Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 27 February 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th February 2015 Written Update

Gopi asks koki what has happened to urmi. Pappu comes there and meets gopi (Pappu was so cute in childhood but now ... ). Pappu will be happy about gopi's arrival. Pappu says he and rashi together prepared lots of gifts for her (Pappu is the same as he was in childhood, so sweet). Pappu shows his family picture to gopi and asks gopi to make his family complete again (Awww poor baby). Gopi will be shocked again. Pappu and rashi go out to purchase ice cream for gopi. Koki tells gopi that their family has broken into pieces in these 10 years. Koki says kinjal isnt living with dhaval now. Dhaval has slapped kinjal because of some argument between the couple. So kinjal left the house. Before 10 years, hetal-kinjal came to urmi's house to know what has happened. Dhaval tells hetal that kinjal was hitting urmi so he got angry and slapped kinjal (Dude you should know what actually happened). Kinjal says she thought it was a thief and with this misunderstanding dhaval thought kinjal has hit urmi. Urmi denies to admit her mistake (This lady can never change). Kinjal leaves the house. While kinjal coming downstairs a flower pot fell on urmi's head so she lost her past memories. Koki says now urmi-pappu-rashi is her family now. Gopi asks koki how could ahem let koki to live this pitiful life and how could he allow kinjal to leave dhaval. Koki tells because kinjal has left the house so she came here to take care of urmi-dhaval and rashi (Dont cook up stories yaar, actually you have no place to go). Gopi asks jigar to call ahem and ask him to come along with mira-vidya to urmi's house to take koki to modi bhawan (Another jhatka is on the way gopi vahu). Koki rejects to come to modi bhawan. Dhaval comes home and feels happy to see gopi (Happy to see dhaval is still the same). Gopi scolds dhaval for letting kinjal to leave him. Dhaval says he has tried a lot but kinjal is so stubborn till now. Gopi assures koki that she would solve all the problems now. Gopi says jigar to call ahem. Jigar calls hetal and tells gopi has learnt all the truth about kinjal's breakup and trying to bring koki home. Gopi packs koki's luggage and assures urmi that she herself would take care of urmi and take away koki from there. Gopi again insists koki to come back home. Koki denies to come back to modi bhawan. Koki tells modi bhawan is no more her home as ahem isnt living there and he hates her a lot now. Ahem left the house because of koki. (I wanna see ahem very badly :( ).