Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Anti comments of Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 6th January 2015 Written Update

Bhallas-iyyer pose for a family pic. Adi will be looking on shagun sadly. Ishu finds this and brings shagun and asks to take adi's family pic. Though raman doesnt like, he will be forced to take pictures with shagun. Adi will be happy to have pics with raman-shagun. Shagun thanks ishu for allowing her in the family pic. Shagun thinks she would kick ishu from the family very soon. Mihika will be having drinks, mihir grabs mihika and scolds her why she has cheated on him and is she happy with ashok. Mihika scolds mihir for misbehaving with someone's wife. Vandhu comes there and asks mihir to stop. Vandhu says mihika that they know she isnt happy with ashok and asks her to tell the truth. But mihika leaves saying she is happy. Ashok goes to shagun and wishes her. Again ashok walks to ishu and taunts her that they are a family now and he dint expect that raman will become a relative to him. Raman comes there and yells at ashok not to involve with his family. Ashok taunts raman that he has only single woman in his past and married to one woman but raman has two ladies in his house. Raman gets hyper but ishu stops him. Ashok warns ishu to be careful as raman-shagun's love might blossom again. Shagun scolds ashok that she respects raman and ishu. Ishu defends shagun-raman that if they doesnt marry then she wouldnt have got adi and ruhi. Ishu clears ashok that she isnt jealous. And he shouldnt talk about raman's character. 

Vandhu takes mihika into a washroom and insists to tell the truth. Mihika cries and explains that suraj-ashok has made a plan. Suraj has acted as if he is in coma and ashok has blackmailed her that mihir will get a death sentence and ruhi will be taken away from ishu as well. So she got married to ashok. Vandhu feels bad for mihika and cries along. Mihika comes out and leaves with ashok. The couples are announced for dance. Ishu insists raman to dance with shagun, ishu dances with adi. Adi feels happy looking at raman-shagun. Later, ishu makes raman-shagun cut their anniversary cake. Raman feels bad for ishu. Ishu gives her earrings and asks raman to gift them to shagun. Raman unwillingly gives to shagun, adi feels happy. 

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 5th January 2015 Written Update

Mihika-ashok dance on aaj phir tum se track. Iyyers get upset looking at the couple. Shagun will be angry. Raman asks iyyers to ignore mihika. The ladies around iyyer gossip that mihika was having an affair with ashok and has dumped her bf for a rich guy like ashok. Mihir cries looking at mihika. Vandu-bala feels bad for mihir. Mihika scolds ashok for making her dance. Ashok says he is calm though she totures at home so now she has to act as if she is the best half of him. Ashok asks mihika to have a touch up and carry a fake smile as her family members are in the party. Mihika goes to the washroom. Ishu as well goes there and tells mihika that they all have seen her crying and there is no need of showing off. Mihika says she doesnt care. Vandhu comes there and takes away ishu from there. Mrs iyyer will be upset. Toshi mixes wine in a cool drink and makes mrs iyyer to drink. Toshi says mrs iyyer to take lite. Adi goes to shagun who was drinking in a corner. Adi asks shagun to come with him to enjoy the party but shagun denies. shagun tells adi that everyone are making fun of her and this is because of ishu-mihika. And she is alone on her anniversary. Adi feels bad and leaves. Shagun thinks of getting back her place in raman's life using adi. Vandhu tries to talk to mihika but she leaves. Mihir keeps on drinking looking at mihika. Vandhu feels bad for mihika-mihir. Adi will be alone sitting. Ishu comes to him and asks about shagun. Adi scolds ishu not to pretend as if she cares for him. Ishu has snatched his father and mihika from ashok. Adi says ishu that she is shameless for wearing shagun's earrings. Adi leaves from there. Ishu recalls what counselor has told raman about adi and thinks of making adi believe that he has a family then only adi will be cured. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Updates: Serial to take another leap

As of now, Gopi helping pari to prove pari's innocence before modis. Vivan tries to kidnap pari, while rescuing pari, gopi gets kicked by vivan and hits to a rock. Gopi to go into coma and serial will be taking another leap. Yet there is no information about how many years. Lets wait for a better plot with the leap. Wish there will be no radha's revenge or pari's over acting in coming episodes.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th January 2015 Written Update

Vivan tries to kidnap pari. Vivan kicks gopi and she hits to a rock and faints. Urmi takes gopi to life care hospital. Pari comes to modi bhawan and informs that gopi met with an accident. Modis rush to hospital. Radha gets angry as their plan got spoiled. Radha calls vivan and scolds him. Docs say modis that gopi is critical. Koki asks urmi about the accident. Urmi explains, pari says vivan was the auto driver and he tried to kidnap her. Modis doesnt believe pari. Koki decides to leave pari in her dad's hotel and get rid of her. Pari requests koki to allow her to check gopi once, but koki doesnt allow. Police reach hospital and asks for the details. Pari explains. Pari gives vivan's phone number and shows his picture. Police calls vivan. Vivan says he is in Delhi. Vivan sends his boarding pass pic to police. Modis as well believe vivan other than pari. Police leave. Koki takes pari to drop her. Later, koki comes back. Modis will be worried for gopi. Doc tells modis that they have to examine gopi untill morning. Police arrive again and tells koki should be arrested for kidnapping pari. 

Mehta says koki has kidnapped pari. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th January 2015 Written Update

Koki cries as gopi left the house because of pari. Hetal consoles koki that everything will be fine. Here gopi also cries about koki as she is unable to understand the truth. Pari consoles gopi. Gopi-pari 
reach urmi's house. Madhu doubts why gopi has come there in late night. Urmi tells madhu that koki has kicked out both the dil's in the late night. Gopi defends koki. Vivan calls radha and tells gopi has rescued pari while kidnapping so their plan got flopped. Radha tells she has expected this and asks vivan to be careful. Koki will be missing gopi. Mira comes to koki and asks koki to believe in gopi as she might be right. Hetal finds mira talking to koki and hopes koki to think positively about pari. Tolu-molu will be fighting about a shirt near jigar, he gets irritated and yells on kids. Ahem comes there and sends the kids to their grandmom. Ahem consoles jigar and thinks this is all happening because of gopi. Pari will be scared of vivan and asks gopi to save her from vivan. Urmi-gopi assures pari that she is in safe hands. Ahem calls gopi and yells that koki is unwell because of her and she cannot step into modi bhawan again. Gopi says ahem that she is the dil of modis and has same rights as he has so she can come there anytime. Koki comes there and defends gopi. Ahem apologizes gopi as koki asks to do so. Koki takes the call and tells she hasnt forgiven her and will not forgive untill she leaves pari. Pari feels bad as gopi is getting scolded by modis because of her. 

Later, savitha and other neighbors reach modi bhawan. Koki wonders why they have come. Savitha tells koki that they are been invited by radha for new year party. Koki says they havent arranged any party and asks savitha not to consider radha's invitation in future. Savitha asks about gopi-pari. Hetal says they went to urmi's house. Hetal calls gopi and asks them to come modi bhawan. Koki says they would have a krishna bhajan. Savitha thinks of leaving but koki says god might punish her so savitha stays back. Gopi-pari-dhaval-kinjal-mdhu will be waiting for auto. Dhaval-madhu-kinjal get into one auto and leave. Another auto comes, pari gets in and auto starts off. Pari finds its vivan and yells for help. Gopi runs behind the auto and finally finds its vivan. Both the ladies will be hitting vivan to stop the auto but vivan kicks gopi with his leg. Gopi hits to a rock and faints. Here koki will be doing aarthi, and the lamp blown off. Koki thinks something bad gonna happen in their family. 

Pari informs modis that gopi met with an accident.