Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 17 November 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 17th November 2014 Written Update

Ishu is still upset about the incident and couldnt sleep. Raman finds ishu upset and gets angry with ashok. Ishu remembers the humiliation done by ashok and param, cries. Toshi comes to ishu's room and finds ishu crying. Toshi asks what has happened. Ishu cries and explains. Toshi gets angry and thinks raman will never leave her now. Vandhu-romi in hospital, romi says he is fine and no need of check up. Doc tells romi is fine. Romi-vandhu leaves. Sarika thinks herself that romi isnt well now and would learn how it will be when he takes a wrong report. Raman goes to shagun and yells why she has sent the wrong address. Shagun defends herself that she told milka to bring her to the party. Raman says the message has come from her mobile. Shagun says her mobile has a password to open the mobile. Raman asks whether aadhi knows the password. Aadhi hears raman yelling at shagun and walks off from there. Here at ashok's place, aadhi comes to param and tells raman is doubting him now and he is angry. Param says aadhi that though he tells that param has sent the message no one believes him and raman will definitely scold him. Aadhi will be scared and leaves from there. 

Shagun defends herself that she hasnt done this. Milka believes her. But raman yells at shagun that he wouldnt leave aadhi if he has done the mistake. Raman leaves. Mihir yells at shagun for her wrong upbringing. Mihir remembers that rajeev has planned before and sent him to bring some alchol. Mihir thinks of telling to raman but milka stops him and asks him to tell raman later as he needs to take care of ishu. Milka thinks of revealing ashok's true intentions before shagun so that she doesnt marry him. Simi in her room, Simi doubts param has done all this fuss with well planning. Simi calls param and asks about how did ishu come to the bachelor party. Param admits that he has messaged using shagun's mobile. Param again says ishu-raman has insulted him very badly so he has planned this revenge. Simi cries and says why he should do and she has believed him. Simi again says he should be thankful to raman-ishu but he is taking revenge on them. Param says raman has manuplated her and hangs on the call. Later, raman will be waiting for aadhi outside the house. Aadhi comes back. Raman yells at aadhi that he has become an evil living with shagun. Aadhi says raman that shagun got hurt because of ishu, ishu has stolen ruhi from him, always scolds shagun and raman has never cared for him and never felt how he feels about him. Aadhi yells at raman that he doesnt treat him as his father and wanted no relation with him and he will be hurting ishu and he is ready to go jail for his mother. Raman will be shocked listening to aadhi. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th November 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari comes to radha and finds radha worried and feels happy. Pari calls radha to come downstairs as modis wanted to talk to her about urmi's death. Koki tells radha that they have decided to call police and arrest her because of urmi's death. Radha pleads koki that not to make her arrest. Koki says radha that she has tried to kill her in jigar's party so she might have planned to kill urmi. Radha pleads bha, gopi, hetal not to make her arrest. But no one supports her. Radha pleads everyone that she is pregnant and they shouldnt hurt the baby atleast. Modis start acting that they are worried about the baby and decides not to make her arrest. But koki says radha that she has to obey her rules if not they would make her arrest. Radha accepts to obey them. Hetal tells 1st rule that she would not try to hurt to her baby, 2nd rule: not to hurt mira, vidya and tolu-molu, 3rd rule: she should respect everyone in the family, 4th rule: to stay out of jigar. Later, koki-gopi-pari brings healthy laddus for radha but she rejects to eat. Koki warns radha to listen to them if not she will be arrested. Pari forces radha to eat the bitter laddu as she has forced mira to eat the chilly powder. 

Here shah family come back to their home. Kinjal and all tells urmi to stay at home for 9months so that their plan would be successful. Urmi rejects to stay at home. Kinjal locks the main door. Urmi says everyone that she wouldnt eat or move away from the door. Kinjal calls gopi. Gopi pleads urmi to listen to them. Gopi will be talking to urmi on mobile in her room, radha passes from the room and hears gopi talking to someone. Gopi finds radha near her room door, and acts as if she is talking to kinjal and feeling bad about urmi's death. Radha hears gopi talking and thinks she is talking to kinjal and leaves. 

Radha thinks of kicking pari out of the modi house. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Weekly Update : 10th to 15th November 2014

Pari tells modis that she has a plan to keep radha under their control. Gopi-koki and all agree as radha started troubling kids. Jigar shares the good news of his new business under the name of rashi. Modis plan to keep it secret from radha as she might spoil their party. Pari-mehta plan scare radha to kill her by taking radha to temple. Radha will be scared and rejects to come along with modis to temple. But urmi comes to modi bhawan and informs radha that modis have gone to party. Jigar gets insulted in the party as the other officers laugh at him as he has married pari after 3months of his wife's death. Radha as well goes to the party. Radha plans to tell everyone in the party about her pregnancy. But koki spoils her plan by asking radha to apply lipstick before going on to the stage but gives a glue stick. By that radha's lips get stuck and couldnt talk. Later, radha and urmi gets into an argument. Radha makes mira to eat chilly powder as to take revenge with modis. Koki and her gang plan to keep radha calm now. Pari tells everyone about her plan to make someone get killed in radha's hands so that they can blackmail radha. Modis think of implementing this plan with urmi. Pari-gopi plead urmi to help them but she rejects. Kinjal agrees to help modis. Pari keeps a stick in a flower pot and provoke radha to hit her. While radha taking out of the stick from the flower pot, the pot slips and falls on urmi who walks in. Modis continue their plan as urmi is dead by radha's hands. Modis convince radha that urmi is dead. Modis finish the cremation. Radha will be scared that urmi's spirit might take revenge on her. 

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 13th November 2014 Written Update

Raman brings milk for ishu and asks her to sleep on bed for today. Ishu drinks milk and thanks raman. Raman says he should indeed thank her. Ishu asks raman to talk to mihir and ask him not to break his relation with shagun as after a long time they both got together. Raman replies ishu that now mihir is angry with shagun though she hasnt done any mistake this time. Both get to bed, after a while, raman finds ishu sleeping and sits beside her. Raman feels bad for ishu and gets back to bed. Raman will be thanking ishu for all the help she has done for his family till now. Here suraj and param will be happy about ishu's situation. Param tells today they would celebrate the bachelor party. Suraj says param that he would make ashok happy by insulting ishu in the party. Suraj says he would plan something so that ishu comes to the party. Here milka comes to ishu to apologize her. Ishu says she has done nothing, aadhi has to be taken care. Milka tells ishu that shagun has come to apologize. Ishu meets shagun, shagun apologizes ishu and invites ishu for her hen's party. Ishu denies but shagun insists. Ishu remembers raman's words that he isnt willing to attend any of shagun's functions anymore. Shagun insists so ishu agrees. Raman explains mihir in office that he shouldnt break his relationship with shagun as its effecting his kids. 

Aadhi will be playing basket ball and remembers how he got insulted because of ishu. Param comes there. Param explains aadhi that ishu is the main reason for all this fuss. She has provoked raman so that he hurts shagun. And she has seperated his family as well. Param again tells aadhi that now he will help him to get revenge with ishu. Aadhi agrees to help. Param tells aadhi that he has to message ashok's bachelor party's address from shagun's mobile so that ishu comes there and gets insulted by them. Aadhi brings the mobile, param sends the message. Param informs suraj that he has succeeded in the plan. Here at milka's house, ishu comes there. Milka asks ishu to come along with them but ishu tells she would directly come there. Shagun calls milka to come fast. So she leaves. Ishu gets the address msg from shagun. Ishu will be confused how and why she should attend this hen's party. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th November 2014 Written Update

At urmi's house, pari comes there to seek urmi's help. Urmi denies and drags her out of the house. But gopi helps pari and explains urmi that radha is troubling them and as well kids. Urmi again rejects. Gopi seeks help from urmi for the sake of tolu-molu. Pari explains the plan about fake dying. Urmi gets angry and rejects to help. Urmi closes the door. Kinjal also pleads urmi to help but she denies. At modi bhawan, radha finds ladies in hall and thinks now modis will not dare to trouble her anymore. Gopi-pari come back home. Ladies will be upset that urmi has rejected to help them.  Kinjal comes there. Kinjal says everyone that she would help them as urmi is rejecting to help. Pari takes them to the balcony, and explains the plan that daily radha applies oil to her hair and takes sun bath in the morning. So that time pari will provoke radha and makes her drop the plant pot to fall. At the same time kinjal will be ready with fake blood on her head and acts as if she is dead. So they can trap radha in a murder case. Modis decide to impliment this plan as they need to get rid of radha forever. Urmi finds kinjal has gone to modi bhawan to help modis. But urmi will be angry that how could she go to modis to help when she has rejected to help. Urmi says she would go to modis. Here pari places few marbles under the flower pot and keeps the pot loose. Modis will be ready for the plan. Modis already fixes a cc camera near the balcony. Radha will be applying oil in the balcony. Pari goes to radha and starts provoking. Pari provokes radha that she will be considering her as an affair but not wife. In the warenda, urmi finds kinjal and starts scolding her for coming here to help modis. Urmi gets hyper and drags kinjal to take her away. Pari challenges radha to hit her. Radha takes out a stick from the flower pot and will be ready to hit pari. But the pot hits urmi and she gets fainted. All get shocked looking this. 

Gopi scolds radha for killing urmi.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th November 2014 Written Update

Urmi at her home, holding rashi's picture cries, and tells that after she has passed away jigar has got married to pari and now radha is back in modi bhawan and she is pregnant with jigar's baby. And urmi will be upset as she couldnt keep her promise about she taking care of tolu-molu. Kinjal finds urmi crying and consoles her. Radha asks koki to prepare the rotis for her after grinding from chakki herself. Pari gets angry and scolds radha. Radha says her baby that modis arent fulfilling her wishes and drinks poison. Gopi-hetal gets worried for radha. But radha tells the ladies that she hasnt done anything yet but she will kill her baby if they dont listen to her. Finally koki agrees. Urmi calls tolu-molu and asks whether they are fine. Kids assure urmi that they are fine. Kids say that radha asked koki to gring wheat using chakki. Urmi feels happy and tells koki is worth for this torture from radha. Koki who was passing by hears this phone call conversation and takes the call. Koki warns urmi not to teach nonsense to her kids. Urmi says she would laugh at her as she too has tortured her in the past. Later, in the night, mehta tries killing radha using chakki but pari stops him and takes him away. Pari apollogizes radha who got scared of this. Pari promises she would bring another chakki for her and says mehta sleep walks and as he was in pressure about this chakki, he tried to throw it on her. Radha gets scared of it. Koki gets ready to grind wheat using chakki, but radha stops her and asks she need not do that. Radha leaves. Koki asks pari whether it was her plan. Pari says koki that she cannot see radha troubling her in any way. Kids come downstairs to go to school. Gopi-koki-pari finds mira some what tensed and asks about it. But mira denies the question and leaves to school. Later, gopi gets a call from mira's school teacher telling mira cried in school without any reason. Kids come back home. Radha as well come downstairs. Pari takes kids to her room saying she wanted to show their family pics on fb. All the kids and ladies gather in pari's room. Pari says everyone that she cannot ask anything before radha so she brought everyone here. Gopi slowly asks mira about the problem, after a while, mira tells that radha has warned her that she would kill her if she doesnt listen to her and radha has slapped her. Ladies will be angry about radha's behavior towards kids. Pari asks everyone to be calm and she has a plan to solve this problem. All ladies agree to help pari. 

Later, radha recieves few wedding invitations through post. Radha says now she would atted these marriages and insult modis there. Modis says if they doesnt attend the marriage then no one cares about radha's nonsense. Jigar gets a call that his new business on the name of rashi has been approved and they have a party for all his family members. Jigar happily hangs on the call. Jigar shares this news with pari. Pari congratulates jigar and hugs him. Pari says she would gather all the family in bha's room to share this news. In bha's room, jigar shares this good news to everyone. Pari offers jigar to have some sweet, jigar forcly has some. Pari hugs and kisses jigar. Jigar invites everyone to party and leaves. All the gents leave. Pari says they have to plan properly and do not let radha to know about this good news. Radha comes there to find out whats happening. Pari finds radha at door and asks ladies to give her a position in their house other than radha, but ladies doesnt agree. Radha hears this and feels happy. Pari leaves angrily from there. Later, mehta-pari acts before radha that they would take modis to temple and kill radha over there. Radha gets scared and thinks of avoiding. Kinjal shares the news about jigar's new business with urmi, but she will be angry as modis havent invited her. 

Urmi comes to modi bhawan and asks about koki to radha. Radha tells they went to mandir. But urmi tells radha that they have gone for some party. Urmi tells the address of the party and leaves.