Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Shagun to take away Ruhi from Ishitha

Shagun was kicked out of bhalla house for cheating them. Shagun is angry with bhallas and wanted to take revenge on Raman-Ishitha. Shagun thinks Ruhi is the weak point of Ishu and this is the only way she can hurt bhallas. Shagun once again cheats Raman about the bond papers in which she added to take ruhi in exchange of aadhi. Unknown Raman signs the bond papers thinking he has to give 4 lakh rupees to shagun every month. Bhallas will be happy about aadhi return but will be shocked after learning ruhi should leave them in exchange. Ishu will be broken. Shagun gives 1 day time to return aadhi back, Raman tries hard to get ruhi as well. But bhallas fail to save ruhi. Finally shagun takes away ruhi. In later episodes we can find how ishu gains back ruhi into her life. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th March 2015 Written Update

Ahem will be decorating the cake, gopi finds ahem. Gopi rushes to jigar and tells ahem is in the bakery. The shopkeeper brings the family pic frama of ahem's and shows it to ahem. Gopi-jigar standing in front of the shop, will be nervous and happy to meet ahem after 10years. Ahem walks out of the shop holding the picture frame. When gopi-jigar walk inside the shop, they find ahem no where (Woh to chala gaya). Gopi-jigar ask the shop owner about ahem, he tells ahem has left to home. Gopi asks for ahem's address, but the shop owner denies to give the address. Jigar pleads the shop keeper to give ahem's address. The shop owner tells ahem's daughters have arranged a holi party for ahem in a club. He gives the address of venue. Gopi will be excited to meet ahem after 10 years. Koki will be upset knowing tolu-molu got arrested. Hetal tells they doesnt want to make her worry. Koki takes promise from dhaval that he wouldnt hide any problem with her in future. Koki will be angry that pappu-rashi also involved in tolu-molu's hacking mistake. Dhaval defends the kids. Koki promises dhaval that she wouldnt scold pappu-rashi. Modis does the holika pooja and pray for unity of their family again. Urmi's colony people also celebrate the holika pooja. Rashi-pappu blame each other in hacking problem. Koki scolds pappu-rashi. Rashi apologizes koki. Koki forgives the kids. Koki prays khana ji to bring back ahem to her. Kinjal provokes pari that they all were happy without gopi or her family, and now after gopi's arrival tolu-molu went to jail. But pari back fires on kinjal that she is provoking pari in a wrong way. 

Trending News: Karan Patel getting married in May - Divyanka and Sharrad got seperated

Karan aka Raman bhalla of Yeh hai mohabbatein is tieing knot with Ankita Bhargava on May 3rd. Their Roka is on 14th of March. Karan who was dating Kamya Punjabi has ditched her as karan's parents did not accept their relation as Kamya is a divorcee and mother of a child. Romi bhalla of Yeh hai mohabbatein share a good relation with karan off screen as well and played a cupid role between ankita and karan. Aly introduced ankita to karan and both fell in love. Ankita's father is the reel father-in-law (Mr. Iyyer) to karan in yeh hai mohabbatein. Both the families are happy about the marriage. Karan is all blushing to explain about his life partner. Kamya looks a bit upset about the marriage, but we hope a good life to the new couple and Kamya as well. 

Divyanka Tripati aka Ishitha of Yeh hai mohabbatein has declared to media that she and Sharrad Malhotra have got separated with mutual concern. The couple were in relation since they met on the 
sets of a TV drama 8 years back. The couple should have got married this month but Sharrad was backing out with commitment. Divyanka was upset to share the news but she is okay now. Its better to get separated than to regret later. We wish Divyanka a super fast recovery from her break up and have a happy life.