Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 8 June 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th June 2015 Written Update

New lady villains : Kinjal Mira

Koki says urmi that she was serving her since 10 years but there is no change in urmi's behavior so finally she will try the current shock treatment. Koki ties urmi with a blanket to a chair and prepares a current shock treatment. Urmi gets scared and reveals the truth that she is fine since 10 years but she lied her to keep koki as her slave. Koki unties urmi and says she can call her koki forever and she has forgiven her. Shocked urmi remains silent. Koki hugs urmi. Koki says urmi that she knew about her condition long back but remained silent because she was happy with this new relation. And they both were leading a happy life without their kids too. Urmi was happy with koki forgeting about rashi and koki without ahem-gopi. Urmi feels happy that koki has forgiven her. Urmi says she got habituated to her love & care and forgot all her sorrows. Urmi says she would start preparations for her leaving to modi house. Koki smiles. 

Kinjal comes to gopi and complaints that pari has kicked her out of her room. Gopi explains kinjal that since 10 years koki was taking care of pappu-dhaval-urmi for her but now she has to think about her own family and go back to the chawl now. Kinjal says gopi that even she wishes her to leave. Kinjal denies to go back to chawl leaving modi house. Koki gets ready. Rashi comes to koki. Rashi say she wouldnt come along with koki to modi house as no one loves her. Ahem comes there and apologizes rashi for yelling at her all the time. Ahem says he came to take her to modi house along with koki. Ahem rashi leaves. Urmi will be worried about rashi as pari might hate her. Koki says gopi would change pari's views in few days as she has changed mira. Koki doubts about mira's behaviour about accepting gopi as her mom. Kinjal comes back to her room and finds pari packing all her things. Pari says she is helping kinjal to pack her things. Pari taunts kinjal that she cant wear designer wear in chawl. Pari leaves. Mira consoles kinjal finding kinjal angry. Kinjal says mira that modis was behaving ill with her all the time. Kinjal-mira decides to prove modis that gopi isnt a lucky charm for them. 

Gopi does the gruha pravesh of koki.

Monday, 1 June 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st June 2015 Written Update

Gopi's condition getting critical :(

Ahem asks pari to help him in doing the pooja. Pari agrees but asks ahem to take bath at home and come back. Ahem thinks theres no time. Ahem takes bath in the mandir and changes his clothes. Ahem does pooja witht the help of pari. Mira mansi keep looking on ahem. Here koki as well doing the pooja at hawan. (Comparing the scenes with gopi supporting/loving ahem with savithri's story). Koki finds ahem as well doing pooja. Ahem doubts whether the miracle can happen in this age. Pari says when anyone prays with true heart god will definitely does the miracle. Ahem completes the pooja. Ahem apologizes to god saying he has insulted sindoor which gopi used to feel as precious. Ahem feels bad as he insulted gopi when she wrote ahem's name in gopi's first mehendi. Ahem pleads god to save gopi though gopi has worshiped khana ji so sincearly. Mansi mira remained surprised at ahem's pooja for gopi. Doc checks gopi and finds her BP going down. Vidya calls ahem and asks to come to the hospital as early as possible as gopi's condition getting critical. Ahem reaches hospital. Pari goes to koki to tell about gopi's condition. Koki denies to come. Doc tells modis that gopi isnt responding to the treatment and they might cant save gopi now. Modis start crying. Ahem walks in gopi's room. Ahem grabs gopi's hand and looks on (Saathiya male song in BG).

Doc tells they have only one option to give shock treatment to gopi. They give shocks to gopi. Nurse says theres no use.