Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 5 December 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th December 2014 Written Update

Finally Radha married to Jigar. Pari is kicked out of modi house. 

Koki-gopi reach modi bhawan along with mira-vidya. They find out about jigar's marriage in mandir and rush there. But unluckily jigar fills radha's maang before gopi reaches mandir. Pari gets upset as she has to move out of modi bhawan and jigar got married to radha. Jigar gets upset as his life got complicated. Radha kicks out pari from the house. 

Pari tells everyone that she has to move out of the house as she has signed the divorce papers and jigar got married to radha. Pari takes her luggage and walks out, but gopi stops her. Koki asks gopi to let pari leave but gopi denies. Pari says gopi that she should accept the truth. And now she should realize that jigar isnt her husband anymore. When she has learnt the lesson that she should love husband's family as well, she has to leave the house. Gopi explains pari that she has to believe in love, and modis will never accept radha as their daughter-in-law. When gopi has come into this house, even ahem hasnt accepted her but later on she got accepted from all modis. Pari again tells gopi that jigar himself isnt interested in accepting her as his wife then she cannot think of staying back. Koki yells at gopi not to insist pari to stay back. All this fuss has happened because of pari. So pari should leave the house. Even ahem supports koki. Hetal apologizes pari for not accepting pari as her DIL. Jigar asks hetal not to feel sorry for her. Hetal says jigar that if jigar had accepted pari then she would have taken rashi's place and even kids would have got a mom. Hetal feels bad and leaves from there. Hetal goes to her room, radha comes there. Radha asks hetal to give rashi's jewelry to wear. Hetal rejects and yells she cannot take rashi's jewelry. Radha insists hetal to give the keys. Radha takes the keys to open the cupboard. But hetal takes back and scolds radha that she cannot take rashi's place nor she can take rashi's jewelry. Radha again takes the keys and takes away rashi's jewelry. Though hetal pleads radha, radha takes away. Gopi pleads koki to understand her explanation but koki yells that gopi might be planning to divide their family into parts. Pari pleads koki not to break her relation with gopi because of her. Modis hear hetal's voice and rushes to her room. They find hetal on bed. Radha tells jigar that she has come to take rashi's jewelry. Urmi scolds radha. Urmi tries to take back the jewelry but radha pushes urmi. Gopi tries to take the jewlry, but she pushes gopi as well.