Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Tolu-Molu-Mira in new leap

Fans of Saathiya would be excited to know that new leap of the story can bring new people with interesting turns and twists. Here are tolu-molu and mira in leap. 

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th February 2015 Written Update

Ahem will be worried for gopi bcoz of radha. But gopi assures that everything will be fine and very soon they will be leaving to states. Here radha decides to leave modis along with baby before pari takes away the baby.
Urmi covers herself with shawl and will be acting like a thief. Kinjal finds a person in hall, urmi sprays pepper spray on kinjal's face. Kinjal couldn't see and hits urmi thinking its thief. Dhaval comes there at the same time. Dhaval thinks kinjal is torturing urmi. Kinjal tries to defend herself but dhaval doesn't cares. Dhaval slaps kinjal saying he can't bear anyone treating low with urmi.

Next day, radha apologies gopi. Ahem leaves to Mira's school. Ahem says koki to take care of gopi. Maithili comes home and tells MODIS that she has come to massage the baby. Koki explains maithili to be careful with the baby. Radha takes maithili to her room. Later, koki will be observing radha on CCTV camera. Pari comes there. Pari says maithili that radha will be leaving soon so she need to learn how to take care of the baby. Maithili will be confused. Radha acts before maithili that she is worried about her baby. Maithili takes the baby out. Radha takes a diaper and writes a note that modis are forcefully taking away her baby. Radha brings maithili to bathroom and explains that modis are taking away her baby. Maithili agrees. Radha explains the plan. Maithili keeps the toy in jhoola. Maithili leaves. Radha collects all her jewelry. Radha goes to bathroom and removes the glasses of the window. Maithili helps radha. But before they leave, bunty will be barking at them.