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Monday, 30 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th March 2015 Written Update

Mira will be excited to show their modi house to mansi. Gopi gets upset. Hetal will be worried for gopi as ahem is coming along with mansi. Kinjal scolds everyone that gopi has brought bad luck into their family again. But pari defends gopi saying gopi is worried for koki and koki was taking care of kinjal's family alone in urmi'a house. Kinjal taunts pari saying because pari hasnt taken any responsibilty of rashi, so koki was been forced to live with urmi. Both the ladies blame each other about the broken family, hetal stops them. 

Hetal gets a call from jigar that they all coming home. Everyone will be excited except kinjal. At the airport, jigar will be happy and excited. Ahem clears jigar that he-mansi-mira-vidya will be living with koki in the chawl but not in modi bhawan as he has no relation with modis now. Ahem warns gopi not to involve in his life as she is no more his wife. Koki asks gopi to come along but ahem stops gopi and takes away koki with him. Modis reach urmi's chawl. The neighbors taunt ahem as koki is living in the chawl because of him. Dhaval-pappu welcomes modis back. Koki introduces mansi as their guest who will be living with them for a while. Gopi along with others enter inside the house, ahem scolds gopi not to come with them and disturb them. Ahem warns gopi that he wouldnt like to relate with her anymore. Gopi clears ahem that she has come for koki but not for him nor mira-vidya. Rashi rushes to ahem and hugs him. Rashi introduces herself as "Rashi ahem modi" to ahem. Ahem remains shocked and looks at jigar surprisingly. Mira rudely behaves with rashi. 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th March 2015 Written Update

Tolu-molu try to cheer up modis saying ahem might have got convinced to return back home. Pari gets the call from jigar. Pari tells modis that ahem has denied to cancel engagement so koki got upset and has joined in hospital. Parag worries for koki and tells he would leave for Mumbai. Doc tells ahem-gopi others that koki is still abnormal and should stay in the hospital for one night. Ahem tells doctor that he would stay with his MOM. Ahem scolds gopi that she is responsible for koki's illness because gopi has come to Mumbai and by this koki learnt about ahem's engagement so koki has come there and fallen ill. Mira supports ahem. Gopi scolds mira not to come in between the elders. Doctor gives formality papers to ahem to sign, but gopi takes away them. Ahem blames gopi that she is acting as if she cares for koki. Gopi scolds ahem that he too faking of his love, and ahem is responsible for koki's illness because ahem hasnt bothered about his mom before 10 years, just left the house with his kids. Koki was been living with urmi as kinjal has left the house and came back to modi bhawan. So koki has taken kinjal's responsibility of taking care of urmi. Ahem remains shocked. Nurse asks ahem-gopi to stay with koki as they both were fighting who to stay back. Kids asks jigar to come along with their home. But jigar sweetly denies to come and tells his hotel is nearer to hospital so he would meet them next morning. 

Gopi goes inside the room. Koki will be still unconscious. Gopi promises koki that she would fight to make a new happy family by being her's (koki's) son-DIL-grand daughters and support her rest of her life. Later, gopi comes out and finds ahem sleeping on the waiting chairs. Gopi walks off from there but comes back with a pillow. While making ahem to sleep comfortably, ahem falls on her shoulder and sleeps. Gopi feels happy to touch him, but suddenly she remembers all the incidents 2 days before has happened. Gopi throws away ahem and walks off. Ahem wakes up and finds gopi walking off.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th March 2015 Written Update

Koki tells mira-vidya that she is very disappointed with them as she was expecting that they will make their parents one. Vidya tells they too have expected a lot from their mom but she too left them and went to jail. So now she is feeling bad. Mansi-mira explains ahem to talk to koki in a cool manner so that koki would understand his feelings. Here gopi pleads koki to leave from there but koki denies. Gopi tells koki that she cant force him and let him stay beside her. Pappu comes to modi bhawan and tells modis that urmi is missing. But urmi comes outside from kinjal's room hitting kinjal. Urmi tells kinjal has kidnapped her. Pappu takes urmi and leaves. Urmi thinks koki went to Mumbai to bring back ahem, if she does so then koki will be back to modi bhawan then she cant take revenge with koki. Mira-vidya tells ahem that they would support him in all his decisions. Mira tells when gopi hasnt bothered them where as mansi took care of them well. So ahem should be strong enough and decide about his life. Koki tells gopi not to agree with ahem's decision about his engagement. Koki requests the guests to leave as there will be no engagement party. But Ahem comes into the hall and announces that he will get engaged to mansi now. Mira-vidya feels happy with ahem's decision. Ahem tells first time in his life he is taking his own decision. While Ahem putting on the ring koki gets heart stroke. Ahem throws away the ring and rushes to koki. Ahem decides to take koki to hospital rather than calling for ambulance. Mansi remains alone in tears. In the hospital doc tells koki has mild heart stroke.

Gopi scolds ahem for leaving koki 10 years back. Gopi tells ahem that koki left modi bhawan and living in chawl. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th March 2015 Written Update

Whom do you support Ahem or Kokila??? 

Koki yells at ahem not to cheat gopi by engaging with mansi. Ahem yells at koki that she has no right to take decisions about his life. Koki scolds ahem that this is the reason why mira is misbehaving with gopi. Gopi defends ahem saying if he is happy with a new life partner then let him marry mansi. Koki scolds gopi for behaving so foolishly and sacrificing her life. Koki yells at ahem to answer her questions looking into her eyes. Mansi tries to defend ahem but koki scolds mansi not to interfere in their family matters and she will never accept her as DIL. Koki yells at mansi to leave them alone. When mansi will be leaving, ahem grabs mansi's hand and stops her. Ahem says mansi will not leave. Koki shocks. Ahem says modis to leave but not mansi. Koki scolds ahem to leave mansi and accept gopi again who has loved only him and has done so much for his family. Ahem tells koki that he was just following her and has done everything she wished. Never koki has asked ahem what he likes and what not. Ahem say he even sacrificed his love to marry the girl (gopi) as koki has wished. Never koki allowed him freedom in his life. Ahem yells back at koki that he cannot be behind his wife and follow her as his dad (Parag) has done. Ahem yells he wants his life to be happy but not as parag modi. Koki remains shocked with tears. Gopi scolds ahem not to say a word any more. Gopi asks koki to leave from here. Ahem scolds jigar-gopi-koki to leave from there. Koki denies to leave. Ahem leaves angrily. Mira yells at gopi that she has finally disturbed their happiness. Koki scolds mira not to talk anything bad about gopi. Mira-vidya tells ahem has sacrificed a lot for them so they agreed to let ahem marry mansi. Koki scolds mira-vidya that when they were separated from her 10 years back she was upset but never expected they talking bad about gopi.

Ahem declares his engagement with mansi. Koki gets heart stroke.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th March 2015 Written Update

Monday, 23 March 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 23rd March 2015 Written Update

Ishu and bhallas couldnt find ruhi's documents. Ruhi will be excited as she will be leaving with ishu as 48 hours has finished. Raman promises aadi that he need not go to shagun back and he would bring ruhi. Ishu asks raman whether he took the custody document. Raman tells everyone that ruhi will be with shagun for a while and aadi will be with them. Ishu remembers raman romancing with her in the night and stolen the document. Ishu yells at raman for cheating her. Raman brings out the document and tells everyone that he couldnt decide whom to choose one between the two kids. And aadi was thinking to suicide for solving all the family matters. Ishu decides to keep her promise with ruhi and heads out to the court. Shagun will be angry as her lawyer has cheated her. Bhallas come to court. Ishu tells the judge that they have decided to keep ruhi with shagun.  Ruhi and bhallas will be shocked at ishu's decision. Ruhi cries and asks ishu to take her back. But ishu couldnt reply her and keeps crying. Ishu leaves the court without looking at ruhi.

Ishu feels bad that she couldnt keep her promise with ruhi.

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th March 2015 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd March 2015 Written Update

Mira insults gopi. Koki suddenly appears before ahem to stop the engagement ceremony. 

Gopi scolds mira not to yell nor misbehave with ahem as he is her parent. Mira keeps glaring at gopi. Gopi tells she dint forget that they are her kids. Mira leaves angrily. Mansi apologizes gopi on behalf of mira and taunts gopi saying mira and ahem-vidya no more considers her as their family and they hate her the most. Mansi again taunts gopi that ahem and herself shares a very close relationship and this engagement is just a formality. Gopi taunts back at mansi saying ahem still loves her and has been proved because he has waited for her for 10 years and dint marry her (mansi) till now. Mira will be very angry and thinks of teaching a lesson to gopi. 

Modis will be worried for gopi. Tolu consoles modis saying ahem will be convinced when he finds koki before him. Mira comes back to gopi and yells that she is just a disturbance in their life. They are happy with mansi-ahem. And they doesnt need any more, Gopi is just a guest and she wants to drag her out of the house right now. Ahem yells at mira to stop it. Mira tells ahem to continue their ring ceremony. Ahem asks gopi to bring his engagement ring. Gopi will be in tears. Ahem says "What happened. You told you shall do everything to prove her love". Gopi remembers her marriage and sweet moments with ahem and feels bad. Gopi brings the rings. Ahem determines to keep the ring and holds mansi's hand. While ahem putting on the ring, koki pushes away ahem's hand. Ahem finds koki and shocks. Koki tells everyone to leave as there will be no engagement ceremony as gopi is still ahem's wife and they divorce yet. So ahem cannot marry mansi without divorcing gopi. Koki recognizes mira-vidya, all hug affectionately. Koki feels bad as she has missed them for 10 years. Mira-vidya asks koki not to leave them now. Koki tells she came to take all of them with her. 

Ahem yells at koki saying he cannot become as parag who keeps listening to his wife and follows his wife all the time.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th March 2015 Written Update

Ahem wants gopi to prove her love. Will gopi prove herself?

Ahem proposes mansi and she accepts. Gopi remains shocked. Jigar comes there and pleads ahem not to do this with gopi. Gopi has loved him a lot since so many years. Ahem walks to gopi and asks whether she still loves him as she used to. Gopi replies with a yes. So ahem asks gopi to attend his engagement. Gopi shocks. Gopi grins and looks on. Gopi says ahem if he wants to prove her love then she would definitely attend the engagement. Again gopi says if he wants to forget her and start a new life then she would come, as she still care for him. Ahem wonders. Gopi leaves. Jigar scolds ahem for asking such a stupid wish and he should have thought of about koki who could not expect ahem's behavior towards gopi. Ahem remains calm. Jigar too leaves. Koki will be crying thinking about gopi. Rashi comes there and encourages koki not to be worried about anything. Gopi calls koki and tells that ahem dint get married but he is getting engaged to mansi next day. Koki shocks. Koki asks gopi not to attend the engagement if not she wants to stop it. Koki tells gopi to stop the engagement as ahem is her husband. Gopi takes promise not to stop her. Gopi hangs the call. Koki determines herself to save gopi and stop the engagement. 

At modi bhawan, kinjal acts worried with modis that ahem shouldnt bring his second wife here. If not gopi would be upset. Pari-hetal defend gopi saying gopi will be ahem's wife forever. Here in the hotel, jigar pleads gopi not to take back her step and to stop the engagement. 

Mira scolds gopi for spoiling ahem's engagement dress. And blames gopi that nothing will be fine where gopi is. 

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th March 2015 Written Update

Gopi gives her mangalsutra to Ahem. 

Mansi asks ahem to marry her and prove that he has forgot gopi forever. Ahem remains shocked. Mansi tells ahem if he still loves gopi and cares for her then he should talk to gopi and clear all the misunderstandings. Ahem yells that he doesnt care about gopi anymore. Mansi asks ahem to marry her if he doesnt care for gopi. Ahem leaves from there without replying. 

Next day, ahem in the bakery. Gopi bumps with ahem who was holding aata. Aata falls on gopi. Ahem apologizes thinking its a customer. He finds gopi and wonders. He tries to dust off the aata but remembers mansi's words and stops himself. Ahem asks why she has come again. Gopi tells she has come to return him something which isnt valuable for her anymore. Gopi gives her mangalsutra to ahem and tells she will never interfere in his life again. Gopi again says she was mistaken for thinking that everything will be fine in her absence. But gopi complaints that mira-vidya are missing their family. Ahem interrupts her and says he know how to raise his kids. Gopi wishes all the happiness for ahem-mansi and leaves. Gopi finds the same khana ji's idol which she has given to tolu-molu before leaving to US in front of ahem's bakery. The shopkeeper finds gopi and tells ahem does pooja to this idol everyday and cares for it as the idol was prepared by ahem's wife. Gopi feels happy that ahem still loves her. Here in rajpal nagar, koki prays khana ji to help gopi. Gopi feels bad that ahem has married mansi. 

A courier service person comes to the bakery and tells ahem that mansi has some courier. Ahem tells him to give it to her. Ahem tells he is mansi's best friend. Gopi hears this and thinks ahem has lied that he got married to mansi. Gopi goes back into the bakery. Gopi asks ahem why he is suppressing his feelings when he still loves her. Ahem tells he would answer all her questions. Ahem takes gopi in his jeep. Jigar follows them. Ahem takes gopi to his house. Ahem tells gopi that he doesnt love her anymore and proposes mansi for marriage. And tells mansi he would get engaged next day. Mansi accepts for ahem's proposal. Gopi remains shocked.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th March 2015 Written Update

Ahem sadly looks at gopi who walks off with jigar. Vidya asks why did he send away gopi from house. Ahem glares at vidya without replying. Tolu-molu find pari worried and tries to cheer her up. Gopi comes to her hotel room and packs off her bag. Jigar comes there and wonders why is gopi thinking of leaving from Mumbai. Gopi tells her husband nor her kids are loves them so she need not wait for them here. Jigar tries to console, at the same time koki calls gopi. Gopi tells ahem and vidya-mira are hating her a lot now so she is thinking of coming back to Rajpal nagar. Koki feels bad. Rashi comes there and asks koki whether gopi-ahem will be back next day. Koki asks rashi to sleep and not to talk anything. Rashi sleeps. Hetal comes there. Both the ladies feel bad for gopi's life. Hetal says khana ji would help them to find some solution so they need to wait for a while. 

Vidya-mira couldnt sleep thinking about gopi. Vidya tells mira that she used dream of their family but her dream couldnt have become true. Mira tells not to think of gopi anymore as she has left them for radha's daughter rashi. Gopi will be wondering how could ahem forget her and accept another woman in his life. Even ahem will be thinking. Mansi comes there and tells ahem that she has found love for gopi in his eyes and yells that ahem still loves her. Ahem yells back that he doesnt love gopi anymore. Mansi asks ahem to make his lie true by marrying her. Ahem shocks. 

Gopi comes to ahem to return her mangalsutra.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th March 2015 Written Update

Ahem clears gopi that there is no relation between him and gopi now  . Gopi blames ahem for raising kids in a bad manner. But mira-vidya comes there and stops gopi. Gopi feels happy looking at mira-vidya after 10 years  . Mira doesnt respond to gopi's emotions but vidya helplessly cries. Mira clears gopi that mansi is their mom and had taken care of them from childhood as their mom. Gopi explains that she was helpless and had left them . Even vidya scolds gopi for not thinking about them before 10 years and they had felt disappointed when they wanted their mom's love. Gopi tries to convince but the girls deny to listen to them. 

Mansi acts as if she is supporting gopi. Gopi says mansi that she is acting very intelligent as that day when she has come before mansi has denied to recognize ahem nor his kids.
Mansi replies gopi that ahem was hating her a lot so she denied. Ahem feels irritated and drags gopi out of the house  . Ahem meets jigar and wonders. Jigar will be happy to see ahem after a long time.  Ahem again behaves cold with jigar. Jigar meets vidya-mira and asks to come along with them. But ahem clears up that he doesnt have any relation with modis now and he isnt interested to meet them. Ahem throws away jigar-gopi out and closes the door.  Gopi cries again saying jigar that ahem-mira-vidya are hating her a lot and she has lost all the hopes. 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 16th March 2015 Written Update

Mihika brings ruhi-ishu home. Mihika gives some snacks to the guests. Ishu feels unwell so couldnt have anything. Ruhi takes snacks and plays with the toys. As ishu isnt feeling well, mihika takes ishu to bedroom and calls doctor. Doc asks ishu to take rest as she might get fever because of leg sprain. Doc gives sleeping pills to have better sleep. Ishu takes rest. Shagun suddenly comes to ashok's house. Mihika gets tense. Shagun tells she came to take few medical documents. Mihika forces shagun to leave before she finds ishu-ruhi. Shagun feels suspicious about mihika's behavior and checks all the house to find ruhi-ishu. Mihika wonders when shagun couldnt ishu-ruhi in any room. Actually ishu leaves from there with ruhi when she heard shagun's voice. Ishu takes ruhi to a hotel. Ishu feels sleepy and sleeps. Ruhi calls raman and tells they both are in some hotel and ishu isnt well. Raman comes to hotel and feels happy finding his wife-daughter. Raman takes ishu home. Later Ishu wakes up and gets worried when she couldnt find ruhi. Raman consoles ishu and promises he'll bring ruhi at any cost. 

Judge declares ruhi's custody was given to shagun by raman himself. Ishu yells not to give away ruhi to shagun.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th March 2015 Written Update

Gopi calls koki and tells about ahem's new love in his life. Koki shocks. Gopi says she has failed and cries. But koki tells gopi that mira-vidya are her daughters and ahem is still her husband so she has right on her family. Gopi has to ask all the questions to ahem for cheating on her. Koki says gopi that its her order to go to ahem and ask all her questions. Gopi agrees. Later gopi goes to ahem's house. Ahem will be in mixed emotions of happiness and surprise. Ahem stops himself hugging gopi and remembers gopi killing radha. Ahem gets angry. Ahem pushes away gopi and yells HE IS NO MORE HER HUSBAND and vidya-mira arent her kids. Gopi apologizes and asks ahem to take her back. Ahem yells at gopi that she wants to be mahaan and killed radha. She hadnt thought about her husband and kids. Ahem tells he has no more relation with him now. Gopi asks why ahem has broke his relation with koki-hetal and all. Ahem denies to answer gopi. Gopi says because kids are far away from modi family they have become spoiled brats. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th March 2015 Written Update

Gopi finds ahem in the holi party. But gopi shocks when she finds ahem-mansi together. Gopi once again shocks when mira-vidya call mansi as their mom and ahem-mansi as the best couple ever. Gopi gets shocked and couldnt bear this pain. Even jigar finds ahem with mansi and gets upset. Gopi comes back to their hotel room and cries. Here koki will very excited expecting gopi meeting ahem. But gopi calls koki and explains about ahem's new love life. Koki also shocks. 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Ahem's new love to be revealed to Gopi

In present track, gopi has returned from jail after 10 years. Gopi comes back to modi bhawan expecting her modi family is all together but she shocks learning ahem left modi house along with mira and vidya. Pari has abandoned rashi. Kinjal leaves dhaval as he has slapped her. Accidently urmi's memory will be gone. Koki took rashi's responsibility and stays with urmila. Jigar still dint reveal his relation with rashi. All the kids are grown up. Tolu-molu are still naughty. Mira has changed into an ultra modern lady, vidya has changed into a calm and decent girl. With the help of tolu-molu gopi finds ahem's address. Ahem will be living with vidya-mira in Mumbai. Ahem has committed to a new lady Mansi. And mansi determines not to get separated from ahem though gopi comes in between. On holi day, finally gopi meets ahem. But ahem shocks gopi by saying about his new love life Mansi. Ahem also tells gopi that he is going to engage with mansi very soon and also invites gopi for the event. Gopi will be super shocked. Lets watch how gopi reacts and how she would win back ahem's love.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th March 2015 Written Update

Gopi comes to the club to meet ahem along with jigar. Gopi keeps searching for ahem-mira-vidya who are playing holi in the same place. At urmi's chawl, modis happily playing holi. Koki will be happy thinking gopi brings ahem back in few days. Mira drinks the bhaang mixed cool drinks. Mira starts dancing on "balam pichikari" song. Gopi-jigar finds mira dancing. Gopi recognizes that she is the same one who was drunk and came to Indore police station and dashed her in the market. Here modis will be dancing for holi songs. Dhaval tries to put color on kinjal and resolve their issues but kinjal rejects. Koki consoles hetal that all these problems will be solved once gopi-ahem comes back home. Kinjal once again provokes pari saying koki is happy as gopi is back and she would bring back her son ahem as well. So her (Pari) bad days are on the way. Finally gopi finds ahem and takes color to put on ahem. But because of mira's water pump showered on gopi and gopi fell in a large colors tank. Gopi gets angry with mira and yells at mira. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th March 2015 Written Update

Gopi excited to meet ahem. 

Gopi calls koki and tells she had seen ahem. Koki feels happy and asks what did they talk. Gopi tells she had seen him but couldnt meet but on next day she is going to the club where vidya-mira has arranged a surprise holi party for ahem. Koki tells gopi to be strong and ask ahem to come back as soon as possible. Gopi says she is worried that ahem might be still angry with her. But koki says ahem loves her so much that once she finds her then he will forget everything. Later koki calls hetal to inform that gopi has found ahem. Koki says she is going to celebrate this holi happily wishing ahem-gopi to unite again. Next day modis come to urmi's chawl and everyone celebrate holi. Koki tells everyone that gopi is going to meet ahem and she is so happy. Here gopi will be excited and gets ready to go to club. Jigar comes to gopi and pulls her leg about ahem. Gopi will be fully blushing. But mansi determines herself not to depart from ahem and not to allow anyone (Gopi) in between them. Gopi tells khana ji that after 10 years she is meeting her ahem and she is worried how will ahem react. 

Gopi takes color and walks towards ahem. 

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Shagun to take away Ruhi from Ishitha

Shagun was kicked out of bhalla house for cheating them. Shagun is angry with bhallas and wanted to take revenge on Raman-Ishitha. Shagun thinks Ruhi is the weak point of Ishu and this is the only way she can hurt bhallas. Shagun once again cheats Raman about the bond papers in which she added to take ruhi in exchange of aadhi. Unknown Raman signs the bond papers thinking he has to give 4 lakh rupees to shagun every month. Bhallas will be happy about aadhi return but will be shocked after learning ruhi should leave them in exchange. Ishu will be broken. Shagun gives 1 day time to return aadhi back, Raman tries hard to get ruhi as well. But bhallas fail to save ruhi. Finally shagun takes away ruhi. In later episodes we can find how ishu gains back ruhi into her life. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th March 2015 Written Update

Ahem will be decorating the cake, gopi finds ahem. Gopi rushes to jigar and tells ahem is in the bakery. The shopkeeper brings the family pic frama of ahem's and shows it to ahem. Gopi-jigar standing in front of the shop, will be nervous and happy to meet ahem after 10years. Ahem walks out of the shop holding the picture frame. When gopi-jigar walk inside the shop, they find ahem no where (Woh to chala gaya). Gopi-jigar ask the shop owner about ahem, he tells ahem has left to home. Gopi asks for ahem's address, but the shop owner denies to give the address. Jigar pleads the shop keeper to give ahem's address. The shop owner tells ahem's daughters have arranged a holi party for ahem in a club. He gives the address of venue. Gopi will be excited to meet ahem after 10 years. Koki will be upset knowing tolu-molu got arrested. Hetal tells they doesnt want to make her worry. Koki takes promise from dhaval that he wouldnt hide any problem with her in future. Koki will be angry that pappu-rashi also involved in tolu-molu's hacking mistake. Dhaval defends the kids. Koki promises dhaval that she wouldnt scold pappu-rashi. Modis does the holika pooja and pray for unity of their family again. Urmi's colony people also celebrate the holika pooja. Rashi-pappu blame each other in hacking problem. Koki scolds pappu-rashi. Rashi apologizes koki. Koki forgives the kids. Koki prays khana ji to bring back ahem to her. Kinjal provokes pari that they all were happy without gopi or her family, and now after gopi's arrival tolu-molu went to jail. But pari back fires on kinjal that she is provoking pari in a wrong way. 

Trending News: Karan Patel getting married in May - Divyanka and Sharrad got seperated

Karan aka Raman bhalla of Yeh hai mohabbatein is tieing knot with Ankita Bhargava on May 3rd. Their Roka is on 14th of March. Karan who was dating Kamya Punjabi has ditched her as karan's parents did not accept their relation as Kamya is a divorcee and mother of a child. Romi bhalla of Yeh hai mohabbatein share a good relation with karan off screen as well and played a cupid role between ankita and karan. Aly introduced ankita to karan and both fell in love. Ankita's father is the reel father-in-law (Mr. Iyyer) to karan in yeh hai mohabbatein. Both the families are happy about the marriage. Karan is all blushing to explain about his life partner. Kamya looks a bit upset about the marriage, but we hope a good life to the new couple and Kamya as well. 

Divyanka Tripati aka Ishitha of Yeh hai mohabbatein has declared to media that she and Sharrad Malhotra have got separated with mutual concern. The couple were in relation since they met on the 
sets of a TV drama 8 years back. The couple should have got married this month but Sharrad was backing out with commitment. Divyanka was upset to share the news but she is okay now. Its better to get separated than to regret later. We wish Divyanka a super fast recovery from her break up and have a happy life. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th March 2015 Written Update

Gopi gets hit with mira-vidya's bike and falls on ground. Vidya comes back and helps gopi to get up. Gopi remembers vidya's touch for a moment (Blood relation.. huh). But mira keeps on calling for vidya so vidya rushes back. Jigar finds gopi on ground and rushes to her but doesnt find mira-vidya (Whole family is the same, doesnt bother important things). The girls leave. Gopi tells jigar that she hopes her vidya-mira doesnt be like these girls (They are your vidya-mira darling). Vidya-mira go to college. Gopi-jigar goes to ahem's address, mansi opens the door. Gopi-jigar introduces themselves, mansi shocks (My villian!!). Gopi asks for ahem. Mansi tells ahem has sold her the house and left for US. Gopi shocks (Nahiiiin). Gopi asks for ahem's address but mansi denies knowing his details. Gopi pleads mansi to tell ahem's details. Mansi keeps on ignoring ahem's details. Mansi tells she only know that ahem is very short tempered and hates his wife (Hezz still the same). Jigar consoles gopi that its not true and they would find ahem anyway. Jigar asks a glass of water, gopi asks mansi to let see her house. Mansi agrees. While Gopi checking the house, mansi hides vidya-mira-ahem's childhood picture (Suspense should go on). Gopi has water and finds vidya-mira's grown up picture and asks who is this. Mansi tells its her daughters. Gopi tells she has seen them in Indore and one of them was drunk. Gopi asks to take care of the girls. Mansi nods as yes. Gopi-jigar leaves. Mansi determines not to leave ahem after these many days of struggle (Gopi has tough days ahead). Gopi feels bad that she expected to find ahem and hug him but shezz upset as ahem is angry with her. Jigar tries to console and asks not to lose her hope. Jigar gets a call from pari and tells that some mansi has filled a case against tolu-molu for hacking her bank account.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th March 2015 Written Update

Tolu-molu hack ahem's bank account number and find ahem's address. Gopi will be worried how to find ahem's address. Tolu-molu gift gopi ahem's address. Gopi will be happy to know that ahem is living in Mumbai with vidya-mira. Gopi goes to koki and tells about ahem's living place. Koki blesses gopi and asks her to bring back ahem soon. Gopi-jigar start off to Mumbai. They plan to go to ahem's place next day as its been too late. Kinjal will be angry with gopi as she is planning to bring back koki-ahem into modi house again. 

Gopi-jigar thank khana ji for helping them to find ahem. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th March 2015 Written Update

Rashi tells gopi that jigar is best kaka in the world as he takes care of her very well. Gopi taunts jigar that its true (How can a father leave his daughter?). Gopi says koki that she had tried to get ahem's contact but she failed in all plans. Koki asks gopi not to lose hope. Jigar pleads gopi to let him help her in finding ahem. Gopi angrily rejects his help. Jigar says he loves ahem a lot, he is worried for him and he wants ahem back in modi house. Gopi replies jigar that she had believed in jigar that he would take care of ahem in her absence but he disappointed. Jigar pleads gopi once again. But gopi keeps on rejecting jigar and blames for breaking their family into parts (Jigar should have tried to find ahem before). Koki defends jigar telling gopi that jigar couldnt leave with ahem because he has to take care of modi family alone and took care of rashi very well. Gopi gets convinced. Koki says gopi that she cant come along with her to find ahem as she has take care of pappu-rashi-urmi, so she has to take jigar's help now. Gopi says she is worried about ahem-vidya-mira as she couldnt find them. Jigar tells ahem's bank account is still active and they can find his address from the bank. Gopi-jigar goes to bank to get ahem's details. But the manager rejects to give ahem's info as he is their VVIP customer and ahem himself has ordered not to leak info about him. Gopi pleads the manager saying she is his wife and she needs his details. Here rashi-pappu-tolu-molu decide to find ahem as gopi is upset about them. Even tolu-molu think of finding ahem through ahem's bank account. Pari will be upset as gopi is angry with her as she couldnt accept rashi. Hetal explains pari that gopi loves them a lot and she is angry for a while. 

Gopi will be worried as manager has denied to give ahem's address. Tolu-molu give ahem's address. Gopi will be happy. 

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th March 2015 Written Update

Gopi will be emotional and tells now in modi bhawan only people live but not a family. Kinjal yells at gopi not to blame anyone (How can she yell at gopi ). But gopi fires back at kinjal to take care of HER family and not involve in her (Gopi's) family matters. Gopi finds kinjal wearing koki's jewelry, and yells at kinjal that by wearing koki's jewelry she cannot take koki's place in modi house and kinjal isnt having any feelings like a mom as she left her son alone and enjoying her life. Gopi tells kinjal that she is just a guest at modi house (Finally gopi spoke harshly with kinjal as she should have done long back ). Gopi again tells she is disappointed about everyone and determines that she will be bring all of them into the house again and make a happy family again because she has promised to koki that she will bring back her into the house again. Gopi asks for ahem's phonebook to get his contacts. Gopi goes to her room and recalls all the past happy moments. Jigar comes to gopi to help her but gopi rejects to take his help. Gopi checks ahem's clothes and things and cries (Ahem dint even meet gopi once in a while in 10 years ?). Gopi calls all the contacts in ahem's diary and asks about ahem-mira-vidya. But couldnt find the address. Gopi leaves modi bhawan saying that she is going to find ahem-vidya-mira. Though hetal tries to stop, gopi says she will find herself. Gopi goes to police station and files a missing complaint against ahem. But police rejects to take the complaint as ahem has left the house willingly. Gopi comes to urmi's house and finds rashi taking care of koki and feels happy. 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd March 2015 Written Update

Gopi remembers her sweet moments with ahem and feels bad how is her family (Aww poor baby). Vidya-mira come home. The girls call a new woman "mom" (Who the hell is she?). The new mom will be happy that vidya-mira is safe back home. They plan a surprise holi party for ahem (Again in US?). Girls will be all excited about surprise party. Here in modi bhawan, modis will be excited as they are happy about koki's arrival (Be ready for a great class by gopi now). But kinjal will be upset as koki will torture her again and takes away her freedom (We too dont want to listen the dialogues only by yelling) . Gopi comes back home. Gopi will be super angry that no one in modi bhawan has stopped koki to leave the house. Hetal-bha tell gopi that they have tried to stop koki. Gopi scolds bha that she should have ordered koki not leave the house and even ahem (Bha was quiet in all the serious situations baby). Gopi scolds hetal that she should have ordered her sister koki not to leave the house (When did koki listen to hetal?). Gopi scolds parag that he should have supported koki and should have stopped her (Hezz having fun now :) ). Gopi scolds pari that she has taken care only HER family and left gopi's (At least now scold pari properly). Now koki is missing her son, family, her grand daughters and living a pitiful life. Gopi will be angry with modis that they all have not stopped ahem-koki to do as they wished. Gopi again scolds pari that she has left rashi alone, no one has forced pari to accept rashi, and how could a mother can do that. How could pari blame a lil child about all the mistakes. How could she leave rashi alone as radha has given birth. Then tolu-molu also arent her kids (Right points... Whistles). Jigar tries to support pari, Gopi yells at jigar that ahem has scolded him so he left his brother for 10 years (How could he?). Jigar defends himself that he has searched for ahem a lot but he couldnt find him and he is waiting for ahem very badly. Gopi tells she is disappointed about her family. When she left 10 years back, modis was supporting each other but now no one cares about others, all have become mean. 

Gopi determines to make her family ONE again.