Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 9 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th March 2015 Written Update

Gopi gets hit with mira-vidya's bike and falls on ground. Vidya comes back and helps gopi to get up. Gopi remembers vidya's touch for a moment (Blood relation.. huh). But mira keeps on calling for vidya so vidya rushes back. Jigar finds gopi on ground and rushes to her but doesnt find mira-vidya (Whole family is the same, doesnt bother important things). The girls leave. Gopi tells jigar that she hopes her vidya-mira doesnt be like these girls (They are your vidya-mira darling). Vidya-mira go to college. Gopi-jigar goes to ahem's address, mansi opens the door. Gopi-jigar introduces themselves, mansi shocks (My villian!!). Gopi asks for ahem. Mansi tells ahem has sold her the house and left for US. Gopi shocks (Nahiiiin). Gopi asks for ahem's address but mansi denies knowing his details. Gopi pleads mansi to tell ahem's details. Mansi keeps on ignoring ahem's details. Mansi tells she only know that ahem is very short tempered and hates his wife (Hezz still the same). Jigar consoles gopi that its not true and they would find ahem anyway. Jigar asks a glass of water, gopi asks mansi to let see her house. Mansi agrees. While Gopi checking the house, mansi hides vidya-mira-ahem's childhood picture (Suspense should go on). Gopi has water and finds vidya-mira's grown up picture and asks who is this. Mansi tells its her daughters. Gopi tells she has seen them in Indore and one of them was drunk. Gopi asks to take care of the girls. Mansi nods as yes. Gopi-jigar leaves. Mansi determines not to leave ahem after these many days of struggle (Gopi has tough days ahead). Gopi feels bad that she expected to find ahem and hug him but shezz upset as ahem is angry with her. Jigar tries to console and asks not to lose her hope. Jigar gets a call from pari and tells that some mansi has filled a case against tolu-molu for hacking her bank account.