Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th April 2015 Written Update

At the chawl, ahem calls hetal and asks to kick out pari from the house. Hetal denies. Jigar defends pari saying he cannot leave his wife though she does some mistake nor leave her for silly reasons as he has done. Jigar hangs on the call. Ahem remains calm. Mansi yells at ahem that jigar has completely changed the topic and hetal has denied his request. Mansi yells that modis are cheaters and all are trying to fool him. But Ahem yells at mansi that she is blaming his family and she has no right to blame them. Mansi says she wouldnt stop him in anything and can do anything he wishes. Mansi leaves from there angrily. Pari will be touched with jigar's support for her. But jigar makes fun that he was just acting. But hetal convinces pari that jigar loves her a lot. Pari says she is happy that ahem has defended gopi. Mansi comes back to modi house. Kinjal-mira asks mansi why is angry. Mansi explains the ladies that ahem isnt bothering her and he is feeling possessed with his family. Ahem calls mira and asks to take care of mansi as she left angrily. Kinjal explains mansi not to irritate ahem all the time with same topic. Kinjal says the ladies to plan something to prove ahem that pari-gopi are together. Later pari-gopi talking on mobile, Pari says there plan is working well. Ahem doesnt love mansi and mansi herself knew about that. She isnt accepting the truth and from yesterday's scene mansi will be leaving to Mumbai very soon. But mansi comes there and declares that she isnt leaving to Mumbai now. Pari hangs on the call. Mansi tells she isnt going to Mumbai so asks to prepare salad for her. 

At the chawl, koki asks gopi-ahem to sleep in her room on separate beds. Both agree. Mansi thinks she has to pacify ahem before gopi takes a chance to win over ahem. Mansi calls ahem but ahem doesnt wake up. Gopi tries to wake him up but he doesnt wake up. Gopi takes the call and tells ahem is in deep sleep and this might also disturb koki's sleep. Gopi hangs on the call. Koki as well wakes up and asks who was calling. Gopi tells its mansi. Mansi wakes up mira and tells about gopi's behavior. But mira sleeps. Mansi determines to teach a lesson to modis before they steal ahem from her. Later in the night, water leaks from a bottle and wets ahem's bed. He thinks of going out but remembers koki asking him to sleep in the same room. Ahem finds some space beside gopi and sleeps on it. After a while, ahem grabs gopi so gopi wakes up and finds ahem beside her. 

Chawl's lady insults ahem that he is the most worst son-husband. But gopi defends ahem saying he is the best husband-son and father. 

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th April 2015 Written Update

Gopi-koki will be on call with pari. Ahem scolds pari for insulting gopi and kicking her out of the house. Pari says ahem that he was right that he isnt bothering gopi and gopi should have dead in the same place where she was in 10 years. Ahem gets angry and raises his hand to slap pari, but jigar stops him. Jigar yells at ahem not to touch pari. Ahem scolds jigar that he should have supported gopi but dint. Jigar yells pari has not done any mistake. Jigar as well yells at ahem not to involve in ladies matters, nor bother about these matters and leave the house immediately. While walking away from there, pari dashes with kinjal and her mobile drops down on ground. Kinjal while giving mobile back to pari finds gopi is on call. Pari-jigar leaves. Mansi yells at ahem that he hadnt come to console her but fight against gopi's rights. Ahem tries to explain mansi but she doesnt care him. Mansi tells ahem that she would leave Rajkot right now. Ahem asks mira to convince mansi not to leave but mira leaves angrily. Hetal feels happy looking at the couple's dispute. 

Koki will be confident that ahem still loves gopi. So mansi is making a mistake to force ahem to marry her. Because with this decision 3 lives might get spoil. Gopi agrees with koki. Gopi calls pari and scolds her for yelling at ahem. Pari makes fun of gopi as she is feeling bad for ahem. Gopi warns pari and hangs the call. Koki smiles at gopi's behavior. Jigar apologizes pari as ahem has misbehaved with her. Pari says she doesnt feel bad and wish that ahem-gopi to be together. Pari calls gopi and assures that this plan will definitely a success. Kinjal overhears this conversation. Kinjal plans to ruin their plans. Ahem comes back to chawl and checks koki once. Ahem asks gopi whether she is okay. Gopi thanks ahem. Gopi wishes to become one very soon. Here in modi house, mira tries to console mansi. Kinjal comes to mansi and explains that modis wanted mansi go back to Mumbai. Kinjal tells gopi-pari has planned this to gain sympathy. Mansi-mira shocked. Hetal calls koki and tells she was happy to find ahem in front of their house. And she wishes gopi's family should be back very soon. Mansi comes to chawl and explodes on ahem that no one has sent gopi out of modi house, in fact its all modis plan to gain sympathy for gopi. Koki-gopi remains silent. Ahem shocks. Ahem asks gopi about this. Gopi remains silent. Ahem denies to accept that modis has cheated. Mansi asks ahem to call hetal and ask about the plan. Hetal tells pari is deciding who will be living in modi house. Ahem asks whether she cares about gopi-koki. Hetal agrees. Ahem asks hetal to kick out pari right now. 

Ahem asks jigar to kick out pari from modi house. Jigar defends pari saying he cant leave his life partner as he has done. 

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th April 2015 Written Update

Gopi comes crying to urmi's house and tells koki that pari has kicked her out of the house. Koki-ahem will be shocked. Koki asks gopi what has happened. Gopi tells pari said that ahem nor her kids doesnt stay in modi house then there is no right to live in modi house. Ahem gets angry. Mansi waits for a long time for ahem and starts off to home angry. Gopi cries and explains that pari has dragged her out of the house. Mansi couldnt get any taxi near the restaurant. Gopi says she has no respect in the society without her husband and she is worried for mira as pari might kick her out as well. Koki says gopi that pari has done the mistake by dragging her out. Pari has taken care of their family but she cant insult her. Again koki says pari is right as no one from gopi's family is living in modi house then they doesnt have any right to blame pari. Koki will be angry but controls herself and consoles gopi. Gopi crying says now she is homeless and she cant stay in urmi's house as ahem doesnt like her. Mansi takes lift in a truck. 

Gopi rushes out to corridor and cries. Ahem follows her. Ahem holds gopi's shoulder and consoles that everything will be fine and he is with her. Mansi reaches urmi's house and finds this. Ahem turns back and finds mansi there. Mansi yells at ahem that she was waiting for him and here he is cheating on him. Ahem tries to convince her that she is misunderstanding. But mansi leaves from there. Koki asks ahem to go to mansi next day but ahem pleads koki saying she is angry because of him and he knows the pain of loved one leaving and he cannot give that pain to mansi. Kinjal appreciates pari and leaves from there. Jigar comes there and tells gopi has called her. Gopi thanks pari for helping a lot in the plan. Gopi-koki appreciates pari. Pari says kinjal was provoking her all the time so she has planned this. Pari apologizes gopi for dragging her out of the house. Koki asks pari to continue their plan. Koki says mansi has left to modi house so ahem will be coming there. Mansi comes to modi house, after a while Ahem comes to modi house but couldnt enter the house. Pari asks hetal to bring mansi's mobile. Hetal acts consoling mansi brings mansi's mobile. Pari finds ahem at door and welcomes him into the house. But ahem scolds pari for kicking out gopi from the house. 

Pari provokes ahem by saying harsh words about gopi. Ahem gets angry and raises hand to slap pari but jigar stops him.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th April 2015 Written Update

Vidya selects a shirt for ahem to go for dinner with mansi. Ahem will be worried for koki but vidya assures she would take care of koki. Pari comes to jigar and about to serve food. And gopi also comes with food. Everyone will be eager to have food prepared by gopi but not with pari's. Pari gets upset listening to modis appreciating gopi. Pari calmly walks into kitchen. Kinjal as well follows pari. Kinjal again poisons pari's mind saying gopi has won everyone than pari though she has done everything for modis for 10 years in the absence of gopi. Kinjal provokes pari to do something before gopi takes over her place in modi house. Later, pari-jigar plan to go for a date. But gopi gives few cotton sarees to jigar and give them to koki. Jigar agrees. Pari insists jigar to give them later but jigar leaves cancelling their date. Jigar leaves. Kinjal again provokes pari that gopi is trying to take her position. Pari starts yelling at gopi for creating problems in their house. Mira-mansi comes downstairs. Mira sends mansi for dinner with ahem. Mansi leaves. Gopi asks pari whats the matter. Pari starts yelling at gopi saying, "gopi is irking her in all the  matters though she knows everything. I have taken care of my family very well but dint allow my family to break as yours". All the ladies will be shocked. Kinjal will be happy for a speedy reaction from pari. Pari complaints everyone that all has taken gopi's side when she has taken care of everyone for 10 years. Hetal-bha defends gopi. Pari taunts gopi saying she isnt allowing to spend time with jigar as she is ordering things to do with jigar and when ahem isnt living in modi house then how come modis are still her family and modi house isnt her house anymore. Gopi yells that modi house is also hers and even modis are still her family. Pari again says when ahem-mira-vidya hates her, then how is it her family. Gopi says though ahem doesnt lives here she is still the dil of modis. Pari says she would take a right position of dil in modi house when she will leave the house and pari drags gopi out of the house. Pari holds her hands and asks gopi leave the house. Hetal stops pari but pari warns everyone that she will leave the house forever. Pari closes the door and walks inside. Gopi leaves upset. Ahem tells koki that he is going for dinner with mansi. Koki gets upset. Urmi makes fun saying today koki's servant is looking handsome. Urmi tells koki to keep in control if not he will fly away with mansi. Koki asks ahem to spend some time with her, but Ahem explains koki that mansi is feeling lonely so he planned a dinner with her. Mansi arrives at a hotel. Mansi will be happy. Jigar comes to urmi's house. Jigar takes rashi out for a chocolate treat. Mansi will be waiting for ahem. She couldnt call ahem as there was no signal. Ahem will be walking out, gopi comes there crying. Gopi hugs koki and tells pari has kicked her out of the house. Ahem wonders. 

Ahem consoles gopi that everything will be fine. Mansi comes there. Mansi yells at ahem saying she was waiting for him and here he is spending time with gopi. 

Friday, 24 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th April 2015 Written Update

Mira asks ahem to promise that they are not going to leave Rajkot now. Ahem asks whats the reason. Mira tells tolu-molu are saying that she doesnt have any right to stay in modi house and treats badly with her as a stranger so she wanna stay and win over them. But ahem scolds mira and tells she need not worry about that house nor modis as well. Ahem walks out of the house, gopi follows him. Gopi shows a dead plant to ahem and explains that koki will be dull if she lives in Mumbai without any of her family member. But ahem denies. Ahem and his family will be ready to leave, but urmi stops them and yells koki cant leave as she is her servant. Ahem scolds urmi. Koki sadly apologizes gopi for treating badly with her last night. Gopi cries. Rashi says she would come along with koki as she cant live alone. But gopi stops rashi and says they would go after some days. Hetal feels bad as she cant meet koki as she used to. Koki prays khana ji to save her family from all the problems. Koki says goodbye to everyone and steps out. But koki feels ill to leave. Gopi requests ahem once again not to take koki with him. Ahem remains silent. Modis come downstairs. Gopi again requests ahem-koki not to leave. Ahem feels bad as everyone is upset. Ahem declares everyone that "they are not leaving to Mumbai". Modis will be shocked with happiness. Koki thanks ahem. Koki says ahem cant do anything to hurt koki. Mansi-mira get upset. Ahem takes all the luggage inside the home. Koki says gopi that she has won with her prayers. Gopi says she cant stay with her all time as ahem hates her. Koki says ahem dont hate her. Mansi scolds gopi not to keep hopes about ahem. Koki scolds mansi not to talk so. Vidya thanks ahem for deciding to stay back in Rajkot.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd April 2015 Written Update

Mansi brings tea for koki. Koki asks to leave her alone. Mansi leaves. Gopi comes to koki. Koki scolds gopi to leave her alone and not to bother her anymore. She has done all the help to make ahem-gopi one but gopi is so bad that ahem couldnt forgive her. Koki drags gopi out of the house and shuts the door. Gopi leaves from there. Though ahem consoles koki, koki leaves from there. Urmi locks koki's door and thinks not to send koki to Mumbai. But ahem unlocks the door. Rashi gets upset and asks ahem to take him along with koki. But ahem rejects. Rashi-urmi gets upset for ahem's behavior. Gopi comes back to modi house. Pari tells gopi that koki has forced herself to yell at her. Koki has indirectly gave a hint to stop ahem to leave. Pari says she would take care of mira. Hetal-bha-jigar comes to urmi's chawl and requests ahem not to take koki to Mumbai. But ahem blames hetal for letting koki to live in chawl for 10 years. Ahem denies. Tolu-molu-rashi requests koki not to leave them. Koki says she too doesnt want to but she is being forced. 

Gopi says vidya that when someone leaves their loving person then they cant live happy. 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st April 2015 Written Update

Ahem takes sindoor in hand and draws a line using it before gopi. Ahem tells if they both are like rama-sita then this is the laxman rekha so gopi shouldnt cross this line. Ahem takes a promise from gopi that she should go away from his and his children's life. All remain shocked. Gopi remains speechless. Jigar-koki defends gopi but ahem clears everyone that gopi isnt his wife anymore. Mira supports ahem. Koki asks ahem not to leave gopi but ahem rejects. Gopi says ahem that he has insulted himself by putting sindoor on ground. Gopi puts sindoor in her maang and collects all the sindoor in hand. Gopi tells sindoor is red in color to save her husband from all the bad. Gopi again clears that she has great relation with koki and she feels rich with this simple relation. Again gopi says no one can break her relation with koki and she is very proud being koki's dil. Koki has lead her in a right way all the time. No man should break their relation with mother or wife. Though ahem feels he doesnt have any relation with her but no one can break their relation. Mira stops gopi and asks to stop taunting ahem. Gopi scolds mira for interfering them. Mansi scolds gopi not to scold mira. Gopi taunts back mansi that she dint give proper upbringing to mira. Ahem yells at everyone to stop the argument. Ahem goes to koki and tells he wants to stay with her for life long. Koki says she too wants to live with him forever. Koki promises ahem not to leave him. Rashi comes home. Ahem asks koki to come to Mumbai with him so that they all can live together. Koki promises that they all shall live together but gopi stops koki. Rashi-gopi will be shocked. Ahem will be happy. Rashi gets upset. Ahem tells mansi-mira that they will go to Mumbai next day. Koki says she has promised unknowingly. Ahem asks koki will she break her promise? Koki in tears tells she would come along to Mumbai. Gopi-rashi remain speechless. Ahem will be happy and tells he would book tickets and pack their luggage. Ahem proudly says she can live anywhere she likes and she will be away from his family. Urmi says she too would go with koki. Dhaval convinces urmi that koki wouldnt leave them. 
Rashi in tears walks off from there. Jigar follows her and tries to console her. Rashi complaints that ahem-mira-vidya doesnt love her and now ahem is taking away from her. And no one cares her nor loves her. Jigar hugs rashi and cries along. Koki will be upset as she cant break her promise with ahem nor leave gopi. 

Koki drags out gopi from her house and tells she doesnt want to see her forever. 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th April 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th April 2015 Written Update

Gopi tells koki that there will be no meaning for her gopi bahu's life if there is no koki. Koki agrees. Gopi says she has slapped ahem whom she got married and prayed for ahem's long life. Gopi feels bad and slaps herself. Koki consoles gopi that it wasnt her mistake. Here mansi tells ahem that he couldnt bother her as he was worried about koki. Again mansi says he isnt accepting her nor he is leaving gopi. Ahem has forgiven gopi though she slapped him. Mansi says she would return back to Mumbai as no one in modi family is willing to accept her. Though gopi does anything everyone supports her and they as well scolds mansi for small mistakes. Ahem assures mansi that he wouldnt accept gopi back into his life anymore. Jigar calls hetal and tells koki is fine now. So hetal says they all would come to chawl to meet koki. Rashi will be excited to welcome koki back home. Urmi will be happy that koki will be back but she has no idea what ahem might plan this time. Urmi again gets upset that she got habituated to koki now and might be unbearable to live without koki. 

Urmi will be worried that ahem might take back koki to Mumbai or modi house. Pari tells kinjal that koki is fine now. Pari taunts kinjal that she doesnt bother about koki's health and to prove her wrong kinjal had made a big fuss. Kinjal yells at pari not to taunt her and because of gopi they all would cry badly. Hetal stops the ladies. Urmi gives aarthi to koki at her house. Gopi-jigar comes to urmi's house. Ahem comes to gopi and asks how much does she loves him. Ahem shows gopi her sindoor and asks whats this. Gopi says since from the day 1 they got married she never seperated herself from sindoor. So ahem says he would clear something to her which can show her that there is no relation between him and gopi. 

Ahem draws a line with sindoor and tells this is the laxman rekha and gopi shouldnt cross it. 

Friday, 17 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th April 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th April 2015 Written Update

Ahem begs gopi to pray khana ji and ask him to save koki. Gopi feels bad for ahem and consoles him. Mansi finds ahem-gopi and gets upset. Doctors will be trying hard to save koki. Hetal feels giddy, pari takes care of her. Gopi thinks modis havent ate any thing since yesterday, everyone waiting outside the ICU. Gopi takes jigar and walks out. Mira gets a chance to taunt about gopi and says, gopi is going home to eat something secretly so she left to home. Mansi stops mira. Modis gets pissed off but remains calm. Later, jigar comes back and asks everyone to come to cafeteria. Their Gopi tells everyone that she brought food from home. Ahem denies. Gopi says even koki doesnt like if they will be waiting for her without eating and if they dont have anything it will be like they have lost hopes about koki. Everyone agree and have food. Gopi convinces ahem to have food. Mansi gets upset as ahem has yelled at her when she asked him to have coffee but now he got convinced to have food. Gopi will be sharing food with rashi, but before gopi-ahem have a bite jigar comes there and tells koki's condition has got critical. Modis rush to koki's room. Doc tells modis that koki is critical and in any minute she might be passed away. Modis shocked. Gopi requests doc to let them talk to koki so that they try their best to save koki. Ahem-gopi go inside the room to check koki. Ahem kisses koki and tells koki to forgive him and she is the best mom in the world. He is a fool to miss her for so many years. Ahem says she has promised not to leave him anyday. Ahem pleads koki to wake up and punish him. Gopi yells at koki to wake up. Ahem grabs koki's foot and cries. Gopi grabs koki and yells to wake up. Koki loses her pulse. Gopi-ahem yells to wake up. Ahem holds gopi's hand, koki suddenly wakes up. 

Koki gets critical. 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th April 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th April 2015 Written Update

Gopi-jigar-hetal will be worried for rashi. Tolu-molu go to search rashi. Dhaval-urmi will be searching for rashi in market. Gopi asks jigar to file a complaint in police. But rashi reaches the hospital. Jigar informs about rashi to dhaval. Rashi tells she has messaged jigar about koki. Rashi insists gopi to tell where koki is. Mira scolds rashi and tells koki is suffering with heart attack. Rashi cries and asks gopi that koki might go to khana ji. Gopi consoles rashi that koki will be fine. Rashi will be worried about koki. Urmi also thinks koki should be fine. Kinjal says gopi that koki will be fine. Urmi walks to kinjal and slaps her. Urmi scolds kinjal that koki is suffering only because of her. Hetal feels happy that urmi has regained her memory. But urmi acts innocent and tells kinjal used to steal things from her house and koki used to suffer. Ahem remembers how kinjal has tried to reveal the truth that koki is faking about her health. Ahem scolds kinjal for doing all the fuss at the chawl. Gopi scolds kinjal saying she should have thought about koki's health before revealing the truth in a filmy manner. Gopi says she feels pity for koki as her daughter and son both dont even care about her. Because of koki's daughter she is working like a slave at urmi's house and one her son who left her for years and now responsible for her health. Ahem feels guilty. Doc tells modis that koki needs to have a surgery. But koki's condition is critical that they couldnt decide whether to have a surgery or not. So they are waiting for koki to get stable. Rashi again gets upset. Hetal consoles rashi to be strong. Ahem walks off from there. Ahem remembers all the sweet moments with koki and how koki has begged him to stay with her. Ahem feels guilty for his mistakes. Gopi comes there and finds ahem crying. Ahem grabs gopi's hands and begs to make koki fine. 

Doc tells modis that koki is serious.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th April 2015 Written Update

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th April 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th April 2015 Written Update

Gopi again begs ahem to help them. But ahem rejects thinking koki is faking once again. Gopi gets angry and slaps ahem. Gopi warns ahem if anything happens to koki then she would herself break all her relations with him. Ahem shocks and looks on. Koki will be unconscious. Gopi will be yelling for help. Ahem finds koki suffering with pain and helps her. Ahem-gopi take koki to hospital. Gopi calls modis to inform about koki's health condition. Doc checks koki and tells she had suffered heart attack and still in serious situation. Ahem feels bad. Gopi aswell feels bad. Nurse gives the hospital form to gopi and asks to pay the bill. Gopi thinks of calling jigar to bring money but ahem gives his bank card and takes the form to fill. At urmi's house, rashi will be worried for koki and asks about her to dhaval. Dhaval tells koki went to mandir and will be back soon. Urmi comes back home and finds no modi at her house. Urmi feels happy that ahem might have left with his family to Mumbai and now she can be happy with koki again. But urmi finds koki missing at home and asks dhaval about her. Dhaval tells she went to mandir. Modis reach hospital, gopi tells modis that koki has suffered heart attack. Doc comes outside and tells modis that koki is in critical condition and they might take time to get her into normal condition. Modis shock. Gopi gets imbalance. Gopi begs doctor to save koki. Doc assures to help them. Gopi will be crying for koki. Bha at home will be praying khana ji to recover koki soon. Ahem feels guilty that he should have believed in koki and brought her to hospital soon. Gopi asks jigar about rashi-dhaval-urmi. Jigar tells he dint inform about koki's health condition to rashi-urmi as they might get depressed. Rashi will be insisting dhaval to take to koki. Jigar calls dhaval and tells koki is still serious condition. Rashi overhears about koki in hospital. While dhaval goes to bring milk for rashi, rashi drops a message from dhaval's mobile to jigar about which hospital koki has admited. Jigar replies. Rashi breaks her kiddy bank and takes money. Rashi rushes to hospital. Dhaval finds rashi missing and keeps searching. Mansi asks ahem to have some coffee in the canteen, but ahem yells at mansi not to disturb him. Dhaval calls jigar and informs about rashi missing. 

Ahem feels guilty and begs gopi to save koki.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th April 2015 Written Update

                                          Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th April 2015 Written Update

Koki apologizes ahem but he denies. Ahem scolds koki for cheating him. Koki gets heart stroke. But ahem doesnt believe her. 

Koki feels bad for lying with ahem. Gopi tries to console koki. Vidya comes there and tells koki she made a mistake by lying ahem so now ahem is hating everyone badly. Vidya tells gopi-koki that though ahem dint talk to koki and meet her but ahem used to love and respect her all time. But now because of this mistake ahem is hating koki-gopi. Koki scolds vidya that gopi is ahem's wife and will be forever. She has seen love for gopi in ahem's eyes and will be forever. Gopi was a right wife and mother all the time. Koki weeps thinking ahem will be leaving now forever. Koki asks vidya that koki is requesting ahem to meet once before leaving. Koki tells gopi that she will sit in the mandir till her wish fulfills. 

Mansi leaves the kitchen saying pari that she doesnt believe any one. Mansi finds tolu-molu tied mira and scolds them. Mira yells at tolu-molu and leaves from modi house. Mansi-mira come to urmi's house. Vidya requests ahem to meet koki once as she is wishing to meet him. Mira says vidya not to force ahem to meet koki. Ahem says everyone that they would wait in the airport. Gopi-koki will be in the mandir. Gopi asks koki to go back home as ahem will never come. But koki wishes to see ahem once before he leaves. Ahem comes to the mandir. Koki will be coughing so gopi goes to bring water for koki. Ahem asks koki to tell what she wants to tell him. Koki says she has done everything only to make his life brighter as in the past. Ahem rejects koki to touch him. Koki comes on knees and begs ahem to forgive her. But ahem denies to accept gopi again. Ahem clears koki that he cannot accept gopi forever. Ahem will be leaving, Gopi comes there. Ahem scolds koki as vidya told him that koki wants to meet him alone but gopi is present there. Ahem doesnt believe in koki's words and scolds her. Ahem says koki that he would never see her face again. Koki gets heart stroke. Gopi requests ahem to help her to take koki to hospital. But ahem rejects to help gopi. Gopi keeps yelling for help. Gopi begs ahem to help her but he remains still. 

Gopi slaps ahem and warns him saying she would break all the relations with him if anything happens to koki because of him.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th April 2015 Written Update

Koki keeps her hand below ahem's leg and gets her hand burnt. Koki says she couldnt stay calm when her son was getting hurt. Koki reveals the truth that she is not ill and she was saying lie to ahem. Ahem and other modis get shocked. Kinjal feels happy. Koki apologizes ahem but ahem gets hyper. Ahem yells at koki that he has confidently saying kinjal that their mom can never lie to anyone. Koki explains ahem that she lied to make ahem-gopi together again. Ahem gets hyper as koki has lied for gopi. Ahem tells mansi-vidya-mira to pack their luggage as they will be leaving for Mumbai. Koki pleads ahem not to leave her. Gopi tries to stop ahem's yelling but ahem yells at gopi saying it might be gopi's plan to fool him. Koki defends gopi. Ahem shouts at koki that it might be their plan together to cheat him. Ahem yells at koki that he'll never look back to their family ever and he is breaking all his relation with modis forever. Ahem walks off from there. Koki collapses on ground and cries for ahem. 

Inside the house, jigar pleads ahem to stay back. But ahem shouts at him. Gopi asks koki why she has done this. Koki explains everyone that she has done because ahem was going to marry another woman and spoil his life so she thought of stopping it any how. Rashi clears koki's tears and cheers her up. Mira-mansi comes downstairs. Rashi pleads mira to stay back, but mira pushes away the child. Gopi scolds mira for misbehaving with rashi. Mira blames gopi for making koki to lie. Koki says gopi doesnt know about all this. But mira blames gopi. Koki gets upset-emotional as everyone will be blaming gopi. Koki apologizes gopi. Mira-mansi leaves. Gopi takes koki inside the house. Mansi-mira comes to modi bhawan. Mansi tells mira no to be angry with koki as she wants her son to be with them. Bha pleads mira not to leave them. Pari takes away mansi to kitchen. Here in hall, tolu-molu ties up mira with rope and seals her mouth with tape. Ahem will be angry to face koki. Koki goes to her room with gopi. Kinjal poisons ahem's mind saying gopi is the real culprit but not koki. 

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th April 2015 Written Update

Mira taunts gopi that she doesnt have any right to stay in modi bhawan but she is living so mansi can be free in modi bhawan. Mira promises mansi that she would let her marry ahem and bring her to modi bhawan as ahem's wife. Pari asks mira-mansi to have breakfast. Mira tells pari that she used to love few people a lot in childhood but now everything has changed as some one else has taken their place (Meant about gopi). Gopi remains calm. Ahem gives medicines to koki. Rashi brings juice for koki but bumps with ahem and juice spills on ahem. Rashi apologizes ahem. Ahem goes to change. Gopi gets a call from koki asking to come home. Kinjal tells gopi that she would drop her and meet koki as well. Tolu steals mira's mobile. Vidya gives medicines to koki and tells maa has written the list of medicines. But again says gopi has written. Koki asks vidya to bring milk. Koki takes the tablet in hand, gopi-kinjal comes there. Kinjal finds koki throwing away her tablets. Vidya brings milk but koki leaves the glass. Milk spills on floor. Gopi says she would clean. Ahem goes to change. He leaves his tshirt outside but that drops on floor. Gopi takes ahem's tshirt and cleans the floor. Ahem finds his tshirt in gopi's hands and scolds gopi for using it as a mop. Gopi too yells back at ahem to take care of his shirt properly. Ahem walks off from there and dashes with the bucket. Water spills out. Gopi yells at ahem to clean it. Ahem angrily leaves from there. Koki-gopi in hall, Koki says gopi that whether she enjoyed the scooter ride with ahem. Gopi says she isnt happy with ahem when he is being forced to do. Urmi comes with dhaval. Koki asks about what doc has told about urmi's health. Dhaval tells doc has found no change in urmi's health. Koki wonders why urmi isnt getting well. Kinjal finds some thing fishy with koki's behavior and checks koki's medicines. Rashi comes there and confronts kinjal and says not to steal her grandmom's medicines. Kinjal gets irked with rashi's words and tries to slap rashi. But dhaval comes there and stops her. Kinjal leaves. At modi bhawan, mira gets angry with tolu-molu for changing mira's profile pic on her FB. Tolu-molu laugh at mira. Mira gets angry and hits molu with a paper weight. Pari scolds mira for hitting molu. Mira yells at pari that she would complain about molu to ahem and leave to Mumbai. 

Kinjal goes to chemist and finds about koki's medicines as one heart medicines and one is vitamin tablet. Kinjal tells ahem that koki was cheating him. 

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th April 2015 Written Update

Ahem reminisces urmi slapping mansi and koki saying mansi as an outsider, vidya brings tea for ahem. Ahem thinks its gopi and yells at her and again apologizes. Vidya consoles ahem that mansi will be fine with mira. Ahem asks vidya why she hadnt called mansi as mom till now. Vidya replies same as him she couldnt give the special place to mansi. Ahem says he couldnt think about mansi as special. Vidya tells when he accepts mansi then she would try to give a special place to mansi. Here mira promises mansi to help her to marry ahem and replace the DIL of modis in modi bhawan. Lady modis, tolu-molu gather in bha's room. Koki calls them and explains them to treat mansi as special guest and even with mira so that they dont think of moving away to Mumbai again. And if mansi stays out of ahem then she can plan to make ahem-gopi one again. Modis agree with koki and hangs on the call. 

Later, gopi gives medicines to koki. Ahem comes there. Gopi says she would leave now. Koki says its too late so ahem will drop him off. Ahem agrees as koki says if he doesnt dop her then gopi would stay back for the night. Ahem asks dhaval-pappu to drop gopi at modi house but both deny saying they are having work to do. Helpless ahem goes to drop gopi. Vidya finds this and thinks koki is doing all this to make ahem-gopi one again. Mansi calls ahem's mobile, urmi takes the call. Urmi tells mansi that ahem went to watch a movie with gopi. Mansi gets worried. Gopi reminisces her happy days with ahem. Mansi finds ahem dropping gopi at modi house and shocks. Kinjal comes there and provokes mansi saying ahem will change drastically and might fall for gopi again. Ahem thinks of meeting mansi but thinks she might be sleeping and he wouldnt enter the house. Kinjal says mansi that ahem has unwillingly married gopi but later gopi made ahem to fall for her. And now gopi is trying again. Kinjal tells mansi that she is best with ahem and she would help them to marry ahem. Next day, mira brings mansi to dining table to have breakfast.

Gopi uses ahem's tshirt as mop. Ahem scolds gopi. Ahem dashes with the bucket and all the water spills. Gopi yells at ahem to clean by himself. 

Monday, 6 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th April 2015 Written Update

Koki asks vidya whether she is missing mira. Vidya admits as mira used to be with her all the time. Urmi comes there and asks koki to prepare gulab jamun for her. Ahem-mansi comes there. Ahem tells urmi not to bother koki as she is unwell. Mansi asks urmi to ask her if she needs anything. Urmi slaps mansi. Ahem yells at urmi. Koki defends urmi. Urmi hides behind koki. Urmi says mansi was trying to kill koki with salty soup and has scolded rashi unnecessarily. Koki also says ahem that mansi is an outsider and shouldnt involve in their family matters. Ahem remains calm. Mansi leaves from there with tears. Vidya tries to console mansi. Mira calls mansi and tells she is facing lots of insults and wishing to leave the home right now. Even mansi tells she is facing insults over there. Mansi packs up the luggage to leave to Mumbai. Ahem asks mansi not to leave, mansi scolds ahem that she has tried a lot to take everything easy but she couldnt anymore. Mansi determines to leave to Mumbai. Mansi comes out of her room and tells koki that she is leaving to Mumbai. Koki feels happy but apologizes mansi for urmi. 

Mira comes there with tolu-molu and tells everyone that she too will come along to Mumbai. Mira complaints that tolu-molu are troubling her in modi house. Koki thinks of stopping mira at any cost. Koki apologizes mansi and asks tolu-molu to apologize mira. Tolu-molu does. Koki asks mansi to stay in modi bhawan with mira so that mira can be comfortable. Mansi asks koki whether she is thinking that mira will be leaving to Mumbai so asking to stay back. Ahem asks mansi to go along mira to modi bhawan. Everyone leaves. Koki explains gopi not to lose hope though mansi lives in modi bhawan and now mira-ahem defending mansi. They should be together and make their family one. Gopi agrees. Pari scolds tolu-molu for troubling mira and making mansi to come in modi bhawan. Hetal explains pari not to scold tolu-molu and very soon mira will change. Mira comes there and introduces mansi to everyone and tells that mansi is her mom. Mansi will be living with them now.

Koki tells modis to take care of mansi well so that she shouldnt come to the chawl. And in the mean while she will bring gopi-ahem one. 

Friday, 3 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd April 2015 Written Update

Mira comes into the room and remembers her childhood days with ahem-gopi. Tolu-molu come there to spend some time with mira but she sends them away saying she wants to take shower and later check her mails. Tolu-molu leave the room disappointed. Gopi explains modis to give mira some time to change. They hear some glass breaking sound from mira's room and rush over there. Mira breaks her family pic in which gopi was there. Mira says gopi isnt there family member anymore. Mira tears up the picture. Pari defends gopi. Mira insults pari saying she doesnt have any children, tolu-molu defend pari. Mira says tolu-molu and others that ahem has earned the money and now they are enjoying with them. Tolu-molu gets angry as mira keeps on insulting everyone. Mira starts throwing pillows at tolu-molu. Tolu-molu also start throwing things at mira. Mira throws a paper weight and hits gopi. All get worried. Gopi brings first aid box and gives it to mira. Gopi asks mira to clean her dad's house herself and all leave from there. 

Rashi brings kulfi for Ahem and waits for him to come form washroom. She sees Ahem’s pic on laptop and while looking at it, kulfi melts and drops on laptop keys. She worriedly cleans it. Ahem comes, looks at broken keys and reminisces Gopi washing laptop once. Rashi says she brought kulfi for him, but he went to washroom and kulfi fell on laptop keys, so she was cleaning it. Ahem angrily says she is just like illiterate Gopi. Mansi comes and asks her to keep away from papa. Rashi shouts that she should not interfere between her and her papa and asks her to go back to her home. Mansi gets irked and tries to slap Rashi. Gopi comes and holds her hand on time and asks her not to touch her daughter. Mansi says Rashi misbehaved with her. Kokila and Urmila come out hearing their shouting and Urmila asks Kokila why did she bring these servants here. Gopi asks Rashi to apologize Mansi. Rashi apologizes her and leaves. Gopi tells Ahem that he was yelling at Rashi, but what about their arrogant daughter Meera. He shouts that Meera is only his daughter and says he does not want to see her face here.

Precap: Gopi gives sari to Ahem and tells if he does not want to see her face, he should wear this sari pallu over his eyes.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd April 2015 Written Update

Jigar tells gopi not to lose hope, and ahem along with mira-vidya will be back to modi bhawan soon. Pari as well comes there and tells gopi never fails. Pari gives kheer to jigar-gopi. Here at urmi's house, rashi starts troubling mira. Rashi switches off the fan and makes sounds of mouse. Mira will be irritated with mice and mosquitoes. Next day tolu-molu come to urmi's house to meet ahem-mira-vidya. Ahem will be surprised and feels happy to meet tolu-molu but acts cold with them. Tolu-molu meets mira-vidya and asks them to come to modi bhawan. But mira rejects them. Mira goes for shower but gets angry finding dirty water coming out of the shower. Mira rushes to ahem and tells she would go back to Mumbai. Ahem rejects. Mansi supports mira saying they shouldnt force her to stay. Mira-tolu-molu reach modi bhawan. Modis will be happy and gets emotional. But mira behaves harshly with modis. Gopi scolds mira. Gopi again asks mira to do the aarthi. Gopi grabs mira's hand and walks towards mandir. Mira takes away her hand back and yells at gopi not to touch her. Mira yells not to act innocent and shower lots of love. Gopi says she shows her true love. Mira asks gopi when she loves her why did she leave them for 10 years. Gopi remains calm. Mira goes to her room. Here rashi will be taking care of ahem but he asual behaves cold towards the lil girl. Koki consoles rashi that ahem loves her a lot. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st April 2015 Written Update

Ahem asks gopi to leave the house. Gopi clears ahem that she is living in this house for koki and to take care of her. Ahem scolds gopi that she cannot make him love her back and vidya-mira will also hate her. Gopi says she has a valid reason to leave her kids. Ahem says if she want to gain her love back then gopi has to reveal the truth of murdering rashi's mom radha and going to jail. Jigar-koki tries to defend gopi. Ahem clears them saying he dint reveal the truth to kids and if gopi wants she can do that. Koki asks gopi to return modi bhawan. Ahem asks gopi that he shouldnt see her again in the house if not he will leave the house again with vidya-mira. Ahem leaves from there. Koki explains gopi to give some time to ahem to understand them. Gopi gets depressed that ahem-vidya-mira doesnt love her anymore so for what she has to fight. Koki says she wants ahem to return back to modi bhawan so she asked gopi to leave the house. Gopi leaves with jigar. Rashi comes to koki and tells she would help her in taking her family members back to modi bhawan and live together. Koki says rashi that they would send one by one to modi house. So the first to go is mira. Urmi overhears this conversation and worries that koki might leave her alone and go back to modi bhavan. Mira will be irritated because of mosquitoes. Rashi also scares vidya-mira more by saying mosquitoes and cockroaches are very common in their house. Mansi goes to ahem for mineral water, but koki gets scared and wakes up. Ahem scolds mansi for scaring koki. Urmi hits mansi for scaring koki. Mansi leaves crying. 

Mira goes to modi bhawan.