Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 6 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th April 2015 Written Update

Koki asks vidya whether she is missing mira. Vidya admits as mira used to be with her all the time. Urmi comes there and asks koki to prepare gulab jamun for her. Ahem-mansi comes there. Ahem tells urmi not to bother koki as she is unwell. Mansi asks urmi to ask her if she needs anything. Urmi slaps mansi. Ahem yells at urmi. Koki defends urmi. Urmi hides behind koki. Urmi says mansi was trying to kill koki with salty soup and has scolded rashi unnecessarily. Koki also says ahem that mansi is an outsider and shouldnt involve in their family matters. Ahem remains calm. Mansi leaves from there with tears. Vidya tries to console mansi. Mira calls mansi and tells she is facing lots of insults and wishing to leave the home right now. Even mansi tells she is facing insults over there. Mansi packs up the luggage to leave to Mumbai. Ahem asks mansi not to leave, mansi scolds ahem that she has tried a lot to take everything easy but she couldnt anymore. Mansi determines to leave to Mumbai. Mansi comes out of her room and tells koki that she is leaving to Mumbai. Koki feels happy but apologizes mansi for urmi. 

Mira comes there with tolu-molu and tells everyone that she too will come along to Mumbai. Mira complaints that tolu-molu are troubling her in modi house. Koki thinks of stopping mira at any cost. Koki apologizes mansi and asks tolu-molu to apologize mira. Tolu-molu does. Koki asks mansi to stay in modi bhawan with mira so that mira can be comfortable. Mansi asks koki whether she is thinking that mira will be leaving to Mumbai so asking to stay back. Ahem asks mansi to go along mira to modi bhawan. Everyone leaves. Koki explains gopi not to lose hope though mansi lives in modi bhawan and now mira-ahem defending mansi. They should be together and make their family one. Gopi agrees. Pari scolds tolu-molu for troubling mira and making mansi to come in modi bhawan. Hetal explains pari not to scold tolu-molu and very soon mira will change. Mira comes there and introduces mansi to everyone and tells that mansi is her mom. Mansi will be living with them now.

Koki tells modis to take care of mansi well so that she shouldnt come to the chawl. And in the mean while she will bring gopi-ahem one.