Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 17 July 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th July Written Update

Tolu molu says all the 3 cameras has been destroyed. Modis shocks. Mira says koki that she was with them since long time so she cant destroy the cameras. Mira blames pari saying gopi is her target so she dint allow kokila to sit on gopi's jhoola. Kokila disagrees once again. Ahem asks kokila not to be so strict with mira. Koki tells there is another cctv camera in the hall so she can find the culprit now. Kokila orders tolu molu to bring that cctv camera. Mira says that jhoola on which gopi was sitting was before pari's. May be pari has exchanged the names when modis were having fun. Kokila scolds mira not to blame others. Kokila warns mira to be strong while she reveals the culprit. Tolu molu arranges the cctv camera. Kokila couldnt find the culprit. Later jigar finds a stool in the hall and takes it to rashi's room. Jigar finds the video tape in rashi's room. He doubts it might be the cctv camera's. Jigar searches for more proves. Jigar finds a broken glass piece in rashi's school bag. He finds rashi's science book's papers folded like phenyl is dangerous for humans, how humans can get current shock. Jigar comfirms himself that Rashi is the culprit who wants to kill gopi. 

Dhaval asks a balm to kinjal. Kinjal scolds dhaval not to believe urmi as she is acting innocent before him & chawl people. Dhaval says kinjal that she is showing fake love on him so that he doesnt kick her out. Urmi comes there and yells at kinjal to leave dhaval. Kinjal yells at urmi not to be over confident that they have everything now and kinjal curses them they can lose it one day. Their roof starts leaking. Urmi scolds kinjal. Pappu comes there and asks what they shall do now. Urmi will be happy that she can go and stay with kokila. Dhaval says he would stay back in their house along with kinjal and shall inform her once the house is repaired. 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th July Written Update

Kokila once again blames mira for ahem's shock. 

At modi house, ahem grabs the jhoola and gets current shock. Modis stunned to find ahem in shock. Jigar tolu takes ahem to his room. Parag calls doctor. Doctor tells ahem should be fine by now. Doctor gives medicines. Doctor doubts if ahem doesnt wake up in an hour, his brain might have damaged because of the shock and Ahem should be admitted in hospital. Doctor leaves. Gopi will be worried for ahem. Ahem slowly wakes up. Ahem says he is fine. Gopi mira cries for ahem. Gopi consoles mira. But mira yells at gopi that she has ruined their lives. Mira blames gopi as an unlucky person. Kokila gets angry and slaps mira. Mira yells at modis that they cant bear the truth, if someone yells out the truth then they slap the person. Kokila scolds mira for insulting gopi. Kokila blames mira for ahem's shock. Kokila says the shock was for gopi. Mira says its not the truth. Mira says she cant trouble her dad. Kokila scolds mira not to go near ahem. Mira also yells back that ahem is her father and she has all the rights to stay near him. Gopi defends mira and asks kokila not to blame mira for all these problems. Kokila disagrees. 

Even ahem supports mira. Kokila tells ahem that she found electrical wires in hands before sometime of shock. The electrical wire was cut and was on the jhoola's chain. Gopi should have grabbed the chain but ahem has grabbed. Till now all the plans were targeted to gopi but not any modis. Kokila explains everyone that on the day of jhaas, mira knew that only gopi will be drinking the jhaas. Gopi has called the gardener to bring the soil. But that day hetal has become the victim. Next is the geyser's blast, store room's incident. Though kokila explains, ahem gopi doesnt agree with her. Kokila says parents should bear the truth and bring their kids in the right path. Kokila tells everyone that she has all the proofs to prove mira is behind all the problems caused in their house. Kokila says everyone that tolu molu has arranged 3 CCTV's to find the culprit. The culprit will be listening to this conversation. Kokila asks to bring the cameras. Tolu molu finds all the 3 cameras are been damaged. Tolu molu tells the culprit has damaged the recording. 

At the chawl, urmi insists kinjal to have her dinner as dhaval will be late. Kinjal gets frustrated and ties urmi to the bed. The other neighbors of chawl come to urmi's house. Dhaval returns home. Because of other chawl couples dhaval remains silent. Kinjal does the pooja. Urmi struggles hard and unties herself. Before dhaval feeds kinjal, urmi rushes there and tells dhaval that kinjal has tied her in the room. Dhaval asks the chawl people to leave and scolds kinjal. 

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th July Written Update

Ahem ko current shock 

Jigar takes away rashi from there. Koki says ahem that they should file a complaint in the police station next day as today its a festival. Jigar sits with rashi to help her in studies. Jigar checks rashi's science book. He finds a few chapter papers folded and asks why she has folded them. Rashi takes away the book and tells she is interested in science chapters. Rashi asks jigar to help in maths. Jigar asks to tell the seven multiplication. Rashi starts saying and finds mechanics discussing to fit the current wires properly if not there will be short circuit. Here in gopi's room, ahem arranges flowers for gopi. Both appreciate each other that they are looking good. Ahem finds gopi worried and asks what has happened. Gopi says there shouldnt be any problem on this fest and no one in the house should blame mira or pari. Gopi promises ahem that she will take care of everything very well. Modis arranges the jhoolas. Koki asks to prepare nameplates on each jhoola. Rashi does that. 

The culprit cuts the electrical wire and adjusts to get short circuit. Modis does the pooja aarthi at mandir. Koki finds rashi missing and calls for her. Rashi comes there. Gopi asks why she has changed her dress. Rashi says she spilled water on her dress so she changed. At the chawl, urmi finds kinjal fully dressed, asks where is she going. Kinjal replies that she gonna do theej pooja for dhaval. Urmi makes fun of kinjal saying dhaval isnt the same as he was 10 years before. Dhaval has changed a lot and he will not accept her. Kinjal warns urmi not to challenge her. Urmi challenges kinjal to make dhaval hers again. Kinjal accepts the challenge. 

At the jhoolas, koki asks gopi to be cautious. Hetal insists koki to take the jhoola first. Parag gifts movie tickets for koki. Parag says its been a long time that they spent time together so he bought movie tickets. Bha will be happy to find her family together again with all her bahus. In the mean time, koki finds mira cleaning all the wires around the jhoolas. Koki asks what is she doing. Mira replies she was cleaning before she orders her to do. Door bell rings, meeti checks and finds a card before door. Meeti gives to koki. Koki finds the card and tells its a invitation for dance competition. Koki asks modis to leave about the card and continue with the jhoola. Urmi insists kinjal to have something as dhaval will be late. But kinjal says she will wait for him. Chirag gifts a saraswathichandra book for hetal. Mira will be be irritated with modis having fun at jhoolas. Hetal asks ahem to let gopi on jhoola now. Gopi sits on the jhoola. Jigar finds the current wires on gopi's jhoola are cut. Jigar yells for ahem, but he grabs the wire and gets current shock. Modis stay shocked looking at ahem. 

Koki asks parag to call doctor. 

The culprit causing trouble in modi house is revealed

Since the day gopi has come back into modi house along with her family, someone X has been creating fuss to harm modis. Koki doubts pari and mira for all the mess. Koki determines to find out the culprit and send him/her behind the bars. But very soon modis will be shocked to know about the culprit behind the mess. Its Baby Rashi who wants to take revenge on gopi as she has learnt the truth that gopi has killed her mother Radha. Rashi overhears when pari yells at gopi that gopi has killed radha who was mother of rashi. It was rashi who added broken glass pieces in the mud, added phynyle to jhaas, tied rope in the store room and blasted the geyser. Now everyone are shocked but we cant help. Rashi has radha's blood so she is planning well to kill people at such a young age. Lets see how modis react to rashi's plans in the coming episodes. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th July Written Update

Koki will be taken to her room. Modis will be worried who is doing all this fuss in their house. Koki determines to find out the culprit. Koki goes to storeroom and checks the rope tied with connecting things so that the things fall on the person who comes inside. Koki shocks finding the rope and determines to find the culprit before next day's night. Bha gives new sarees to all her bahus. Hetal says they should start the theej fest preparations. Koki tells gopi - vidya about her plan to find the culprit. Vidya keeps a kerosene bottle in the mandir and hides aside. Koki asks maid to keep mira's breakfast in mira's room. Gopi takes a hit bottle and keeps beside mira's breakfast and hides in the bathroom. Mira finds the kerosene bottle and wonders why is it in the mandir. Mira calls the maid and asks to keep the kerosene bottle in the kitchen. Vidya feels happy as mira dint plan anything to harm modis. Koki sends pari to dust mira's room. Pari finds the hit bottle near the breakfast and keeps it aside. Gopi comes back to koki and tells neither mira nor pari are planning to harm them. Koki says they should be more conscious now as they havent find out the culprit yet. 

Koki asks gopi to take bath and get ready for pooja. Ahem says he needs to rush to office so he will bath first. So gopi thinks of taking bath in rashi's room. The culprit switches on the geyser in rashi's room. Rashi couldnt find her baby doll's dress and remembers its in the bathroom. Rashi goes to bathroom and collects the clothes but couldnt open the door. Rashi calls out for gopi koki. Modis rush to rashi's room. They open the door and rashi comes out. Rashi says she was inside the bathroom to take her doll's dress. Gopi walks in to bring the clothes but suddenly the geyser blasts. Gopi will be safe but modis shock at this incident. Ahem decides to complaint in police before the culprit does anything more. Pari mira asks why to call police now. Koki doubts at their behavior. Here kinjal receives the saree from hetal and kinjal decides to fast for theej. Dhaval says kinjal that she need not act and he wouldnt kick her out. Kinjal gets upset. 

Koki ahem decide to complaint to police. 

Monday, 13 July 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Written Update

Koki asks pari to clean the utensils from store room and arrange them aside. Pari gets annoyed. Later pari tells koki that she couldnt understand which utensils should be cleaned. Koki thinks of doing that work herself. Pari goes to rashi's room with juice but rashi denies when pari asks rashi to get ready to school. After a while gopi goes to rashi's room but couldnt find rashi in the room. Someone ties a rope at the entrance of store room so that the coming person would fall off and gets hurt. At the chawl, urmi asks kinjal to apply kerosene on her scars. When kinjal brings the kerosene to apply, urmi rushes out and shouts that kinjal is trying to kill her. The chawl people support urmi and call police. Police warns kinjal that she would get arrested if urmi gets hurt. 

Koki enters into the store room and falls off. Koki yells for help. Gopi rushes and helps koki. Koki's leg gets sprained. Gopi yells for family members. All the family members gather over there. Chirag feels bad who is doing all this. Mira - pari starts blaming each other about this incident. Gopi defends mira but pari yells at gopi that as mother mira as well trying to kill someone. All of them disperse. Mira says ahem that she cannot think of harming someone. Gopi defends mira and tells pari that though mira behaves rudely with everyone but she cannot harm her family. Even koki feels bad that she couldnt give a happy life to gopi after her release. Gopi consoles koki. Koki asks gopi to have some turmeric milk so that her throat will be fine. Someone cuts the gas cylinder pipe in the kitchen. Gopi goes to kitchen. Ahem smells gas and rushes over there. Ahem stops gopi lighting on the stove. 

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 10th July 2015 Written Update

Bhallas ruins raman's plan to romance with ishu. Romi brings sarika to Mumbai and tells about his marriage with sarika. Bhallas celebrate together. 

Raman signs ishu to come out silently. Ishu after coming out asks why he has called her out. Raman scolds ishu for ruining their romantic night by asking his family to sleep in their room. Ishu replies how she can send them away for their private moments. Raman says he was feeling hungry and asks ishu whether she wants to eat something. Ishu also says she too feeling hungry. Raman takes ishu to a coffee shop and orders coffee. Raman grabs ishu's hands and tries being romantic. Ishu denies as they are in public. The couple hear some familiar voice and turns around. They find rinky-mihir romancing on the next table. Raman takes away ishu from there thinking rinky mihir might feel embarrassed. In the garden raman ishu find Mr bhalla and toshi romancing. Ishu makes fun of bhalla family. Raman scolds ishu to learn something from his family. Raman ishu comes back to the hotel lobby. Ishu asks raman to get back to their room and sleep. Raman says if both the couples arent in the room then they can romance. 

Next day, toshi rinky raman ishu will be getting ready for breakfast. Mihir and bhalla leave to set a table for their family. Raman purposely throws juice on ishu's saree. Toshi takes away rinky from there to give raman ishu a private moment. Ishu goes to bathroom to change. Raman locks the door. Ishu asks raman to give a saree to change. Raman asks ishu to change into his shirt which is in the bathroom. Ishu denies first but agrees later as raman says he would come inside. Ishu wears raman's shirt and comes out. Raman finds ishu cute and s**y. While he tries being romantic, someone knocks the door. Ishu rushes into bathroom taking a saree to change. Raman opens the door and finds romi. Raman scolds romi for his stupid surprise and takes him away. Ishu as well comes for breakfast. Ruhi surprises ishu with sarika. Romi tells everyone that sarika has agreed for the marriage. Bhallas feel happy and all together have breakfast. Ishu calls aadhi and asks about his health. Romi says sarika that he would ask her mother's permission for their marriage. Sarika says her mom has died in an accident. Romi says he would talk to her relatives about their marriage but sarika says she has no one now. Romi hugs sarika and says they are family now. Aadhi says he is fine and mihika is taking care about him well. Later, at night, ruhi suddenly wakes up and asks ishu about shagun. Ishu says raman has seen her in Mumbai but couldnt meet her. 

Mihika calls abhishek and tells about romi's marriage. Abhishek asks the bride's name. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th July 2015 Written Update

Koki still blames mira for all the problems at modi house. Gopi-ahem believes mira couldnt dare to kill a person. Urmi once again starts her kalakaries on kinjal. 

Koki gets worried finding hetal's hands injured because of the boken glass pieces. Koki calls mira and scolds her for throwing the glass pieces in the mud purposefully. Mira denies about it. Mira shows koki that even she has got hurt because of the glass pieces. Koki doesnt believe in mira. Ahem takes away mira from there and nurses her injuries. Mira alleges pari that she was taking her revenge. Ahem says he would send milk for her and leaves. Later, in hetal's room, koki say though she is yelling at mira she couldnt believe that mira could try to kill a person. Later Koki asks meeti to take out the old utensils and give to mira so that she would clean them and also asks pari to arrange them again. Pari feels burdened with the work. Later pari starts cleaning the utensils, mira comes there. Mira provokes pari that she is like a servant at modi house than a daughter in law. Pari gets irked and yells at mira. Gopi-koki comes there and asks whats happening. Pari warns gopi to keep her daughter in control as she is crossing her limits. Koki scolds pari for her childish behavior. 

At the chawl, dhaval calls koki and tells how kinjal has done the drama before his friends and now she is blackmailing them to harassing her. Koki assures dhaval that urmi would change kinjal. Koki talks to urmi and asks her to start her kalakaries once again and change kinjal now. Urmi agrees. Later, kinjal switches on the AC in urmi's room and sleeps over urmi's bed. Urmi finds this and scolds kinjal to leave. Kinjal once again warns urmi not to dare to talk to her in loud voice if not she will make her arrested. Dhaval comes there and takes away urmi from there. Later, kinjal will be reading a magazine, urmi comes there and shows few red marks on her body and asks to apply ointment. Kinjal denies, urmi pleads so kinjal agrees to apply the ointment. Urmi thinks of ruining kinjal's ego.

Gopi says ahem not to feel bad as koki is blaming mira for all the problems at home. Ahem replies he isnt bothered though whatever anyone thinks about his daughter.