Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 15 December 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th December 2014 Written Update

Gopi asks radha to scratch her nose to the ground and plead hetal. But hetal stops radha and gives 1 lakh rupees. Radha gives the money to the vendor. Gopi assures that he would receive the consignment. The vendor leaves. Gopi warns radha to be careful before she plans something bad about the family. Later Koki and hetal at mandir, hetal says koki that gopi has saved rashi pickle business and made radha to apologize her. Hetal again says gopi has come into their house because of koki and now gopi has become like koki. Now gopi is supporting pari and there is no wrong in it. Hetal asks koki to think once about gopi without any anger in heart so that she can understand what gopi is thinking. Radha finds this and thinks she should do something to break the relation between gopi-koki, if not all the modis would become her problem. 

At urmi's house, Kinjal stops urmi who was going out. Urmi says kinjal that she is going on walk and leaves. Urmi will be walking in the park and someone will be following her. The builder comes there and gives advance money to buy her chawl. Urmi will be happy and checks the money. Urmi comes back to the chawl, Urmi tells the chawl people that she would give 10k each family for their new houses. But the chawl people say that they already knew that she is planning to build a building in this chawl. The chawl people scold urmi but kinjal-dhaval stop them. 

At modi bhawan, koki tells hetal that ahem-jigar has gone for some meeting. Mira comes there and takes both the ladies into the garden area, and shows her dance. Both the ladies will be happy and impressed. Mira tells her grandmoms that she is learning for the colony competition. Vidya comes there. Vidya asks mira to come and study. Vidya tells koki that they have exams in 2 days and they are on preparation holidays. Koki asks mira why isnt she studying. Mira says she was practicing dance so dint study. Gopi comes there. Koki tells gopi to take care of kids studies. Koki tells mira that she should concentrate on studies first and later she can think about dancing. Radha finds this and thinks koki-gopi shouldnt become one and she should break their relation. Jigar calls pari and tells he has sent some parcel and asks her to keep it safe in their room. Pari agrees. Door bell rings. Pari opens the door and finds a flower bouquet outside. Pari thinks jigar has sent it. Pari walks away to her room. Meeti receives the parcel packet sent by jigar. Radha will be upset thinking jigar has sent a bouquet to pari. 

Later, mira will be uninterested in studying and wants to dance. Gopi says mira that she would give a 1 hour break later that time she can dance. Mira agrees. Koki arranges the dinner for all and hears the music. Koki walks there and finds mira dancing, pari-kids will be watching her. Koki stops the music. Koki asks mira to study first. Mira tells she has studied and took permission from gopi to practice dance. Koki gets angry.