Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th March 2015 Written Update

Gopi gives her mangalsutra to Ahem. 

Mansi asks ahem to marry her and prove that he has forgot gopi forever. Ahem remains shocked. Mansi tells ahem if he still loves gopi and cares for her then he should talk to gopi and clear all the misunderstandings. Ahem yells that he doesnt care about gopi anymore. Mansi asks ahem to marry her if he doesnt care for gopi. Ahem leaves from there without replying. 

Next day, ahem in the bakery. Gopi bumps with ahem who was holding aata. Aata falls on gopi. Ahem apologizes thinking its a customer. He finds gopi and wonders. He tries to dust off the aata but remembers mansi's words and stops himself. Ahem asks why she has come again. Gopi tells she has come to return him something which isnt valuable for her anymore. Gopi gives her mangalsutra to ahem and tells she will never interfere in his life again. Gopi again says she was mistaken for thinking that everything will be fine in her absence. But gopi complaints that mira-vidya are missing their family. Ahem interrupts her and says he know how to raise his kids. Gopi wishes all the happiness for ahem-mansi and leaves. Gopi finds the same khana ji's idol which she has given to tolu-molu before leaving to US in front of ahem's bakery. The shopkeeper finds gopi and tells ahem does pooja to this idol everyday and cares for it as the idol was prepared by ahem's wife. Gopi feels happy that ahem still loves her. Here in rajpal nagar, koki prays khana ji to help gopi. Gopi feels bad that ahem has married mansi. 

A courier service person comes to the bakery and tells ahem that mansi has some courier. Ahem tells him to give it to her. Ahem tells he is mansi's best friend. Gopi hears this and thinks ahem has lied that he got married to mansi. Gopi goes back into the bakery. Gopi asks ahem why he is suppressing his feelings when he still loves her. Ahem tells he would answer all her questions. Ahem takes gopi in his jeep. Jigar follows them. Ahem takes gopi to his house. Ahem tells gopi that he doesnt love her anymore and proposes mansi for marriage. And tells mansi he would get engaged next day. Mansi accepts for ahem's proposal. Gopi remains shocked.