Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 27 February 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th February 2015 Written Update

Gopi asks koki what has happened to urmi. Pappu comes there and meets gopi (Pappu was so cute in childhood but now ... ). Pappu will be happy about gopi's arrival. Pappu says he and rashi together prepared lots of gifts for her (Pappu is the same as he was in childhood, so sweet). Pappu shows his family picture to gopi and asks gopi to make his family complete again (Awww poor baby). Gopi will be shocked again. Pappu and rashi go out to purchase ice cream for gopi. Koki tells gopi that their family has broken into pieces in these 10 years. Koki says kinjal isnt living with dhaval now. Dhaval has slapped kinjal because of some argument between the couple. So kinjal left the house. Before 10 years, hetal-kinjal came to urmi's house to know what has happened. Dhaval tells hetal that kinjal was hitting urmi so he got angry and slapped kinjal (Dude you should know what actually happened). Kinjal says she thought it was a thief and with this misunderstanding dhaval thought kinjal has hit urmi. Urmi denies to admit her mistake (This lady can never change). Kinjal leaves the house. While kinjal coming downstairs a flower pot fell on urmi's head so she lost her past memories. Koki says now urmi-pappu-rashi is her family now. Gopi asks koki how could ahem let koki to live this pitiful life and how could he allow kinjal to leave dhaval. Koki tells because kinjal has left the house so she came here to take care of urmi-dhaval and rashi (Dont cook up stories yaar, actually you have no place to go). Gopi asks jigar to call ahem and ask him to come along with mira-vidya to urmi's house to take koki to modi bhawan (Another jhatka is on the way gopi vahu). Koki rejects to come to modi bhawan. Dhaval comes home and feels happy to see gopi (Happy to see dhaval is still the same). Gopi scolds dhaval for letting kinjal to leave him. Dhaval says he has tried a lot but kinjal is so stubborn till now. Gopi assures koki that she would solve all the problems now. Gopi says jigar to call ahem. Jigar calls hetal and tells gopi has learnt all the truth about kinjal's breakup and trying to bring koki home. Gopi packs koki's luggage and assures urmi that she herself would take care of urmi and take away koki from there. Gopi again insists koki to come back home. Koki denies to come back to modi bhawan. Koki tells modi bhawan is no more her home as ahem isnt living there and he hates her a lot now. Ahem left the house because of koki. (I wanna see ahem very badly :( ).

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th February 2015 Written Update

Gopi will be happy looking at rashi. Rashi tells gopi that finally her mom has come (Oh dear, wish you doesnt be like radha  ). And pappu has told about gopi coming back home so she came running (we dint see how cute pappu has changed  ). Gopi asks rashi that pari is her mom, right. But rashi clears gopi that pari is her kaki and gopi is her mom. Rashi complaints about pari that she is always rude (Pari was irritating since her first episode rashi  ). But jigar kaka will be visiting her regularly and brings lots of gifts for her (After all he is your dad!!  ). Gopi is shocked to know about pari's behavior towards rashi. Koki says rashi not to complaint about elders. Rashi asks gopi whether she will leave her again. Gopi promises rashi that she will never leave her again. Rashi says gopi's best friend is khana ji. Rashi shows few gifts she has prepared for gopi in all these 10 years (How sweet  ). Gopi will be surprised with rashi's words. Rashi says she would go out and tell everyone about her mom's arrival.

Gopi insists koki to tell the truth. Koki tells, after gopi's jail judgement all were shocked. Later koki gave rashi to pari but pari rejects to accept her. And pari is angry as because of rashi, gopi has gone to jail and she will be remembering all the incidents at omkareshwar (What a stupid reason yaar  ). Gopi will be shocked. Gopi will be angry with pari as she has given a stupid reason and abonded rashi. Gopi again realises that this is the reason why koki is bearing all the nonsense in urmi's house (Koki is always responsible ). Again koki tells that urmi has lost her memory. Mira gets down the cab and asks vidya to go back home and she will go her way. Vidya warns mira to come along with her to home but mira rejects. So vidya calmly leaves from there. But mira again follows vidya as she cant take a way alone. (Dont know where these girls are freaking out since two episodes  )

Koki rejects to come back to modi bhawan as ahem isnt living in modi bhawan and he has broken all the relations with koki.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th February 2015 Written Update

Hetal feels bad for gopi because when she learns about the truth then she would get hurt(why cant they reveal the truth). Gopi will be too much excited to meet koki and ahem. Gopi tells jigar that she wanna see mira-vidya very badly and couldnt guess how they look like now. Jigar asks gopi whether to show their picture but gopi rejects as she wants to meet them in-person. Vidya scolds mira for boozing once again though she promised her not to. Mira apologizes vidya. Vidya tells mira that she would tell ahem about mira's drinking habbit. Mira pleads vidya not to tell ahem and promises she would quit drinking(Father doesnt bother his daughters?). Gopi reaches urmi's house and finds koki washing clothes(What the hell!!). Gopi will be shocked(Even we are shocked). The saas-bahu meet and feel happy. Both hug for few seconds. Koki says gopi that everyday she remembered her a lot. Gopi says she too has missed her a lot. Gopi wonders why koki working here. Koki denies the question. Gopi insists koki to tell whats going on. Urmi comes there. Urmi comes downstairs and scolds koki for chit chatting with others without working. Urmi denies to recognize gopi(What happened to urmi's mind and dressing sense. Both got damaged). Urmi takes koki inside the house. Urmi scolds gopi not to interfere in their personal matters. Urmi locks the door inside and hits koki with a broom stick. Gopi will be crying and looking at koki getting hit. Gopi remembers how koki used to be with urmi and wonders. Jigar-gopi will be crying looking at koki. Urmi warns koki to work properly and leaves. Gopi yells at koki to open the door. Koki opens the door. Gopi feels bad looking at the bruises/scars on koki's body. Gopi asks whats happening here. Koki says she would prepare tea for her and walks into kitchen. Gopi asks jigar whats going on. Jigar remains calm. Gopi rushes into kitchen and asks whats going on. Koki says gopi not to worry about her. Koki arranges snacks and takes them for urmi. Gopi hears a girl calling mom. Gopi thinks its mira-vidya and rushes out. But a lil 10 year girl rushes to gopi and hugs her calling "mom". Gopi thinks its rashi and feels happy.(What the hell has happened in these 10 years yaar)

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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th February 2015 Written Update

Gopi gets down the bus in rajkot and thinks of buying gifts for everyone at home. Gopi takes a shawl for koki, goggles for tolu-molu, dress for mira and a book for vidya. Tolu-molu have bet to collect random things in the market. They dash gopi in the market. Gopi scolds them. Tolu-molu recognize gopi, they go to gopi and tie her up. They take her home and open the blind folds. Tolu-molu take blessings from gopi and tells they are tolu-molu. Gopi will be surprised to see them after 10 years (What a family ? They dint see each other in these many years...grrr). Gopi makes fun that they havent changed yet. Tolu-molu show their home, gopi recalls 10 year back stories. All the three walk in to the house (Different home now :) ). All the family members present in the hall except koki-ahem. Gopi takes bha's blessings (Bha on wheel chair). Hetal will be shocked to see gopi. Gopi says police has released her 4 years before for her well behavior. Gopi meets chirag-parag-jigar and pari. Jigar feels emotional and tells they have missed her a lot. Gopi asks about koki-ahem-mira-vidya (She dont remember rashi :( ). Jigar-hetal get nervous. Bha says before meeting them she would give aarthi to gopi. Bha does aarthi. 

Gopi appreciates pari for taking care of modis well for 20 years. Pari replies she has missed her a lot. Gopi again asks for mira-vidya and koki. Now pari-hetal will be nervous to answer her. Gopi goes to mandir thinking koki is doing some pooja (let them answer gopi). Gopi keeps on searching for koki around the house. All of them remain silent. Hetal says koki at urmi's house..... (Before completing the sentence). Gopi says she would go to urmi's house and meet koki. Jigar says he would come along. While walking out, gopi meets kinjal (ufff kinjal's make up :(, She should change her makeup man). Both wish each other. Gopi says she would go to urmi's house and bring koki. Gopi-jigar come out. Kinjal yells at hetal to reveal the truth before gopi learns about it. Gopi in the car with jigar will be telling him that she has missed everyone a lot and she is eager to meet everyone. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd February 2015 Written Update

After 10 years, gopi in Indore jail. Other lady prisoners will be discussing that today gopi's last day in the jail and she has changed their lives in these 10 years. Gopi gives aarthi to khana ji. The jailer praises gopi for her well behavior govt has decided to release her before though her punishment was for 14 years. Jailer tells she hadnt informed modis about gopi's release as gopi has requested not to, as she wants to surprise them. Gopi takes leave from her fellow prisoners. Gopi proudly explains about her family and about her daughters. Gopi tells vidya is very naughty and mira is a very calm girl, in fact they both have changed a lot. Mira will be brought to the same jail for drunk and drive case. Vidya as well comes there to take back her sister home. Gopi finds these two girls and feels bad for their parents. Vidya tells the police to leave mira as its 6 pm and they cannot arrest mira without a warrant. Police leave mira. Gopi starts off in a bus to Rajkot and mira-vidya in their car. Gopi hopes her family to reunite after 10 years and everyone will  be so happy to see her back. 

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

New leap start next week !!!

At present, radha showing her evilness towards modis. Radha isnt worried about her new born baby as well. Most of the fans are eager to see when gopi ends radha. Radha slaps gopi badly for all the situations she got hurt because of gopi. In later episodes, radha would take her revenge even on koki by slapping her. Koki begs radha to take revenge on all the other modis but give back baby rashi to them in return. Radha denies to give rashi to modis and yells at modis that she wouldnt care about rashi's life and she just used the baby to torture modis. Radha goes beyond the evilness and gopi loses her patience. Gopi finally kills radha with a trishul. 

Later, 10years leap will be shown. Almost all the elder actors will remain in the show. Its sad as the child actors will not be seen. A new twist and turns to show up in coming episodes. We shall wait for a new interesting story. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Saathiya Cast Crazy Selfies !!

Radha to kidnap Rashi !!

Till now modis are worried about the problems which radha is creating in modi house. Radha is angry with modis as they are planning to kick her out and give her baby to pari. Radha plans to kidnap rashi and run away from modi house and thinks of coming back later to modi house to take her revenge. Its sad that radha hasnt change after giving birth to a child. Here ahem's family will be shifting to US after rashi's naamkaran ceremony. But gopi finds radha and rashi are missing from the house. Lets see whether modis find rashi and ahem shifts to US or not?

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Tolu-Molu-Mira in new leap

Fans of Saathiya would be excited to know that new leap of the story can bring new people with interesting turns and twists. Here are tolu-molu and mira in leap. 

Rashi Modi Aka Rucha Hasabnis Marriage Pictures

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th February 2015 Written Update

Ahem will be worried for gopi bcoz of radha. But gopi assures that everything will be fine and very soon they will be leaving to states. Here radha decides to leave modis along with baby before pari takes away the baby.
Urmi covers herself with shawl and will be acting like a thief. Kinjal finds a person in hall, urmi sprays pepper spray on kinjal's face. Kinjal couldn't see and hits urmi thinking its thief. Dhaval comes there at the same time. Dhaval thinks kinjal is torturing urmi. Kinjal tries to defend herself but dhaval doesn't cares. Dhaval slaps kinjal saying he can't bear anyone treating low with urmi.

Next day, radha apologies gopi. Ahem leaves to Mira's school. Ahem says koki to take care of gopi. Maithili comes home and tells MODIS that she has come to massage the baby. Koki explains maithili to be careful with the baby. Radha takes maithili to her room. Later, koki will be observing radha on CCTV camera. Pari comes there. Pari says maithili that radha will be leaving soon so she need to learn how to take care of the baby. Maithili will be confused. Radha acts before maithili that she is worried about her baby. Maithili takes the baby out. Radha takes a diaper and writes a note that modis are forcefully taking away her baby. Radha brings maithili to bathroom and explains that modis are taking away her baby. Maithili agrees. Radha explains the plan. Maithili keeps the toy in jhoola. Maithili leaves. Radha collects all her jewelry. Radha goes to bathroom and removes the glasses of the window. Maithili helps radha. But before they leave, bunty will be barking at them.