Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st April 2015 Written Update

Ahem takes sindoor in hand and draws a line using it before gopi. Ahem tells if they both are like rama-sita then this is the laxman rekha so gopi shouldnt cross this line. Ahem takes a promise from gopi that she should go away from his and his children's life. All remain shocked. Gopi remains speechless. Jigar-koki defends gopi but ahem clears everyone that gopi isnt his wife anymore. Mira supports ahem. Koki asks ahem not to leave gopi but ahem rejects. Gopi says ahem that he has insulted himself by putting sindoor on ground. Gopi puts sindoor in her maang and collects all the sindoor in hand. Gopi tells sindoor is red in color to save her husband from all the bad. Gopi again clears that she has great relation with koki and she feels rich with this simple relation. Again gopi says no one can break her relation with koki and she is very proud being koki's dil. Koki has lead her in a right way all the time. No man should break their relation with mother or wife. Though ahem feels he doesnt have any relation with her but no one can break their relation. Mira stops gopi and asks to stop taunting ahem. Gopi scolds mira for interfering them. Mansi scolds gopi not to scold mira. Gopi taunts back mansi that she dint give proper upbringing to mira. Ahem yells at everyone to stop the argument. Ahem goes to koki and tells he wants to stay with her for life long. Koki says she too wants to live with him forever. Koki promises ahem not to leave him. Rashi comes home. Ahem asks koki to come to Mumbai with him so that they all can live together. Koki promises that they all shall live together but gopi stops koki. Rashi-gopi will be shocked. Ahem will be happy. Rashi gets upset. Ahem tells mansi-mira that they will go to Mumbai next day. Koki says she has promised unknowingly. Ahem asks koki will she break her promise? Koki in tears tells she would come along to Mumbai. Gopi-rashi remain speechless. Ahem will be happy and tells he would book tickets and pack their luggage. Ahem proudly says she can live anywhere she likes and she will be away from his family. Urmi says she too would go with koki. Dhaval convinces urmi that koki wouldnt leave them. 
Rashi in tears walks off from there. Jigar follows her and tries to console her. Rashi complaints that ahem-mira-vidya doesnt love her and now ahem is taking away from her. And no one cares her nor loves her. Jigar hugs rashi and cries along. Koki will be upset as she cant break her promise with ahem nor leave gopi. 

Koki drags out gopi from her house and tells she doesnt want to see her forever.