Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 7th January 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th Jan 2015 Written Update

Shagun says raman that she did a mistake by leaving him but she is happy for ishu-raman. Adi will be happy for shagun. Shagun thinks of celebrating the next anniversary with raman. Shagun gets a call and informed that her mother had a heart attack and she had undergone a surgery. Shagun says the caller that herself and mihir will be coming immediately. After knowing about the news, mihir tells shagun that he cannot come as his passport is on reneval. Ishu assures shagun to take care of adi so she can go. Shagun agrees. Later, at home raman scolds ishu for allowing shagun to be with him before adi and for giving a false hope to adi that his parents cannot be together. Ishu explains raman that they shall make adi to know that his father will be with him all his life and later they can explain that his parents cannot be together again. Raman says though adi is his weakness he cannot go far away from ishu. Ishu smiles and tells raman that she will not develop any false hope in adi about his parents. 

Shagun packs her luggage. Adi will be happy as ishu has celebrated the anniversary and has treated him very well. Adi says ishu is a nice woman. But shagun once again poisons adi's mind saying ishu is same like ashok who had treated them very well before and dont know when she will kick them out of raman's house and life. Adi says ishu is dangerous and he would teach her a lesson. Simmy comes there and tells mihir is waiting for her to drop her in the airport. Shagun asks simmy to take care of adi. Ishu assures shagun that they all shall take care of adi well. Shagun thinks adi would do everything which she wanted to do and leaves. Later, ishu tells raman that she has booked movie tickets for him and adi. Raman asks to come along but ishu rejects saying she doesnt like sci-fi movies. Raman leaves. Ishu prepares italian food for adi and asks toshi not to tell adi as he might not have. Toshi says ishu that she loves adi a lot and he would glue to her very soon in shagun's absence. Ashok says mihika that he has booked a hotel and asks her to come along. Mihika rejects. Mihika asks ashok's credit card to have some shopping as new year resolution. Ashok gets angry but leaves calmly. 

Ishu goes shopping with vandhu. Raman-adi return home. All have lunch together. Raman knows that ishu had prepared the italian food for adi. Bala shravan say they are getting bored. So all plan to play carroms. Bala adi as one team and raman shravan in one team. Adi wins. Shravan will be upset as raman has not played well to let bala win. Adi will be happy hearing raman helped him. They all play again. Raman will be happy looking at adi who is enjoying the game. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th January 2015 Written Update

Koki behind the bars. Gopi to rescue her. 

Police comes hospital and tells they have to arrest koki for kidnapping pari. Modis will be shocked. Mehta says everyone that koki has hated pari from day one and today she has kidnapped pari. Koki defends herself saying that she has dropped pari in the hotel lobby where mehta was staying. Mehta says he dint see pari. Koki says she dint kidnap pari. Mehta insists police to arrest koki. Police asks koki to come along. Ahem and others try to explain police that koki is innocent. Koki requests police to allow her to wait till gopi wakes up but police rejects the request. So koki walks with the police. The people in the hospital recognize koki and will be bad mouthing koki. Urmi-ahem defends koki not to bad mouth her without knowing the truth. Koki goes with the police, ahem-jigar follow them. After koki leaves, gopi wakes and recalls the incident where vivan trying to kidnap pari and herself hitting to a rock. Gopi wakes up and will be worried for pari and koki. Hetal explains gopi that koki got arrested for kidnapping pari. Gopi tells everyone that vivan has tried to kidnap pari and he has hit so that she has hit to the rock. Gopi says she would go to the police station and let koki free. Later, gopi goes to police station. There gopi explains police that vivan was trying to kidnap pari and might have kidnapped pari now. Police asks for evidence against vivan. Gopi tells she is the evidence. 

Gopi asks police to let vivan show the scractes on his hand made by her while rescuing pari.