Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 1 December 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 1st December 2014 Written Update

At hospital, ishu will be upset as doc has lied before everyone. Raman explains ishu that they should think twice as they should think about mihika and stop themselves. Raman asks ishu to go to home and have rest. Raman goes into mihika's room and finds she is crying. He makes fun of mihika about madrasis cant cry and should kill someone but not themselves. Raman says that he has some surprise. Mihir comes there. Mihir-mihika cries. Mihir asks her how could she leave him and kill herself and how she could think that he would beleive ashok. Mihika apologizes him. Mihir scolds mihika for taking this nasty decision leaving him behind alone. Both hug and cry. Mihir asks mihika to promise not to leave him alone anytime. Shagun remembers the scene of ashok decieving her and agreeing to get married to mihika. Shagun calls the reporter and says she wanted to give an exclusive interview how ishu has ruined her life. Ishu at home will be angry-upset about ashok-mihika's scandal. Romi-simi plan to help ishu. Shagun will be giving interview on live. Shagun tells that raman and ishu has 
taken revenge on her. Shagun explains that ishu cant give birth to a baby so she trapped raman and taken away her daughter ruhi. And now ishu has spoiled her life using mihika. Mihika has seduced ashok and spoiled her life. Bhallas-ayyars watch the video and feel bad. Mrs ayyar will upset. Ishu tries to console her. Raman comes to ayyar and says he would take care of everything and she should be strong. Raman determines to teach a lesson to ashok-shagun. Ishu will be crying, ruhi consoles cutely ishu to be strong. Raman-ishu will be impressed with ruhi's strong heart. Ruhi demands raman to prepare juice for ishu. Raman will be standing and looking at them. So ruhi says she would punish him as he dint go and bring juice for ishu. Ruhi kisses the couple. 

Shagun comes with ladies to raman's house to seak justice for ruining her life. But ruhi stops them and asks not to trouble ishu anymore. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st December 2014 Written Update

Radha demands pari to sign divorce papers. Pari agrees. Radha reveals how pari has forced jigar to get married to jigar. Radha shocks modis about her marriage with jigar next day. 

At modi bhawan, koki demands pari to sign the divorce papers. But pari denies. Gopi-hetal requests pari to sign but pari rejects and leaves from there. Ahem-gopi-jigar goes to pari's room and requests pari to sign. Pari says she cant as she cant break her relation with jigar. Though everyone pleads her, pari rejects to do so. Pari sends away them from her room asking to leave her alone. In the garden, urmi will be angry as radha-pari are toubling them. Dhaval will be upset for vidya-mira. Urmi scolds madhu as her daughter is making all the fuss. Koki will be angry with pari as she isnt agreeing to them. But ahem stops koki. Ahem tells koki that they have to explain pari in a cool manner. Madhu goes to radha and scolds radha for troubling everyone. But radha yells back at madhu and says she would slap her if she scolds her again. Madhu leaves. Again Ahem-gopi-jigar goes to pari's room and requests to open the door and help them. Pari remains calm. Gopi says ahem that she would talk to radha once, but ahem says radha would never agree. Gopi feels bad that pari isnt agreeing and radha isnt listening to her then there is no other way to save her kids. Ahem says they should try to convince radha any how. 

All gather in hall, Radha asks gopi whether pari has signed the papers. Gopi says no. Radha yells at gopi that one hour has passed and she cannot save vidya-mira now. Jigar requests radha to send kids to them but radha denies. Koki asks radha to leave the kids. Radha shows the video where kids are tied up and crying. Ahem grabs radha and says he would kill her if she harms his kids. Radha warns ahem that in 15mins the goons will kill the kids. Gopi again begs radha to leave her kids. Pari comes there and says she will sign on divorce papers. Jigar assures pari that he will be with her. Finally pari signs the divorce papers. Radha taunts jigar that love is blossoming in them with this divorce. Jigar yells radha to stop this. Radha says jigar that he should know how pari got married to him. Radha reveals that pari has planned to spend a night with him and force him to marry. Jigar shocks and yells at pari to leave this house. Pari tries to explain but jigar doesnt listen. Pari agrees to leave. But radha stops pari and says she should wait to leave the house for one day as she is going to marry jigar next day. Pari remains shocked. 

Radha says jigar that he has to marry her taditionally for the sake of kids.