Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th October 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki asks hetal not to force gopi to come along for the marriage. Radha takes all the things outside the car. Gopi goes outside with coconut. While closing the door radha's pallu gets struck to the basket inside the car. Radha opens the door and will be trying to get her pallu out from the basket gopi comes there. By the time gopi approaches near the car kids come there and call gopi. Radha feels relieved. Modis reach mandir. There urmi will be opposing for pari-jigar marriage. Tolu-molu say they have agreed for the marriage. Urmi scolds jigar for forgetting rashi and now getting married to pari. Pari tries to stop, but urmi scolds pari as well. Jitthu says modis that he will convince urmi and modis get into the mandir. Pari will be happy about the marriage. Radha thinks in few minutes pari's fate will get reversed. Hetal asks koki to call gopi to invite her for marriage as she would never deny her words. Koki agrees and calls gopi. Koki says gopi that she might be angry with her as she hasnt insisted to come for marriage. She knows very well that she has accepted pari as her devrani. But in fact she doesnt want some mistake might happen in the marriage and pari blame gopi. Gopi feels happy that koki has believed her. Gopi hears urmi's words opposing marriage and asks about it. Koki says urmi is opposing this marriage. Gopi says mira on phone to explain urmi and take her inside. Kids go to urmi and say that it might be rashi's wish that jigar should get married to pari to have a happy life ahead and give them mother love. Urmi gets convinced. Here in the marriage, jigar will be upset remembering his marriage with rashi. At the time of kanyadaan, urmi comes there and says she would do that and she would accept this marriage. Urmi-jitthu does the kanyadaan. While taking phere, pari's pallu will be dropping so radha also follows pari in the phere. Jigar will be unwilling to keep sindoor for pari, pari grabs jigar's hand and let him put sindoor. Jigar forcefully keeps the mangalsutra to pari. Pundit declares them as a married couple. The couple takes blessings from the elders. Modis reach home, hetal does aarthi to the newly wed. Before pari drops the kalash, radha comes there and pushes the kalash. Koki yells what is she doing. Radha opens her veil. Modis remain shocked to see radha.