Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th February 2015 Written Update

Gopi gets down the bus in rajkot and thinks of buying gifts for everyone at home. Gopi takes a shawl for koki, goggles for tolu-molu, dress for mira and a book for vidya. Tolu-molu have bet to collect random things in the market. They dash gopi in the market. Gopi scolds them. Tolu-molu recognize gopi, they go to gopi and tie her up. They take her home and open the blind folds. Tolu-molu take blessings from gopi and tells they are tolu-molu. Gopi will be surprised to see them after 10 years (What a family ? They dint see each other in these many years...grrr). Gopi makes fun that they havent changed yet. Tolu-molu show their home, gopi recalls 10 year back stories. All the three walk in to the house (Different home now :) ). All the family members present in the hall except koki-ahem. Gopi takes bha's blessings (Bha on wheel chair). Hetal will be shocked to see gopi. Gopi says police has released her 4 years before for her well behavior. Gopi meets chirag-parag-jigar and pari. Jigar feels emotional and tells they have missed her a lot. Gopi asks about koki-ahem-mira-vidya (She dont remember rashi :( ). Jigar-hetal get nervous. Bha says before meeting them she would give aarthi to gopi. Bha does aarthi. 

Gopi appreciates pari for taking care of modis well for 20 years. Pari replies she has missed her a lot. Gopi again asks for mira-vidya and koki. Now pari-hetal will be nervous to answer her. Gopi goes to mandir thinking koki is doing some pooja (let them answer gopi). Gopi keeps on searching for koki around the house. All of them remain silent. Hetal says koki at urmi's house..... (Before completing the sentence). Gopi says she would go to urmi's house and meet koki. Jigar says he would come along. While walking out, gopi meets kinjal (ufff kinjal's make up :(, She should change her makeup man). Both wish each other. Gopi says she would go to urmi's house and bring koki. Gopi-jigar come out. Kinjal yells at hetal to reveal the truth before gopi learns about it. Gopi in the car with jigar will be telling him that she has missed everyone a lot and she is eager to meet everyone.