Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd December 2014 Written Update

Koki-Gopi find mira-vidya. Ladies try to rescue the kids. 

At modi bhawan, radha will be dancing with music on. Modis gather in hall. Jigar comes there and stops. Radha says she is celebrating her sangeeth. Radha again switches on the radio and dances again. Jigar frustrates and breaks the music system. Jigar yells at radha that he will not marry her if she behaves so. Ahem stops jigar as kids are under radha's control. Radha goes back to her room. Pari-hetal finds radha in her room, and starts acting. Pari acts upset about the marriage. Hetal consoles pari that they are arranging the marriage in the house so there will be no proof of wedding between anyone so its just an act. Radha comes out and asks everyone to gather in hall. Radha orders everyone that marriage will be in the mandir and jigar should come on horse too. Radha walks off into her room. Modis will be relieved. Ahem calls gopi to inform about the marriage venue has changed. Mobile slips from koki's hands while taking out of the bag. But koki asks gopi not to stop the vehicle as they have to think about the kids before. Gopi keeps going on. Koki-gopi reach the Khurana station. There they find mira's tiffin box and keep on searching. Koki-gopi meet one of the goon and doubts that kids are with them. 

Radha gets ready and comes downstairs. Dulhan's car arrives. Radha says she has ordered the car decorated with flowers for herself. Koki-gopi hear ladies laughing out loud and thinks its the goons. Gopi-koki check into the room through a window and find mira-vidya tied up to chairs. Koki gets emotional and cries. Radha hurries up modis to go to mandir. Modis pray khana ji and leave the house. In the car, jigar feels guilty as this all fuss is happening only because of him. 

Koki-gopi bang on the doors and hide aside so that the goons open the door. When the goons open the door and search, koki-gopi enter inside the room and lock inside. Ladies untie the kids. They find a window and think of jumping out. While gopi-koki discuss who to jump out of the room, ladies enter inside the room. Koki-gopi takes things around and hit the mad ladies. Finally gopi-koki rush out of the room. The mad ladies also jump out of the window. All the four rush on their scooty. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd December 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, radha says pari that she is going to marry jigar in a complete traditional way. Jigar rejects to get married. Radha tells jigar that if he denies to marry then the goons would kill the kids. Jigar agrees to marry. Everyone scold radha for her evil behavior. Radha stops pari to leave the house till her marriage with jigar. Pari scolds radha as she is torturing everyone. Radha asks pari to leave the house if she wishes. Pari tells radha that she can do anything for gopi as she has gone against her family supporting her. Radha sends the video of kids crying to everyone and tells not to think anything against her. Koki gets hyper and comes to radha and slaps her. Koki grabs radha's neck and scolds how dare she is to kidnap her grandkids and to get married to jigar. All others stop koki, radha 
warns koki that if they trouble her then the reaction would be on mira-vidya. Koki whispers to gopi that she is acting and support her. Koki leaves radha. Radha asks koki not to stand before her and koki shouldnt attend her marriage. Gopi assures radha that koki will not attend the marriage. Gopi takes away koki from there. Radha tells modis to get ready for the marriage. 

Vidya-mira will be under control of 4 mental hospital patients. They will be happy that if they take care of the kids then radha will be giving them a lot of money and they need not go back to the mental hospital as well. Koki-gopi watch the kids video and recognize that the kids are in a godown which is near a railway station. Gopi-koki decide to reach the place as early as possible. Gopi thanks koki for helping her. Koki once again clears gopi that she is only helping her for her grandkids and after that she will have no relation with gopi. Gopi call ahem and informs that koki-herself going to search for the kids with the clue they found in the video. And asks ahem to stay back and take care of everything here, and delay the marriage as much as possible so that they can return back with the kids. 

Ahem-jigar decide to call police so that they can help koki-gopi. Koki-gopi go outside through window. They couldnt find an auto, so gopi brings a scooty. Both leave. Police arrive modi bhawan and tells they want to interogate radha. Police tells radha that she will be arrested as she has kidnapped vidya-mira. Radha asks police to confirm with gopi whether its true or not. Tolu-molu come downstairs. So ahem apologizes police that kids have played another prank with them. Police leaves. Radha yells at modis not to act smart. Koki-gopi reach rajkot railway station. They enquire about luggage room and rush there. They find no one there and thinks they have come to wrong place. Gopi goes to ticket counter, and asks about 8'o clock train. There they get information that a goods train goes at that time.