Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 29 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th May 2015 Written Update

Koki explained how mean ahem was towards gopi till now. :)

Koki yells at ahem that gopi should die better than living with her unfaithful family. Koki scolds vidya that they all have insulted gopi all the time. Gopi has no reason to live. Gopi is having this torture only because of her, being mean to gopi to get her family back. Koki apologizes khana ji for being mean towards gopi which she has used to get her son back through gopi. Koki feels bad that ahem was a stone hearted person and she is feeling guilty. Gopi was her son all the time. She was pressurizing gopi to make her family one. Koki feels guilty for her mistakes. Ahem tries to console but koki yells at ahem that if gopi dies ahem shouldnt touch her dead body nor can participate in her cremation. And if gopi is safe alive, koki's cremation should be done by gopi but not ahem. Ahem remains shocked. Hetal asks koki to stop this nonsense and pray for gopi. Jigar tries to console ahem. Koki says hetal that gopi shouldnt bear any pain anymore. Mira comes there. Koki scolds mira to let gopi die peacefully. Mira tries hugging koki, but koki yells that she cannot bear her touch nor will forgive in her life. Doc comes out and informs that surgery is done but gopi is still critical. Doc asks modis to donate blood for gopi. Mira says she can, mira says its A+ blood group. Doc denies as gopi's different blood group. Doc asks modis who has AB- blood to gopi. Vidya says its her too and agrees to donate. Koki scolds mira. Mira says ahem that she hasnt done anything purposefuly. Ahem rejects to listen to her. Koki drags mira out and asks her to leave. Tolu molu takes care of parag chirag at home. Koki sits beside gopi. Koki feels bad that few days back gopi was upset with all the problems with mira vidya ahem. Koki says gopi not to leave her alone, as they both share a great relation. Koki says gopi has helped her as a sister, shown right path as mom and never left her alone. She cant live without gopi so pleases to wake up. 

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th May 2015 Written Update

Tolu molu bha come to mira's room to request her to call koki and tell that everything is fine in between her and gopi so that koki will be fine. Koki's health might get worse if koki learns about the truth of gopi's accident. Mira denies to talk to koki. All the 3 leave. Tolu molu come back again and demand mira to talk properly to koki. Mira denies again. Molu grabs mira's hair and blackmails to cut her hair but mira doesnt agree. Tolu molu think of hanging mira upside down, so mira agrees. Koki thinks of going to modi house but mira calls koki. Mira forcefully says that everything is fine between herself and gopi. Koki feels happy that she has forgiven gopi. Koki asks mira not to hurt gopi. Jigar says koki that he will be return home. Koki doubts jigar is hiding something from her. Koki walks out, urmi tries to stop her. Koki says she will leave now and she shouldnt speak a word. Jigar calls tolu and says he would rush to hospital and asks them to come there as well. Koki overhears jigar talking to tolu. Koki asks why is he going to hospital. Koki insists jigar to say what has happened. Jigar tells about gopi's accident. Koki remains shocked for a while. Jigar tries to console her. Koki asks jigar whether she is serious and she wants to see her immediately. Koki doubts how gopi had met with an accident when she went to modi house. Jigar explains how gopi met with the accident. Koki insists jigar to take her to hospital. Koki takes the scooty and leaves for the hospital. Jigar follows her. Jigar calls pari and tells koki has leant about gopi's accident and she is coming to hospital. Ahem remembers again how he has hurt gopi since few days and cries. Mira thinks of going to hospital but mansi denies to come there. Koki reaches the hospital. Nurse stops koki to go to gopi as surgery is going on. Koki scolds modis for hiding the truth about gopi's accident. Hetal consoles koki. Koki says ahem should be happy now. Koki says ahem will be waiting for gopi's death. Koki yells at ahem that his wish to send gopi away from his life. Koki says its better for gopi to die than to bear the pain with ahem mira. 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2015 Written Update

Now ahem is feeling bad for gopi. ~X(

Koki will be singing khana ji's songs in aarthi, pari vidya in hospital will be praying for gopi. Suddenly aarthi gets off and in the hospital power cut. Hospital management says the generator is under repair and no time for new generator. Doc suggests to shift gopi to near by hospital to have the surgery. Ahem denies to shift gopi to another hospital. Vidya convinces ahem to agree. Finally he agrees. At modi house, mansi consoles mira to be relaxed. Mira says they should go to hospital. But mansi says modis would insult them once again if they go to hosiptal. Kinjal-hetal reach hospital, pari meets them and says gopi was shifted to another hospital because of power cut. Koki will be waiting for gopi ahem. Jigar tells koki that there is a power cut in Rajkot. Koki asks jigar to call gopi and let her talk to gopi. Koki thinks of preparing kheer for gopi ahem. Ahem-vidya with gopi reach hospital. Ahem grabs gopi's hands and doesnt leave them to send her into the operation theater. Vidya pleads to leave gopi's hands. Docs prepare for surgery. Ahem will be worried for gopi. Hetal kinjal pari reach the hospital. Hetal consoles vidya. Vidya goes to fill up the hospital's papers. Koki asks jigar whether he has talked to gopi, jigar replies no. Koki decides to go to modi house to check what has happened. Urmi says koki not to leave her alone. Jigar says if she goes to modi house and they might come back to chawl. Koki stills doubts something is wrong. Jigar comes out and calls pari and tells koki is worried about gopi. Pari asks jigar to bring mira to chawl and convince her that everything is fine between them or call tolu-molu and let her talk to koki. Jigar calls tolu-molu and asks them to let mira to talk to koki. Koki prepares kheer but gets wasted as a kitty jumps on it. Koki doubts something bad gonna happen. Kinjal says ahem that she never thought of gopi to be dead, and now she wishes gopi to be fine. But ahem reacts coldly. 

Jigar thanks tolu-molu for calling koki from house. Jigar says he will reach the hospital. But koki overhears him and asks who is in the hospital. Jigar tells about gopi's accident. 

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th May 2015 Written Update

Mansi mira come back home. Mansi says though anyone in the house might not support them but there is one person who supports them. Kinjal comes there. Mansi says kinjal that there is something important to share with her. Pari calls hetal and informs about gopi's accident and she is in serious condition. Pari insists hetal not to tell koki about the accident. Hetal-tolu molu rush to the hospital. Mansi tells kinjal about gopi's accident and now she is facing one more major problem from the day she came from Mumbai. Kinjal yells at mansi that she dint want gopi to come back with ahem but not to die. Mansi defends herself that gopi was unlucky that she fell from the building and mira isnt responsible for gopi's fate. Hetal comes to mansi and slaps her. At the hospital, ahem remembers how gopi used to defend him, love him and his family all the time. Ahem feels bad for gopi and cries. Hetal scolds mansi not to blame gopi's fate, gopi was so lucky that ahem couldnt forget her after 10 years too, gopi is the one for keeping their family together all the time. Though she has upbrought mira vidya, gopi is still their mom. Ahem wouldnt look at her if gopi was with him in those 10 years as well. Mansi says its her misunderstanding. But kinjal says she was supporting mansi till now but ahem still loves gopi and defends gopi as he used to do in the past. Though they planned to win ahem's heart till now but couldnt succeed. So now mansi should accept the truth. Hetal says they all know who has revealed the truth about gopi radha. Ahem will be always with gopi. Hetal scolds mira for not bothering about her mom but she is freaking out with mansi. Though she was angry, why cant she think about her good deeds. The relation between a mother and child will never break. After marriage mother loses her son but a daughter never forgets her parents especially mother. But now mira has proved that a daughter can be cruel with her mother. Mira leaves angrily. Hetal warns mansi not to expect she will be safe if something happens to gopi and says she will suffer for her bad deeds. Koki will be doing aarthi. Koki will be in a happy mood that gopi's family will be one again and everyone will be living together in modi house. Rashi will be happy. Rashi asks koki who does she love more, ahem or gopi? Koki replies she loves both ahem gopi equally. Gopi is her life, if there isnt gopi then she isnt there anymore. Jigar calls koki and says not to speak so. At the hospital, doc asks for signatures of ahem on few manditory docs. Ahem scolds doc to make gopi fine and he will never sign the papers. Vidya pari insists ahem to sign. Ahem signs.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th May 2015 Written Update

 Meera pushes gopi and she falls off the building breaking the glass. Gopi falls on the car. Ahem shocks looking at gopi in blood. Ahem rushes and picks her up. He pleads other cars to help but no one responds. Jigar-pari reach and find gopi injured. Ahem takes gopi to their car and rushes to the hospital. Vidya scolds meera for pushing away gopi. Meera yells she dint push purposefully. Koki serves food to urmi-dhaval. Koki says she is waiting for gopi. She calls ahem-gopi but both phones are unanswered. Ahem reaches hospital with gopi. Doc asks modis to leave the room to test gopi. But ahem denies to leave gopi's hand. Vidya pleads ahem to come out. Ahem walks out. After checking gopi doc tells modis that gopi needs a surgery. Dhaval calls ahem on koki's request, vidya talks to dhaval and tells gopi is alright and she would make gopi to talk to him. Jigar asks vidya why to lie when koki learns about the truth she might get hurt. Vidya says atleast for some time they should wait as koki is unwell now. Meera calls mansi and asks to come out of the house and she is in the chawl. Manis comes downstairs. meera tells mansi about gopi's accident. Urmi who is near by to them hears this and beats meera for hurting gopi. Meera-mansi run away from there. Urmi thinks of informing koki. But jigar stops her and tells koki couldnt bear the news about gopi now so they need to hide this from koki. Koki comes there and finds urmi crying and asks what has happened. Urmi says a character in a daily soap is injured so she is upset. Koki consoles urmi. Jigar tells koki that pari has talked to gopi and she is fine. Koki prays khana ji to protect gopi. Ahem outside gopi's room remembers how he was been hurting gopi since a while and feels bad that he cannot live without her.

Power goes off in gopi's surgery. Peon tells the generator needs some repair. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd May 2015 Written Update

Gopi follows mira to the pub. Gopi isnt allowed inside the pub in a saree. So gopi goes to nearby shop to buy a dress with a lady's suggestion in the pub. Pari shows the video in which kinjal asking mansi to have control over mira and take back ahem-kids to Mumbai back. Kinjal scolds pari for capturing the video. Hetal scolds kinjal for being so rude with ahem-gopi. And thinking of breaking them. Jigar scolds ahem-gopi used to care for her a lot and she is decieving them. Bha as wells scolds kinjal for being so irresponsible. Gopi once again enters the pub. Gopi finds mira dancing with a guy intimately. Gopi gets angry and goes to them, gopi slaps the guy. Mira yells at gopi for slapping her boyfriend. Gopi says she is her mother and has right to save her daughter. Ahem-vidya reach the pub finding jigar's car outside. Ahem-vidya hears some ladies speaking about a lady insulting her mother. Ahem thinks mira might have insulted gopi. But they dont allow ahem in. Vidya walks inside the pub. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd May 2015 Written Update

Vidya comes to modi house and tells hetal-pari that she has forgiven gopi after knowing the truth. Kinjal hears this conversation and calls mansi. Kinjal taunts mansi to book tickets to return. Mansi asks kinjal's help. Kinjal asks mansi to come down to modi house and take meera out. Ahem comes to koki who is lying on bed, ahem sits near her feet and remains silent. Koki finds ahem at her feet and says he is feeling guilty about his mistakes so he had to take a step and accept gopi now. Gopi comes there and tells she is going to modi house and talk to meera before she makes a mess over there. Though koki-ahem tries stopping her, gopi leaves. Meera will be fuming with anger, mansi comes to her room. Mansi consoles meera and asks her to go for dinner with her friends and chill out. Meera leaves happily. Meera leaves though pari stops her. Gopi comes home. Pari asks mansi to tell where meera has gone. Mansi says she doesnt know. Pari twists mansi's hands so she says meera went to some restaurant. Gopi says she would meet there and leaves from there. Gopi takes jigar's car. While gopi on the way to restaurant, she finds meera in some car with a guy. Gopi's mobile gets damaged in the traffic. Gopi follows meera to a pub. Mansi comes to chawl and acts that pari-gopi has hurt her again. Ahem-vidya doesnt believe that gopi has hit her. Mansi says she has lied to gopi about meera's party venue. Ahem-vidya scolds mansi. Both start off to find gopi-meera. 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st May 2015 Written Update

Vidya apologizes gopi for all her mistakes. Gopi says when she doesnt know the truth she cant blame herself. Vidya asks ahem why he hid the truth and kept them away from their mom. Ahem replies that gopi was mean and dint bother about her own family and went to jail. Vidya says if he hadnt hid this truth she would have respected him. He was more mean than gopi. Vidya brings a mother's day card and says she loves her so much. Vidya says gopi that even ahem-meera too love her a lot. Vidya promises gopi that she would make their family one. Meera comes there. Gopi says vidya that she was dying to hear word "maa" from them. Koki asks ahem to accept gopi and have a happy life. Even vidya insists to accept gopi. Ahem remains calm. Vidya tries to hold ahem's hand with gopi's but meera comes there and drags ahem's hands. Meera says she wouldnt allow ahem to accept gopi. Meera blames gopi that she and ahem arent fools to accept her. Vidya asks meera to accept the truth but meera yells at vidya. Meera complaints that since her childhood she was living as an orphan. Meera asks vidya if ahem is wrong by hiding the truth, why gopi hasnt called ahem to know about them. Meera yells at gopi that she will never forgive her nor accept her. Meera asks ahem not to leave her and go along with gopi. Ahem promises meera that he would never leave her. Ahem takes away meera from there. Meera asks ahem whether he will accept gopi or not. Ahem asks meera to go home. Vidya comes there. Meera asks vidya to stay away but vidya asks to think in a cool way as always she takes wrong decisions in anger. Meera leaves asking ahem to take a right decision. Later, gopi comes to koki and says she is happy today as vidya has forgiven her. But koki says she is angry with ahem rather than meera. Vidya says ahem that meera is hating gopi only because of the lie he told them since 10 years. And he still loves her and gopi was right all the time. She would convince meera. Ahem says he would talk to meera alone. Gopi explains koki that ahem wasnt wrong completely as she wasnt with him, meera wasnt with her for long time so she is angry. When she convinces meera, she will be fine. At modi house, meera will be yelling at vidya not to convince her. Vidya scolds meera that she cant insult gopi when she cant understand her. Meera yells at vidya that she will never accept gopi. Jigar-pari comes there and tries to convince meera that gopi wasnt wrong all the time. Meera scolds everyone and pushes away all the 3 from her room. Mansi keeps thinking how to stop meera-vidya to get back to her. Hetal consoles vidya to be strong and make her family one. Jigar says she should be gopi's strength but not her weakness. 

Koki explains ahem to think about gopi in a right way and convince meera to accept gopi again. 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 20th May 2015 Written Update

Doc gives aadi's reports to raman and says aadi is all happy now and there is no need of counseling. Raman feels happy. Raman hears someone yelling, doc tells its someother patient who is very angry and violent patient. Here doc tells subbu to tell all the truth to his life partner and take medicines on time. Raman leaves happily. Raman gets call from toshi so he stops in the corridor itself. Subbu comes out of the room. Raman doubts whether the voilent patient was subbu. Subbu turns back and finds raman. Subbu tells raman that he has come with his friend who is taking some treatment. Raman believes in subbu and leaves as he is busy with engagement function. Mrs ayyar gets excited when she finds a Punjabi folk dance at bhallas house. So bhallas and ayyars plan for a retro party. Raman asks romy about his cousin couple raj-simran and feels happy when he says they left. Raman gets excited about their first night. Ishu comes to raman and tells the couple went out to freak out. Raman once again gets upset. 

Mihika comes to Acp's office and requests the lady constable to meet him as she needs to give some info about a case. The constable sends her in. Raman sprays pesticide spray in his room as he feels jealous of raj. Mihika finds Acp in an interrogation and keeps waiting outside. Acp comes outside and finds mihika there. Acp says he is busy and come later. Acp checks the culprit's mobile and finds he has 2 wives. Mihika gets a plan, she rushes to the culprit and asks to reveal the truth before she calls his wives and tell that he has another affair. The culprit agrees to tell the truth. Acp will be impressed with mihika's plan. Mihika asks Acp to come out soon and talk to her. Ishu goes to her room and finds bad odor in the room. She cleans the room and places flowers in the room. Raj-simran return back home and finds the room decorated and feels happy. They thank ishu. Raman comes back home and asks abour raj-simran's dinner. Neelu says they had their dinner. Raman asks for ishu. Neelu says she is their room. Raman gets excited and rushes into their room. Ishu tells there was pesticide smell in the room so she cleaned all the room. Raman gets upset and leaves. Later, raman scolds ishu for spoiling his plan. Ishu also gets angry. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th May 2015 Written Update

Koki yells at everyone that she wouldnt bear anyone if someone insults or taunts gopi anymore. Later, ahem-mansi-vidya-meera gather in a room, mansi-meera say that they cant believe in koki's story as she always defends gopi and might have cooked up this story and it looks filmy so that no one taunts gopi anymore. Mansi suggests that they should return back to Mumbai as modis are treating her very badly day by day. Ahem remains calm. Vidya asks ahem how much of the koki's told story is true and how much is a lie. Before ahem replies, there will be a power cut. Ahem-meera leaves. Koki asks dhaval to light candles. Gopi will be upset in koki's room, koki comes there. Gopi says koki that she is fed up with this fighting with everyone and she wants to stop it. Koki says she is with her and not to lose hope. But gopi leaves saying that she should sleep now. Koki will be worried for gopi and prays khana ji to give strength to gopi. At modi house, jigar prays khana ji to give a happy life for gopi from now as she has been under pressure since many days, she was away from them for 10 years, she has lost her family and she has no more support from ahem. All modis gather at mandir. Pari consoles jigar that khana ji will be always with gopi. Hetal says now kids have learnt the truth so they should wish for happiness now. 

Tolu-molu come to chawl and apologize gopi for all the harsh words they have spoken without knowing the truth. Gopi says she isnt angry with them. Gopi again says she is unhappy with her fate and dont blame anyone. Koki will be wondering why gopi is so lost. Later, mansi comes to vidya and tells a human cannot change forever so they cant give a second chance to gopi. Gopi has killed radha only because radha liked ahem so gopi has become possessive. Mansi says she is afraid of gopi now and she might kill her too. Vidya leaves angrily saying gopi cant kill her. Mansi gets angry as vidya might forgive gopi and gopi could take away ahem from her. Mansi opens the door fearcily that electrical wire breaks. Vidya finds an electrical wire broken and gopi working beside it. Vidya drags gopi away from the wire and asks whether she is okay. (Vidya addresses gopi as Maa). Gopi will be in tears to hear word "Maa" from vidya. Mansi-ahem will be shocked to hear this. Tolu switches off the main. Vidya hugs gopi and says "Maa". Koki-urmi and tolu-molu feel happy. Vidya apologizes gopi that she was angry for 10 years without knowing the truth and for misbehaving with her. Gopi forgives vidya and says when she doesnt know the truth how can be angry. Vidya says she is with her and will be with her as koki. 

Vidya promises gopi that she will make their family one. 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 19th May 2015 Written Update

Raman's mamaji comes to bhallas house. They welcome him. Mamaji congratulates simmy. Toshi asks maid to kepp mamaji's luggage in raman's room. Raman says mamaji cannot sleep well in his room AC isnt working and convinces bhallas to let mamaji sleep in sofa. Bhallas agree. Raman winks at ishu and leaves for office. Acp tells mihir that shagun was behaving so worried when she came to police station. Mihir says Acp that he has bad relations with his mother and doesnt talk much with her but he doubts why shagun is going to Australia all of sudden. Outside the building Acp bumps with mihika, Acp says he came to meet mihir because of shagun. Mihika says to keep an eye on shagun as she can do anything to get what she wanted. Acp goes to the ticket consultant to know about shagun's Australia visit. The manager stops the agent before he reveal that aadi-ruhi's tickets has been booked. Acp doubts that something fishy and leaves. Ashok inside manager's room listening to Acp's conversation with the agent. After manager comes inside his room, Ashok thanks the manager. Manager says he cant deal with Acp anymore. Ashok thinks he had to keep an eye on Acp till shagun leaves with aadi-ruhi. Raman orders lillies-scented candles for his first night. Mihir comes to raman and tells shagun is planning to leave for Australia and Acp feels suspecious. Raman's secretary gives the ordered flowers and candles to raman. Mihir makes fun of raman. Ashok warns shagun to be cautious as Acp is following her. Shagun says she would anyhow take aadi-ruhi to Australia before raman-ishu learns about the plan. 

Subbu at hospital, doc tells subbu to reveal the truth to everyone then he can be free with the anger and should take tablets regularly. Subbu warns doc not to reveal the truth to anyone and he has a link with his past and marriage with simmy. So bhallas shouldnt know about the truth before. Doc nods as yes. Ishu will be waiting for raman fully dressed. Raman comes back home and finds ishu in a saree. Raman thinks ishu is looking cute in saree. Ishu finds raman in house, raman winks at ishu that she is beautiful. Toshi asks raman to select a saree for ishu but he makes an excuse that he is tired. Raman asks ishu to come and help him in finding an important file in their room. Ishu gets his points and feels happy. She says she would come in few minutes. When raman enters his room, he finds his cousin-his wife simran in the room waiting for him. Raman feels like killing himself. Raman's cousin says he dint attend his marriage so he brought his wife to introduce to raman. Raman gives the bouquet to simran. Ishu comes there and tells they are lillies and raman has brought them for her. Raman will be angry with ishu as she dint convince his mother not to let anyone in their room. The cousin takes raman aside and tells he couldnt spend time with his wife simran at his house because of relatives so requests to give his room. Raman agrees angrily. Ishu says raman that he shouldnt feel bad as they are his cousins. Raman gets a call that aadi's reports are ready and he should collect them. Mihika comes to mihir's house. The manager calls mihir's landline, mihika takes the call. The manager tells 3 tickets have been booked for Australia and she can collect them. Mihika doubts what 
shagun is going to do and should discuss this with mihir. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th May 2015 Written Update

Koki opens the door when ahem agrees to do anything she wishes. Koki walks off from there. Jigar stops pari and says not to hit tolu-molu and he know what has happened in the chawl. Pari feels bad and asks tolu-molu that they should know the truth. But kinjal comes there and warns pari that she shouldnt tell the truth as per koki's wish. Pari says kinjal is trying to divert the topic so that she doesnt reveal the truth. Koki starts hitting ahem with a stick, gopi-vidya-meera tries stopping her. Mansi tries to defend ahem but when koki hits her, mansi gets back. Koki doesnt stop hitting so meera pushes away koki. Everyone help koki to stand again. Ahem scolds meera for pushing koki. Meera says she couldnt see her hitting him. Ahem scolds meera that mother can hit her child for their mistake. Meera says any child will defend their parents. Koki yells at vidya-meera that before 10 years yes gopi has killed radha. Koki yells at vidya-meera that they are feeling bad as she is hitting their father, but gopi's sister radha has planned to kill her own daughter rashi so gopi has killed radha to save rashi. There was no other option for gopi. Gopi isnt rashi's mother but gopi has saved rashi's life. As now meera has pushed her, gopi also dint had no other option and killed radha. Gopi has sacrificed her 10 years of life. Gopi doesnt make mistakes nor tries to hurt anyone. Koki again tells the contract was made because radha was blackmailing them to kill the baby so they made the agreement before doctor-a judge. And the newspaper ad was a demand by radha not to kill rashi which they have agreed to do. 

Here at modi house, pari says they both love rashi. Pari asks both to imagine rashi of 2months baby in a basket hanging and was blackmailing them to kill her. Radha has thrown gopi into the river. Koki has apologized radha but radha has slapped koki. Modis were helpless to save rashi. Ahem has jumped into the river to save his wife gopi. Gopi was saved by god and has killed radha to save rashi. (Same story repeats at the chawl). Koki yells at ahem for not defending his wife gopi and since 10 years vidya-meera are hating gopi. Koki yells at vidya-meera that they all has beared all the misbehavior but not now. Koki yells again that if anyone tries to insult gopi nor taunt gopi again then she would forget that they are her family and react in a bad way. Pari scolds tolu-molu for insulting gopi, she has upbrought the kids very well but she was wrong. Tolu-molu apologizes pari but she doesnt listen. After a while, pari forgives them. 

Koki yells that she will stay by gopi's side forever. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th May 2015 Written Update

Vidya-tolu-molu-meera tells modis that they found the truth that gopi has murdered radha. Vidya blames gopi as Murderer.

Koki yells at everyone that she was waiting for gopi to reveal the truth before her kids but she remained silent. Koki scolds ahem for being quiet when vidya-tolu-molu were blaming gopi as murderer. She was proud about ahem but today she is ashamed of him. Koki says she would reveal the truth to everyone. Gopi tries to stop koki but koki denies. Koki yells at kids that papers arent true and no right to blame gopi. Tolu-molu asks koki that papers and pictures cannot be false. Koki starts saying what has happened that day but gopi takes promise not to tell the truth. Koki stops herself and scolds gopi why she want to hide the truth. Gopi says she has murdered radha and was in jail for 10 years. Koki says she cannot accept that gopi was wrong that day and has done all the justice. Gopi pleads koki not to utter a word anymore. Koki leaves the room. Gopi shatters and cries. Vidya wanted to console gopi but stops herself. Mansi will be worried that today she is saved by gopi with her promise but koki might reveal the truth anytime.

Mansi calls kinjal and tells their plan got successful. But she is worried about ahem's anger and she doubts vidya might hate gopi now. Kinjal says not to be over confident and tells a plan to make vidya hate gopi forever and support mansi. Koki in her room thinking about the words kids has spoken about gopi. Ahem comes there and apologizes for not supporting gopi. Ahem tells koki that he doesnt want his kids to know the truth and start loving gopi again. Koki gets angry and drags ahem out of her room and says she doesnt want to talk to him anymore. Though ahem bangs the door to open, koki remains silent inside the room. Gopi will be crying in her room, rashi comes to her. Rashi asks gopi whats the matter. Gopi says she failed in her relations. Rashi explains gopi that her teacher has told not to worry about her failures but take steps not to repeat those mistakes again to get success. Gopi feels happy as rashi tries to smile. 

Mansi in the corrider crying, meera comes there and asks whats the matter. Mansi says she is afraid of gopi that she might kill her. Meera convinces mansi that she would ask ahem to return Mumbai now as koki is ok. Mansi feels happy that her plan is working. Koki calls hetal-pari and tells kids has learnt the truth about gopi killing radha. All the 4 kids have scolded gopi badly. Koki feels upset as she couldnt support gopi because of gopi's promise. And ahem was silent. Hetal tries to console koki. Tolu-molu comes back home. Pari slaps tolu-molu. Pari scolds tolu-molu for insulting gopi. Hetal says pari is hitting the kids and she would call later. Koki thinks when pari can be hard towards her kids then why not she. Later, gopi brings food for koki and asks koki to open the door. Ahem comes there. Ahem scolds gopi that its all because of her. Gopi walks away. Ahem pleads koki to open the door and have some food but koki denies. Koki asks ahem to tell the truth to kids. Ahem says koki that he cannot tell the truth to kids. Koki says then she wouldnt talk to him. Ahem asks koki what he can do other than revealing the truth so that koki would talk to him. Koki asks whether he can anything she wishes. Ahem agrees. 

Koki hits ahem with a stick, gopi-vidya-mira tries to stop koki. Meera pushes away koki to save ahem. 

Friday, 15 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th May 2015 Written Update

Mira-tolu-molu finds gopi's jail discharge papers and shocks. Tolu-molu still couldnt believe. Mira browses internet and finds the news that ahem's wife got arrested because of radha's murder. Mira starts bad mouthing about gopi that she killed radha because she loved ahem. Mira will be worried for mansi that gopi might kill mansi too. Vidya decides to go to Indore jail and find out why gopi was arrested and was in jail for 10 years. Tolu-molu supports vidya and says they would come along. But mira says she doesnt want any more proofs about gopi. Vidya says they would say ahem that tolu-molu wants to know about some course in Indore so she is going along with them. If they take a flight now they can return before night. Kinjal overhears this conversation and feels happy. Kinjal calls mansi and tells their plan has worked very well. Mansi says after learning the truth vidya would meet ahem-gopi-koki so that time she would convince vidya-mira saying gopi might kill her and take away ahem to Mumbai. And in future gopi cannot disturb them anymore. 

At chawl, gopi will be upset thinking about radha. Koki consoles she has done nothing wrong and no need to feel guilty. Gopi feels insecure and feels something bad gonna happen. Mansi finds ahem coming back home, mansi throws food on the ground. Urmi scolds mansi and asks to clean it up. Mansi denies, urmi starts hitting mansi. Koki-gopi stops urmi. Ahem comes inside the house, mansi pretends as if urmi-koki are hitting her though she is working since morning. Gopi-koki yells at mansi not to lie. Mansi says gopi was provoking them to hit her. Ahem says she can believe that urmi can hit her but not koki-gopi. Mansi says they all are acting before him. Ahem gets angry and apologizes mansi for koki-gopi. Ahem walks off angrily from there. Mansi smiles at gopi. Gopi says mansi that she cannot behave before ahem. Mansi says everything fair in love and war and the ending will be interesting. Gopi wonders what mansi is going to do now. 

Jigar comes home and asks about kids. Pari says tolu-molu-vidya went to know about some course. Jigar is happy that all the kids are hanging out together. Pari will be happy that all the kids are staying together again. Vidya calls mira and asks her come to the chawl. Mira will be worried why vidya was sounding so low and goes to chawl. Kinjal calls mansi and tells mira has rushed to chawl. Mansi rushes outside and tries stoping vidya but vidya says she wants to clear all the problems in their family. Mansi says she feels unsafe in urmi's house because of gopi and asks vidya to convince ahem to shift Mumbai. Vidya comes inside the house. Ahem wonders why 3 of them together. Mira as well comes there. Vidya starts poking gopi why gopi was away from them for 10 years. Vidya asks ahem, he has told them that gopi was with rashi-hetal said to tolu-molu that gopi was in US-koki said gopi was in Bhuj with her aunt. How can a person be in 3 places at a time. Ahem-gopi shocks at vidya's questions. 

Vidya yells at gopi that she is a murderer. 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 14th May 2015 Written Update

Ashok laughs and makes fun of shagun as she dint check her own passport. Shagun will be worried as teacher might tell ishu that the trip is in 2 days. But ashok says shagun that they would make teacher tell ishu that the trip is postponed for few days. Shagun feels relieved. Simmi goes for a date with subbu. Simmy will be much more worried about ananya and keeps calling toshi to know about her updates. Subbu comes aside and calls ishu and asks about the gift he has given her. Ishu thanks subbu for the gift and tells all set. Subbu goes back to simmy and takes her mobile. Subbu installs an app in the mobile so that simmy can watch ananya online. Simmyi thanks subbu. Both start talking freely. Param will be on the next table listening to the couple's conversation. Sujatha calls ishu and asks about subbu-simmy's date, ishu confirms that they went on a date. Sujatha scolds ishu for sending them on date before simmy got her 
divorce properly from param and he has called her and was warning her to ruin simmy's life. Ishu says though param does anything to simmy the result would be bad for param. 

Ishu-romi goes to param and asks to sign the divorce papers. But param demands 60 lakh rupees in return. Ishu-romi come out of the house and think what they should do. Ishu will be worried that param might demand more money if they start giving him. Romi asks ishu to tell raman. Ishu says before she would go to school and pick the kids. Romi asks ishu to go to hospital and get her plaster removed and he would take care of kids. Mihika will be on the road waiting for an auto, 2 goons whistle at her. Mihika mistakes acp who was standing there and yells at him. Acp tries to defend himself but mihika scolds him. Romi comes there and supports mihika for harassing her. Acp asks mihika to take to the police station and solve the matter. All the three go to a police station. There mihika learns it was Acp and she has misunderstood. Acp appreciates mihika for being brave, mihika apologizes Acp and leaves from there with romi. 

Ishu goes to the hospital, doc removes her plaster. The doc gets a call, on the call the doc says he would give the money. Ishu asks the doc whats the problem. Doc tells he wants to open an own clinic and he need some money. Ishu gets some idea and will be happy. Romi-mihika come to the hospital, ishu asks happily to take her home. Simmy returns home. Toshi asks whether all okay or not. Toshi explains simmy that their family is full of divorce-custody cases but at the end bhallas only wanted their children to be happy. Simmy cries and hugs her mother. Ishu-mihika-romi-mihir arrive home. Ishu asks mihika how did param get revenue to start the new business, mihika says he used to take money from ashok. Mihir says he would check this. Ishu says now they will make param to sign on divorce papers without any problem. 

Raman returns home. Raman is happy looking at his family and ishu walking. 

Diya Aur Bati Hum 14th May 2015 Written Update

Ankur apologizes sandhya-suraj for his mistake. Ankur agrees that he was wrong and he misbehaved. Ankur asks ved to take blessings from sandhya-suraj. Ved does. Suraj kisses ved, sandhya will be happy and hugs ved. Suraj says he is happy that both the families are together again and this is like a dream. Vansh will be happy and says ved that he has an uncle-aunt and he has a big family. Bhabo says ved that vansh is his brother. Bhabo will be happy for suraj that it looks like a good sign as on the same day suraj going to join in khabaddi team. Ankur asks bhabo about khabaddi, suraj tells its a big story and sandhya is training him. Ankur makes fun that police are so strict in training. Suraj invites ankur to have food and leave. Ankur asks for bhabo prepared laddus. Vansh says he too wanna taste them. Bhabo promises to make them. 

Sandhya starts training suraj. Suraj gets hurt in practice. Menakshi gives him haldi milk to gain energy. Suraj says he treats sandhya as his teacher and would give a good result. Sandhya replies that there is a long way for his success. Next morning, sandhya again starts training, suraj does well in all the exercises. Bhabo-bhabasa will be happy for their child's determination. Bhabo packs suraj's bag. Ved will be upset as suraj will be away for 15 days. Ved again says its more important for suraj to stay away for his dream to fulfill. All the rati family members wish suraj for success. Aryan gives a laptop to suraj and asks him to watch khabaddi game tricks on internet and chat online with sandhya. While leaving, suraj says sandhya that he will miss her for 15 days. Sandhya wishes him luck for the game. Suraj says he is much more tensed about the game. Sandhya encourages suraj for success. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th May 2015 Written Update

 Koki brings bangles for gopi and says she bought for her as she likes red color. Gopi thanks koki. Koki leaves. Gopi feels bad that even radha used to like red color. Gopi checks radha's things from the cupboard and feels bad. Gopi keeps few red bangles in the box. Gopi feels bad as she has killed radha. Koki comes back to the room and finds gopi crying. Koki consoles gopi saying not to blame herself and she has done everything as it was in her fate. If radha was alive then rashi would not been alive. So gopi shouldnt feel bad about radha as she has already went to prison for 10 years. Mansi overhears this conversation. Gopi says because of radha's murder she lost all the family members, and she cant even share this with her daughters as they might hate radha. Mansi plans to ruin gopi's life by making mira-vidya hate her forever and marry ahem. Here at modi house, vidya tells mira-tolu-molu that she would find the truth. 

Mansi asks gopi to leave the room so that she can clean the room. Gopi insists mansi not to work anymore. But mansi yells at gopi to leave. Gopi walks off. Mansi checks the box. Mansi calls vidya and tells modis are forcing her to do all the house core jobs in the house, so mansi asks vidya to come soon and help her. Mira gets angry as modis are making mansi to work. Vidya asks mira to stay at modi house. Vidya comes back to chawl. Vidya feels bad for mansi. Mansi tells ahem went to bank, gopi-koki went to bring groceries and only urmi is alone at home. Vidya asks why is she working, Mansi tells gopi was been upset since days and she gets upset whenever she opens a box from the cupboard and checks few things inside. Mansi asks vidya to mop gopi's room as she is tired. Vidya agrees. Vidya doubts what has made gopi upset suddenly. Vidya checks the box inside the cupboard and shocks to find gopi got released from prison papers because of her good behavior. Later vidya goes back to modi house and shows the papers to mira. Mira reads a letter written by radha complaining that gopi has ruined her life, gopi has tried to kill her own daughter mira so she left the house, that time she has taken care of modis, when she was going to marry ahem gopi came back and stopped the marriage, later jigar has raped her and became pregnant, gopi was angry with her so gopi-koki forced her to give away her child after birth. All the 4 remain shocked. 

Tolu-molu still doesnt believe the letter. Mira checks on internet that ahem's wife got arrested for murdering her sister radha. 

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 13th May 2015 Written Update

Simmi agrees to go on a date with subbu. 

Subbu in ishu's office, ishu asks subbu to sit as she wants to talk to him. Subbu says he cant see any kid's pain so he thought of taking this step. Ishu explains subbu that she has forgotten whatever has happened between her and him, but now subbu has proposed simmi for marriage but only ananya shouldnt be the reason for their marriage as simmi has faced lots of problems with param and now she cant handle if anything bad happens in between her and subbu. Subbu replies that ananya might be the reason for the proposal but he genuinely likes simmi and wants to give her a happy life. Ishu will be impressed with subbu and asks subbu to take simmi for a date and have a good open chat about their feelings and views. Subbu agrees. Ishu will be nervous whether toshi would agree for a date or not. 

Mihika attends to some job interview but shocks when she finds suraj as the boss. Suraj says she is no more ashok's wife and he can offer the job to her. But mihika rejects him saying she has enough qualifications to find another good job and she cannot kill her self respect and work for him. Mihika leaves angrily. Suraj thinks mihika is so proud of herself and thinks not to allow mihika to get a job. Mrs ayyar consoles mihika who feels depressed as she cannot find a job till now and she is being a burden to ayyars. Mihika receives a job offer from courier. But wonders when she finds there is no postal stamp on it. Mihika checks who has brought it. Mihika wonders when rinky comes there and tells she has sent the job offer. Rinky apologizes mihika for her immature behavior in the past and asks mihika to accept the finance head job at raman-mihir's office. Mihika sweetly denies as her presence might bring some confusions and misunderstandings in their lives again. But rinky pleads mihika to accept. Mihika finally accepts. 

Toshi explains simmi to go on a date with subbu and try to understand him more so that they learn more about each other. Ishu will be happy and tells toshi that she was nervous to talk about the date with her. Toshi says she is a modern mom and can send her daughter for a date. Simmi agrees to go on a date. Later, simmi will be worried to go on a date as she has loved only param in her life and might not accept another guy again. Ishu explains that ruhi was the only reason for her to marry raman and she has never expected to fall in love with someone else after subbu but now she is happy with bhalla family. Ishu says simmi to take the second chance in life to have a happy ending. Simmi agrees. Later, subbu comes to bhalla's home to take simmi for a date. Subbu gives a gift to ishu. Simmi leaves ananya at home and goes on a date. 

Shagun gets a call from the police inspector, the police tells shagun to come to station for some enquiry. Shagun gets worried and goes to the police station. Their ACP asks shagun whether her passport was stolen as they have found it on the road. Shagun clears him saying it was hers and no one has stolen it. Shagun tells she is going to Australia to her mil's place. ACP finds shagun was too much nervous about the inquiry. After coming out of the station she meets the agent, Shagun scolds the agent for throwing her passport. The agent says he has started work on the renewal of her passport. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th May 2015 Written Update

Mansi-Kinjal has planned evil against gopi.

Mansi yells at urmi that she never worked at home. Koki scolds mansi not to yell at urmi and asks her to do house core works if she wants to marry ahem. Mansi agrees. At modi house, tolu-molu manage to take locker keys from pari. After getting the keys in-hand, all the 4 walk away from the dining table saying they have some work to do. Pari-hetal will be happy that the kids are together as they used to be. All the 4 go to pari-jigar's room, tolu will be unwilling to open the locker. So vidya takes the keys and finds the passports. Vidya finds gopi's passport has been expired and she went to Switzerland long back, later gopi hasnt gone anywhere abroad. Mira once again bad mouth about gopi saying she will be lying all the time. Tolu-molu defends gopi. Tolu-molu says there might be a strong reason why elders have lied to them about gopi. Vidya confirms that gopi wasnt in US for 10 years nor was in chawl with rashi. And if gopi has left them for radha then where is she. All 4 come out of the room calmly. Kinjal comes to tolu-molu and asks to find a file in the store room. Tolu-molu asks vidya-mira to help them, the ladies agree. Vidya finds an important file in the store room, in which they find out that radha was pregnant with jigar's baby and gopi has taken the custody of the baby. Another document shows radha wasnt well to take care of the baby so modis have taken rashi's custody. Tolu-molu learn rashi is radha-jigar's baby. Mira doubts why does rashi call gopi-ahem as her mom-dad but not jigar-pari. Vidya determines to learn the truth. Kinjal who was been following the kids from long time will be happy and calls mansi. Kinjal tells mansi that their plan has worked. Kinjal reminisces how mansi has explained their plan to let the kids know about rashi's birth. 

Vidya-mira finds out that gopi was in jail for 10 years. 

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Diya Aur Bati Hum 12th May 2015 Written Update

Suraj will be worried whether he can win the kabaddi match or not. Pari-misri will be discussing to let emily meet few grooms. Emily comes there. Misri tells pari has to participate in mom-daughter competition. Emily says the kids that she cannot dance. On pari's insisting emily agrees to participate. Menakshi brings tea for vikram and tells new stock of sarees has come. Mohit asks menakshi not to bother about new stock of sarees anymore. Menakshi-vikram asks why not. Mohit replies that bhabo is supporting suraj to play kabaddi to win and build a hotel on his name but if loses the game then suraj would take over their saree shop which is on his name as suraj doesnt have any other work. Menakshi-vikram gets worried about their children's future. 

Suraj-sandhya come there. Suraj assures menakshi-vikram not to worry as he has prepared well for the game. Sandhya as well asks the couple not to worry. Suraj tells the couple that he would write the shop onto their name so that they dont get into troubles regarding the shop. Vikram-mohit wonders at suraj's decision. Menakshi will be happy. Menakshi says she would bring the papers and ask suraj to sign. But bhabo stops mena and asks whether she believes in suraj or not and does she support him or not. Mena says she believes in suraj and she would support him as well. Suraj explains bhabo that anyone might get worried about their future and he would not make others get into troubles because of his dream. But bhabo again stops mena and asks suraj to let his family show the respect & belief towards him as he has done for them. Suraj again says he cannot make his family worried and he can do anything for his family. Sandhya gets emotional. Bhabo feels bad thinking suraj-sandhya has done so many sacrifices and suffered a lot for their family. Bulbul agrees with bhabo. Sandhya asks suraj to practice well. Aryan gives few tips about the game, sandhya asks aryan to help suraj about the game. 

Vansh comes to ankur-bulbul and tells he has learnt about his real parents and he wants to go to them. Ankur bulbul will be shocked. Ankur asks did he meet anyone and if anyone has told him so. Ankur says he is his father. Bulbul tells ankur that vansh is acting. Ankur gets angry. Bulbul takes away vansh and says their dad gets angry on silly jokes as well. Bhabo comes there and tells vansh should learn the truth now. Bhabo says she is worried as her grandson has the right to know the truth. Bhabo appreciates ankur saying he upbringing of vansh was quite good than them. Bhabo asks ankur why they arent allowed to meet vansh and why his own parents are shown as enemies. Ankur doesnt agree to let the truth to be known to vansh. Bhabo scolds ankur that he has snatched away her son from sandhya. 

Yeh hai mohabattein Update: Subbu takes Simi for a date

In the present track of Yeh hai mohabbatein, Raman has left to US for few days. Shagun plans to take ruhi-aadi to Australia without raman-ishu's concern so she brings Param back into simi's life so that ishu gets distracted. Param warns simi to get back to him if not he would take ananya's custody. Shagun-Asok plan and take the kids passport from ishu through school's management. Rinky gets jealous with the girls who was trying to woo mihir. Finally rinky opens up before mihir that she loves him. Subbu gets close with ananya and thinks of protecting simi-ananya from param. Subbu proposes simi for marriage. Ishu-toshi explains simi to think well for ananya's future. Simi thinks of moving on her life for ananya. Subbu takes simi for a date to share their views. Lets see how shagun-ashok plan to destroy bhalla-ayyar's family by taking away aadi-ruhi and break ishu-raman's relation. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th May 2015 Written Update

Hetal makes an excuse and rushes away before vidya asks anything else. Vidya doubts all the elders are avoiding the secret about gopi. Mansi will be waiting for ahem. Urmi finds this and intentionally irks mansi. Urmi throws mud on mansi and yells at urmi. Ahem-koki reaches home and finds mansi yelling at urmi. Mansi complaints ahem about urmi. Koki asks ahem to take mansi later but mansi insists ahem to take her. So ahem agrees. Koki thinks of alerting gopi before mansi takes her step to propose ahem for marriage. At modi house, tolu-molu asks pari about why koki is living with rashi in the chawl. Pari clears them that its true that rashi-urmi wasnt well so koki is taking care of urmi. Jigar comes there and supports pari saying rashi wasnt well. Jigar asks his kids to forget about gopi's matter and concentrate on their studies. Kinjal overhears their conversation and thinks of telling this to mansi. Mansi adds ring in ahem's tea cup and plans to act innocent to propose ahem. Ahem has some sips of tea. But gopi comes there and throws away ahem's cup. Gopi says mansi has added something in his tea. Mansi gets angry and yells at gopi that she has planned to propose ahem and gopi has flopped her plan. Urmi hits mansi and takes away the ring. Kinjal calls mansi and tells vidya is investigating about gopi's past, if the kids learn about gopi's past then they would stop hating gopi and convince ahem to take back gopi into his life. Mansi gets worried. Mansi tells kinjal that they would use vidya to reach their goal. All the 4 kids gather, Vidya tells mira-tolu-molu that everyone in the house are lying about gopi's past and they should learn the truth. Mira-tolu-molu wonders but determines to know the truth. Vidya asks tolu-molu did gopi has talked about her living in US or her treatment. But tolu says no. Tolu explains how they brought gopi from the market and met everyone in the house. Vidya asks about the gifts gopi has gifted them. Mira-vidya checks them and tells these things are not from US. Mira insults gopi which makes tolu-molu angry. But vidya stops them. Vidya thinks of checking gopi's passport to find whether gopi has gone to US or not. Vidya requests tolu-molu to help them. The twins agree. Modis have dinner. Tolu-molu starts arguing about eating and plans to lift pari and steal locker keys. 

Kids find gopi's passport has expired 8years back so gopi wasnt in US in these 10 years.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th May 2015 Written Update

Mansi challenges gopi to get engaged with ahem. Vidya determines to learn the truth about gopi's past for 10 years.

Mansi challenges gopi that before dawn she would convince ahem for their engagement and next day she would get engaged in front of gopi. Gopi takes the challenge. At modi house, Kinjal bumps with pari, pari warns kinjal to plan well so that their plan might not get ruined. Vidya will be confused about gopi, ahem comes to vidya and asks why is she so worried. Vidya says ahem that she learnt from rashi that gopi wasnt with her in these 10 years. So she should know where gopi was. Ahem says vidya to sleep and forget about that. Vidya doubts ahem is trying to hide something from her. Later, ahem prepares his bed in koki's room. Mansi comes there and says ahem that there is no place to sleep in the house and she wants to sleep with him. Ahem agrees but koki asks mansi to sleep on bed with urmi and she would sleep beside gopi. Mansi loath but sleeps on bed. Urmi wakes up and finds mansi beside her. Urmi slaps mansi and pushes away mansi from bed. Koki scolds mansi for misbehaving and kicks out of the room. Next morning, mansi calls kinjal and tells their plan got flopped. But mansi says she has a plan to convince ahem for engagement. Vidya comes to modi house and meets everyone. Mira says vidya that she has some work and leaves. Mansi asks ahem to take her out to look around in Rajkot as a date. Ahem agrees. Mansi leaves with ahem. Gopi tells koki about mansi's challenge about engagement. Koki decides to plan well. Tolu-molu-vidya in their 
room, vidya asks about rashi. Tolu-molu tells that rashi was never been in modi house and koki was taking care of urmi-rashi in the chawl. Vidya gets confused as everyone is saying different story about gopi. Later, koki tells ahem that they need to attend some pooja in the mandir. Ahem decides to go along with koki to mandir. Mansi again says gopi that she would definitely get engaged to ahem. At modi house, hetal will be gardening, vidya slowly starts chatting with hetal about rashi. Hetal tells rashi was ill in her childhood and urmi too was ill so koki remained in chawl with them. Gopi was in US for some treatment for 2 years. Vidya asks where was gopi for 8 years. 

Vidya tells mira-tolu-molu that all the elders are explaining different stories about gopi in these 10 years, so they need to know the truth. 

Monday, 4 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th May 2015 Written Update

Pari thanks koki for supporting her. Koki says there will be real happiness when gopi-ahem will become one. Gopi says she isnt feeling good as they are keep lying to succeed ahem back. Koki explains gopi that it isnt right when they are cheating no one, ahem is taking a wrong decision by marrying mansi though he doesnt love her and gopi has come back home at the right moment from jail. Pari assures gopi that they would anyhow plan to succeed to make ahem-gopi one. Ahem comes there. Gopi-koki shocks, but ahem will be on call with headphones on. So he dint listen anything. Koki sends pari home. Mansi-kinjal come back modi house. Mira asks worried mansi about what has happened. Mansi yells at mira that her family members are cheaters and ahem only believes in them but not her. Mira asks mansi why is she behaving rude with her. Mansi blames mira that she as well a member of modi family so she doesnt want to talk to anyone. Mira gets upset. Hetal defends mira saying modis never talk rudely with their kids. Mansi leaves angrily. Mira gets some call, mira yells at that person that she is worried as her family is in problems and she cannot talk to him/her right now. Mira hangs on the call. 

Ahem thanks gopi for defending him before the chawl lady. Gopi replies she would support him all the time. But ahem says there's a lot of changes done in their lives in these 10 years. Gopi clears ahem that she doesnt believe that there has changes in their lives. Ahem asks gopi to be practical and accept the change in their lives. Gopi asks ahem to take decisions by listening to their hearts but not with mind. Koki comes there and asks ahem to have a second thought about gopi as he has given gopi's place to someone else. 10 years before gopi has made khana ji's idol keeping ahem in mind and showed her love for him. And ahem made a rose showing his love for gopi. Koki leaves ahem to think for a while. Mira calls vidya and tells mansi has rudely behaved with her and might be because of gopi. Vidya supports gopi saying this time mansi was mistaken and all the proofs were towards gopi. Someone knocks on mira's room window, mira says she would talk to her later and thows her mobile without disconnecting the call. Mira tells the guy that she has to help her in getting rid of gopi from their lives forever. Vidya hears this and wonders what mira wanna do. Mira sends away the guy from the window itself. Pari comes to mira's room and gives a milkshake to her. Pari leaves. Mira comes downstairs, mansi tries to console mira but mira scolds mansi saying now she too doesnt care her as gopi has done 10 years back. Mira says she would never forgive her. Mansi will be angry as modis are a complete dramebaaz family. Kinjal comes there and asks mansi to change herself as modis to get ahem. 

At the market, Mira yells at the guy in some car and tolu-molu finds this. Mira denies that no one is misbehaving with her when tolu-molu asks if the guy was misbehaving with her. Tolu-molu determine to find the truth. Hetal calls koki and tells bha wants the barsi to be done by ahem in modi house. Ahem comes there so koki gives mobile to ahem. Hetal tells ahem to attend their grandpa's barsi which will be conducted in modi house. But ahem rejects to attend barsi if its conducted in modi house. Bha requests ahem to come to modi house but ahem denies. So bha agrees to be done in mandir but wishes ahem to do the barsi himself. Ahem agrees. 

Pundit asks ahem's wife to sit with him in pooja. But ahem rejects to do pooja with gopi. Mansi says pundit that she would sit along ahem for pooja. 

Friday, 1 May 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st May 2015 Written Update

Gopi defends ahem :)

Gopi wakes up and finds ahem beside her. Gopi gets up and checks why ahem is sleeping beside her. Gopi finds ahem's bed wet and clears it. She prepares a bed for herself and sleeps. Mansi wakes up kinjal and explains her that gopi was in ahem's room in the night. Kinjal scolds mansi to discuss about this next day and sleeps. Next day, koki wakes up and finds gopi-ahem's beds got swapped. Urmi comes there and makes fun of ahem that he is very intelligent to swap beds. Later, hetal-pari-bha calls gopi and makes fun of her that ahem has slept beside gopi. Gopi tries to explain them but they keep on pulling her leg. Koki comes to gopi, gopi understands that koki has told modis and feels shy. Manis-kinjal overhears this conversation and thinks of ruining their plan. Pari goes to chawl, mansi-kinjal follows pari. Pari meets a lady in the chawl, kinjal couldnt take pictures of them. Later, ahem comes to fill water but the chawl lady starts yelling at ahem. The chawl lady raises all the topics like ahem left his mother-wife for 10 years, mira misbehaves with gopi, ahem brought another lady being a married man etc. Gopi comes there and defends ahem saying he is a best husband-son and father. Gopi says she feels lucky to get ahem as her husband and wishes to be with him for all the lives. Ahem remains shocked, and reminisces all the insults he has done with gopi. Koki-vidya finds this and feels emotional with gopi's words. Gopi takes away ahem into the house. Before ahem thanks gopi, kinjal-mansi comes there. Kinjal reveals the truth that pari has sent chawl lady to insult ahem then gopi defending him was just a plan.