Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th March 2015 Written Update

Tolu-molu try to cheer up modis saying ahem might have got convinced to return back home. Pari gets the call from jigar. Pari tells modis that ahem has denied to cancel engagement so koki got upset and has joined in hospital. Parag worries for koki and tells he would leave for Mumbai. Doc tells ahem-gopi others that koki is still abnormal and should stay in the hospital for one night. Ahem tells doctor that he would stay with his MOM. Ahem scolds gopi that she is responsible for koki's illness because gopi has come to Mumbai and by this koki learnt about ahem's engagement so koki has come there and fallen ill. Mira supports ahem. Gopi scolds mira not to come in between the elders. Doctor gives formality papers to ahem to sign, but gopi takes away them. Ahem blames gopi that she is acting as if she cares for koki. Gopi scolds ahem that he too faking of his love, and ahem is responsible for koki's illness because ahem hasnt bothered about his mom before 10 years, just left the house with his kids. Koki was been living with urmi as kinjal has left the house and came back to modi bhawan. So koki has taken kinjal's responsibility of taking care of urmi. Ahem remains shocked. Nurse asks ahem-gopi to stay with koki as they both were fighting who to stay back. Kids asks jigar to come along with their home. But jigar sweetly denies to come and tells his hotel is nearer to hospital so he would meet them next morning. 

Gopi goes inside the room. Koki will be still unconscious. Gopi promises koki that she would fight to make a new happy family by being her's (koki's) son-DIL-grand daughters and support her rest of her life. Later, gopi comes out and finds ahem sleeping on the waiting chairs. Gopi walks off from there but comes back with a pillow. While making ahem to sleep comfortably, ahem falls on her shoulder and sleeps. Gopi feels happy to touch him, but suddenly she remembers all the incidents 2 days before has happened. Gopi throws away ahem and walks off. Ahem wakes up and finds gopi walking off.