Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th April 2015 Written Update

Mira taunts gopi that she doesnt have any right to stay in modi bhawan but she is living so mansi can be free in modi bhawan. Mira promises mansi that she would let her marry ahem and bring her to modi bhawan as ahem's wife. Pari asks mira-mansi to have breakfast. Mira tells pari that she used to love few people a lot in childhood but now everything has changed as some one else has taken their place (Meant about gopi). Gopi remains calm. Ahem gives medicines to koki. Rashi brings juice for koki but bumps with ahem and juice spills on ahem. Rashi apologizes ahem. Ahem goes to change. Gopi gets a call from koki asking to come home. Kinjal tells gopi that she would drop her and meet koki as well. Tolu steals mira's mobile. Vidya gives medicines to koki and tells maa has written the list of medicines. But again says gopi has written. Koki asks vidya to bring milk. Koki takes the tablet in hand, gopi-kinjal comes there. Kinjal finds koki throwing away her tablets. Vidya brings milk but koki leaves the glass. Milk spills on floor. Gopi says she would clean. Ahem goes to change. He leaves his tshirt outside but that drops on floor. Gopi takes ahem's tshirt and cleans the floor. Ahem finds his tshirt in gopi's hands and scolds gopi for using it as a mop. Gopi too yells back at ahem to take care of his shirt properly. Ahem walks off from there and dashes with the bucket. Water spills out. Gopi yells at ahem to clean it. Ahem angrily leaves from there. Koki-gopi in hall, Koki says gopi that whether she enjoyed the scooter ride with ahem. Gopi says she isnt happy with ahem when he is being forced to do. Urmi comes with dhaval. Koki asks about what doc has told about urmi's health. Dhaval tells doc has found no change in urmi's health. Koki wonders why urmi isnt getting well. Kinjal finds some thing fishy with koki's behavior and checks koki's medicines. Rashi comes there and confronts kinjal and says not to steal her grandmom's medicines. Kinjal gets irked with rashi's words and tries to slap rashi. But dhaval comes there and stops her. Kinjal leaves. At modi bhawan, mira gets angry with tolu-molu for changing mira's profile pic on her FB. Tolu-molu laugh at mira. Mira gets angry and hits molu with a paper weight. Pari scolds mira for hitting molu. Mira yells at pari that she would complain about molu to ahem and leave to Mumbai. 

Kinjal goes to chemist and finds about koki's medicines as one heart medicines and one is vitamin tablet. Kinjal tells ahem that koki was cheating him.