Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 31 October 2014

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st October 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari will be scared if radha tells everyone that she has mixed the medicine in jigar's drink then koki will drag her out of the house. Mehta says she shouldnt worry about that now but should think about how she should win jigar's heart. Pari agrees. At jigar's room, pari comes there and finds jigar packing clothes. Pari asks what is he doing. Jigar says he is making space for her clothes in the cupboard. Pari feels happy and thanks jigar for accepting her as his wife. Jigar clears pari that he would accept the relation of wife-husband with her but cannot stay as a husband with her in their room. Pari gets disappointed and says she would step into his room only when he accepts her as his wife. Again pari wishes jigar about diwali and asks for the gift. Jigar takes out his card and tells pari 
to buy anything she wishes. Pari gets hurt as jigar says he cannot buy a gift for her. 

Later, modis will be in pooja. They all hear band baja sounds and come outside. Modis find radha dancing their with band baja. After dancing for a while radha asks the band to leave. Koki yells at radha to leave calmly before she kicks her out. Radha takes blessings from her MIL's and says now she has all rights as a DIL in modi bhawan. Koki gets hyper and raises her hand to slap radha, but she grabs it. Radha says before she slaps her she would show something to all the elders. Radha sends kids inside the house. Radha shows modis the picture of herself and jigar sleeping. Koki gets calm. Radha says koki she has stored the data though she has thrown away her mobile in which the pictures were there. Radha again says if they do not accept her as their DIL then she would file a rape case against jigar. Modis remain shocked. 

Gopi scolds radha for behaving so low before everyone. Radha says because of them she has suffered a lot in mental hospital. Pari tries slapping radha but radha stops her. Gopi says they shouldnt waste time with radha but should attend lakshmi pooja. Modis does pooja. Bha gives aarthi, then jigar-pari does. While the couple giving aarthi, even radha comes there and grabs the aarthi plate. Pundit will be shocked looking at them. Radha says jigar has married her as well. The threesome does aarthi. Koki tries stopping, but ahem stops her. The pundit leaves. Radha keeps sindoor and says she is feeling happy filling sindoor. Radha warns everyone that very soon their happiness will be vanished. Later, gopi-hetal-koki will be discussing about radha. Gopi says they have to do something before radha ruins their lives. Gopi again says they have to find out whether the picture with radha-jigar is a real one or a fake one. Pari comes there and says she would bring those pictures from radha's room. 

At urmi's chawl, water supply will be stopped in the chawl. The chawl people will be worried as they couldnt bath and do pooja on the day of diwali. Kinjal orders a water tank and says urmi that she should take the water supply connection back before she reveals that urmi herself has disconnected the supply. Urmi gets pissed off kinjal.