Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 24 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th April 2015 Written Update

Mira asks ahem to promise that they are not going to leave Rajkot now. Ahem asks whats the reason. Mira tells tolu-molu are saying that she doesnt have any right to stay in modi house and treats badly with her as a stranger so she wanna stay and win over them. But ahem scolds mira and tells she need not worry about that house nor modis as well. Ahem walks out of the house, gopi follows him. Gopi shows a dead plant to ahem and explains that koki will be dull if she lives in Mumbai without any of her family member. But ahem denies. Ahem and his family will be ready to leave, but urmi stops them and yells koki cant leave as she is her servant. Ahem scolds urmi. Koki sadly apologizes gopi for treating badly with her last night. Gopi cries. Rashi says she would come along with koki as she cant live alone. But gopi stops rashi and says they would go after some days. Hetal feels bad as she cant meet koki as she used to. Koki prays khana ji to save her family from all the problems. Koki says goodbye to everyone and steps out. But koki feels ill to leave. Gopi requests ahem once again not to take koki with him. Ahem remains silent. Modis come downstairs. Gopi again requests ahem-koki not to leave. Ahem feels bad as everyone is upset. Ahem declares everyone that "they are not leaving to Mumbai". Modis will be shocked with happiness. Koki thanks ahem. Koki says ahem cant do anything to hurt koki. Mansi-mira get upset. Ahem takes all the luggage inside the home. Koki says gopi that she has won with her prayers. Gopi says she cant stay with her all time as ahem hates her. Koki says ahem dont hate her. Mansi scolds gopi not to keep hopes about ahem. Koki scolds mansi not to talk so. Vidya thanks ahem for deciding to stay back in Rajkot.