Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 20 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th March 2015 Written Update

Ahem wants gopi to prove her love. Will gopi prove herself?

Ahem proposes mansi and she accepts. Gopi remains shocked. Jigar comes there and pleads ahem not to do this with gopi. Gopi has loved him a lot since so many years. Ahem walks to gopi and asks whether she still loves him as she used to. Gopi replies with a yes. So ahem asks gopi to attend his engagement. Gopi shocks. Gopi grins and looks on. Gopi says ahem if he wants to prove her love then she would definitely attend the engagement. Again gopi says if he wants to forget her and start a new life then she would come, as she still care for him. Ahem wonders. Gopi leaves. Jigar scolds ahem for asking such a stupid wish and he should have thought of about koki who could not expect ahem's behavior towards gopi. Ahem remains calm. Jigar too leaves. Koki will be crying thinking about gopi. Rashi comes there and encourages koki not to be worried about anything. Gopi calls koki and tells that ahem dint get married but he is getting engaged to mansi next day. Koki shocks. Koki asks gopi not to attend the engagement if not she wants to stop it. Koki tells gopi to stop the engagement as ahem is her husband. Gopi takes promise not to stop her. Gopi hangs the call. Koki determines herself to save gopi and stop the engagement. 

At modi bhawan, kinjal acts worried with modis that ahem shouldnt bring his second wife here. If not gopi would be upset. Pari-hetal defend gopi saying gopi will be ahem's wife forever. Here in the hotel, jigar pleads gopi not to take back her step and to stop the engagement. 

Mira scolds gopi for spoiling ahem's engagement dress. And blames gopi that nothing will be fine where gopi is.