Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 24 October 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th October 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki says hetal-gopi that she should try to convince urmi later as she is angry with them now. Home decors will be delivered at modi bhawan. Pari asks the people to decorate outside the house first. Jigar asks to finish the wedding in a simple way. Hetal asks pari not to make hungama about the marriage. But pari explains the ladies that its her first marriage and she should make it memorable. Jigar-ladies agree. Jigar will be upset looking at the decorations. Later, koki calls urmi and explains this marriage is only happening for tolu-molu and they need a mother in this age, pari loves jigar a lot, and she should agree to this marriage for jigar-tolu molu. Urmi agrees finally. Koki says she would call madhu-kinjal and invite them. 

In the evening, engagement cermony starts. Bha blesses the couple. Bha gifts rings for mira-vidya. Koki shows jigar his engagement ring and keeps in the mandir. A dance group comes inside the house. Pari requests koki not to stop her to celebrate her engagement. Koki agrees. Pari dances with the group. Pari takes all the ladies and makes them dance. Urmi and her family arrive there. Pari invites urmi as well to dance, urmi agrees and dances. After a while, koki asks the dancers to stop dancing and asks gopi to bring the ring from mandir. Gopi finds the ring missing and tells everyone about it. Pari says she has seen urmi going towards mandir and she might have stolen the ring. Urmi defends herself and recalls she taking the ring and keeping in her wallet. Urmi gets tensed. Pari asks urmi to give her purse to check it. Koki asks pari not give baseless comments. Pari says she would check her purse and prove the truth. Pari checks urmi's purse and finds no ring in the purse. Koki apologizes urmi about pari's comments. Jay asks everyone to search everywhere. Now pari blames gopi to to give back her ring. Gopi says she never steals anything and behave so low. Pari shows a knot on gopi's pallu, gopi checks it and takes out the ring. Pari yells at gopi for behaving so well though she doesnt likes this marriage.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th October 2014 Written Update

Bhallas will be worried for raman. Mani-ishu bring raman home. Ishu asks mani to leave as their neighbors might think bad. Raman pushes off ishu when she was helping him to walk. Raman comes home and walks into his room with bhalla's help. Ishu says toshi that raman found on road fully drunk. Toshi starts crying. Ishu says she couldnt understand what has hurt raman to this level. Toshi says raman isnt upset about romi's issue. She knew how raman would cry when she found raman's pillow wet. Raman was completely shattered when shagun left him. And now dont know what is mattering raman. Ishu says they would try to know from raman himself and solve this problem. Ishu comes into their room, raman will be asleep. Ishu holds raman and feels bad for him. Ishu asks raman what is it mattering him a lot and took it to heart. He should have shared it with her. Again ishu says, tomorrow is the big day for him and enjoy it well. Next day, ishu-toshi think of remaining calm without asking raman about last night if not he will get upset again. Raman comes into hall, toshi says raman to have parathas. Mihir comes there and tells everyone to get ready well for asia head party. Everyone gets excited about the party. Ishu says she would go to parlor and get ready well and asks whether there is any theme so that she can get ready accoding to that. Raman scolds everyone not to get excited about his party. Raman leaves from there. Ishu says she would not spoil her mood about raman's yelling. Raman comes to his room, recalls ishu's words about party theme and recalls shagun saying him and ashok asking to wear same color dress. 

At ashok's place, ashok invites sarika for the asia head party and tells her to explain how romi has exploited her. But sarika says ashok that romi has agreed to give his name as her baby's dad. Sarika leaves rejecting his invitation. Sarika meets ishu-mani outside, sarika thanks mani for guiding her in a right way. Ishu thanks sarika for agreeing to take back the case. Sarika says ishu that she believes in her and is relieved now. Ishu feels happy for raman. Here in the house, raman determines himself that ishu-mani are alike shagun-ashok who has cheated on him, and he wouldnt get depressed or hurt because of them this time. Ashok will be angry and thinks of not attending the party but suraj explains him to attend as everyone might feel he is jealous. Ashok thinks of using romi to spoil raman's party. Ishu comes home from parlor. Simi says raman has left alone. Ishu gets upset. Ishu-toshi start together for the party. Raman arrives at the party. The other businessmen congrats him. Mani comes to raman and asks about ishu. Raman taunts mani that he should know about it than him. Mani couldnt understand raman's wierd behavior.