopi out of the house. Pari holds her hands and asks gopi leave the house. Hetal stops pari but pari warns everyone that she will leave the house forever. Pari closes the door and walks inside. Gopi leaves upset. Ahem tells koki that he is going for dinner with mansi. Koki gets upset. Urmi makes fun saying today koki's servant is looking handsome. Urmi tells koki to keep in control if not he will fly away with mansi. Koki asks ahem to spend some time with her, but Ahem explains koki that mansi is feeling lonely so he planned a dinner with her. Mansi arrives at a hotel. Mansi will be happy. Jigar comes to urmi's house. Jigar takes rashi out for a chocolate treat. Mansi will be waiting for ahem. She couldnt call ahem as there was no signal. Ahem will be walking out, gopi comes there crying. Gopi hugs koki and tells pari has kicked her out of the house. Ahem wonders. 

Ahem consoles gopi that everything will be fine. Mansi comes there. Mansi yells at ahem saying she was waiting for him and here he is spending time with gopi.