Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th April 2015 Written Update

                                          Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th April 2015 Written Update

Koki apologizes ahem but he denies. Ahem scolds koki for cheating him. Koki gets heart stroke. But ahem doesnt believe her. 

Koki feels bad for lying with ahem. Gopi tries to console koki. Vidya comes there and tells koki she made a mistake by lying ahem so now ahem is hating everyone badly. Vidya tells gopi-koki that though ahem dint talk to koki and meet her but ahem used to love and respect her all time. But now because of this mistake ahem is hating koki-gopi. Koki scolds vidya that gopi is ahem's wife and will be forever. She has seen love for gopi in ahem's eyes and will be forever. Gopi was a right wife and mother all the time. Koki weeps thinking ahem will be leaving now forever. Koki asks vidya that koki is requesting ahem to meet once before leaving. Koki tells gopi that she will sit in the mandir till her wish fulfills. 

Mansi leaves the kitchen saying pari that she doesnt believe any one. Mansi finds tolu-molu tied mira and scolds them. Mira yells at tolu-molu and leaves from modi house. Mansi-mira come to urmi's house. Vidya requests ahem to meet koki once as she is wishing to meet him. Mira says vidya not to force ahem to meet koki. Ahem says everyone that they would wait in the airport. Gopi-koki will be in the mandir. Gopi asks koki to go back home as ahem will never come. But koki wishes to see ahem once before he leaves. Ahem comes to the mandir. Koki will be coughing so gopi goes to bring water for koki. Ahem asks koki to tell what she wants to tell him. Koki says she has done everything only to make his life brighter as in the past. Ahem rejects koki to touch him. Koki comes on knees and begs ahem to forgive her. But ahem denies to accept gopi again. Ahem clears koki that he cannot accept gopi forever. Ahem will be leaving, Gopi comes there. Ahem scolds koki as vidya told him that koki wants to meet him alone but gopi is present there. Ahem doesnt believe in koki's words and scolds her. Ahem says koki that he would never see her face again. Koki gets heart stroke. Gopi requests ahem to help her to take koki to hospital. But ahem rejects to help gopi. Gopi keeps yelling for help. Gopi begs ahem to help her but he remains still. 

Gopi slaps ahem and warns him saying she would break all the relations with him if anything happens to koki because of him.