Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 13 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th April 2015 Written Update

Koki keeps her hand below ahem's leg and gets her hand burnt. Koki says she couldnt stay calm when her son was getting hurt. Koki reveals the truth that she is not ill and she was saying lie to ahem. Ahem and other modis get shocked. Kinjal feels happy. Koki apologizes ahem but ahem gets hyper. Ahem yells at koki that he has confidently saying kinjal that their mom can never lie to anyone. Koki explains ahem that she lied to make ahem-gopi together again. Ahem gets hyper as koki has lied for gopi. Ahem tells mansi-vidya-mira to pack their luggage as they will be leaving for Mumbai. Koki pleads ahem not to leave her. Gopi tries to stop ahem's yelling but ahem yells at gopi saying it might be gopi's plan to fool him. Koki defends gopi. Ahem shouts at koki that it might be their plan together to cheat him. Ahem yells at koki that he'll never look back to their family ever and he is breaking all his relation with modis forever. Ahem walks off from there. Koki collapses on ground and cries for ahem. 

Inside the house, jigar pleads ahem to stay back. But ahem shouts at him. Gopi asks koki why she has done this. Koki explains everyone that she has done because ahem was going to marry another woman and spoil his life so she thought of stopping it any how. Rashi clears koki's tears and cheers her up. Mira-mansi comes downstairs. Rashi pleads mira to stay back, but mira pushes away the child. Gopi scolds mira for misbehaving with rashi. Mira blames gopi for making koki to lie. Koki says gopi doesnt know about all this. But mira blames gopi. Koki gets upset-emotional as everyone will be blaming gopi. Koki apologizes gopi. Mira-mansi leaves. Gopi takes koki inside the house. Mansi-mira comes to modi bhawan. Mansi tells mira no to be angry with koki as she wants her son to be with them. Bha pleads mira not to leave them. Pari takes away mansi to kitchen. Here in hall, tolu-molu ties up mira with rope and seals her mouth with tape. Ahem will be angry to face koki. Koki goes to her room with gopi. Kinjal poisons ahem's mind saying gopi is the real culprit but not koki.