Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 6 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th March 2015 Written Update

Tolu-molu hack ahem's bank account number and find ahem's address. Gopi will be worried how to find ahem's address. Tolu-molu gift gopi ahem's address. Gopi will be happy to know that ahem is living in Mumbai with vidya-mira. Gopi goes to koki and tells about ahem's living place. Koki blesses gopi and asks her to bring back ahem soon. Gopi-jigar start off to Mumbai. They plan to go to ahem's place next day as its been too late. Kinjal will be angry with gopi as she is planning to bring back koki-ahem into modi house again. 

Gopi-jigar thank khana ji for helping them to find ahem. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th March 2015 Written Update

Rashi tells gopi that jigar is best kaka in the world as he takes care of her very well. Gopi taunts jigar that its true (How can a father leave his daughter?). Gopi says koki that she had tried to get ahem's contact but she failed in all plans. Koki asks gopi not to lose hope. Jigar pleads gopi to let him help her in finding ahem. Gopi angrily rejects his help. Jigar says he loves ahem a lot, he is worried for him and he wants ahem back in modi house. Gopi replies jigar that she had believed in jigar that he would take care of ahem in her absence but he disappointed. Jigar pleads gopi once again. But gopi keeps on rejecting jigar and blames for breaking their family into parts (Jigar should have tried to find ahem before). Koki defends jigar telling gopi that jigar couldnt leave with ahem because he has to take care of modi family alone and took care of rashi very well. Gopi gets convinced. Koki says gopi that she cant come along with her to find ahem as she has take care of pappu-rashi-urmi, so she has to take jigar's help now. Gopi says she is worried about ahem-vidya-mira as she couldnt find them. Jigar tells ahem's bank account is still active and they can find his address from the bank. Gopi-jigar goes to bank to get ahem's details. But the manager rejects to give ahem's info as he is their VVIP customer and ahem himself has ordered not to leak info about him. Gopi pleads the manager saying she is his wife and she needs his details. Here rashi-pappu-tolu-molu decide to find ahem as gopi is upset about them. Even tolu-molu think of finding ahem through ahem's bank account. Pari will be upset as gopi is angry with her as she couldnt accept rashi. Hetal explains pari that gopi loves them a lot and she is angry for a while. 

Gopi will be worried as manager has denied to give ahem's address. Tolu-molu give ahem's address. Gopi will be happy.