Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 17 October 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 17th October 2014 Written Update

Raman at sarika's place, raman says sarika that he gave a new job so that she will be away from romi but she had made this mistake. Raman says romi isnt interested to marry her so he cant force romi into marriage because he may leave her after that too. Raman assures sarika that if romi agrees for marriage he would fight against his mother as well. Raman asks sarika to think well as she has a baby's responsibility. Raman gives a blank cheque and says its to take care of her baby, and he cannot change romi's mind to marry her. Sarika takes this in a wrong way and says romi has also cheated her and gave money to her and now he too is giving money. Sarika yells at raman that she doesnt need their money. Raman leaves. Sarika determines herself to take revenge with romi as he has cheated her. Sarika calls ashok and tells she would file a case against romi. Ashok feels happy and says he would help her. Later, raman recieves a courier from court about sexual harrasment case against romi which sarika has filed. Raman calls romi and gives the complaint papers. Raman says romi to take care of the matter himself as he doesnt want to deal it. Toshi asks raman to help romi. Raman says toshi that he has taken all his mistakes but not this one. Ishu defends sarika but toshi blames sarika that she is trying to get money. Toshi says she would fight for romi. Later, ishu will be worried for sarika so she decides to solve this problem herself. Raman calls pathak and says to call toshi and take up romi's case and solve it properly. Ishu comes downstairs and listens this. 

Ashok in his office, milka comes there. Ashok says milka to take partnership with Chennai's project as they can have fun together. Milka says she would take her career seriously and would take the project as a challenge. Milka thinks of getting a chance where ashok does some mistake and she would reveal ashok's true identity before shagun. But ashok thinks milka would fall for him one day and he would have all the fun with her. Ishu comes to sarika and explains that romi has done the mistake but she shouldnt file a case against romi so that he will marry her. But sarika says raman has given a blank cheque to help his brother and now she has come. Ishu explains sarika that raman doesnt have any bad intensions in this matter and she should believe her and she would definitely help her. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th October 2014 Written Update

Radha impressed Pari :)

At modi bhawan, Radha determines herself to destroy modis as they have sent her jail and made her suffer. Next day, modis will be having breakfast. Modis wonder pari has done all the work perfectly. Koki says she was wrong about pari. Hetal agrees with koki. Pari wakes up and thanks khana ji for sending a maid. Pari finds lemon water on the desk, radha comes there and gives it to pari. Radha says she is helping her losing her weight. Again radha says she would prepare food without oil to help her in losing weight. Pari hugs radha and thanks her. Koki calls pari so she leaves. Radha says herself to watch out for many wonders. Here at dining table, koki appreciates pari for completing her work very well. Pari says she brought a new maid home and she has prepared all this. Pari introduces radha to modis. Koki scolds pari for bringing new maid home. Pari asks radha to preapare diet breakfast for her. Pari again says they can remove meeti after few days. Koki clears pari that meeti is their family member but not a maid. Pari apologizes. Radha comes there. Koki asks radha about her family and why is she on with ghoonghat. Radha says her husband hits her daily. Pari says she found in the newspaper ad and approached. Koki insists to open her ghoonghat. Radha opens and kids get scared as half face will be burnt. Radha says she got burnt in an accident few years back and her husband has left her. Radha recalls how she prepared a mix of chocolate sauce and bread crumbs to show as a burnt. Koki says radha to do her work. Koki asks pari to do the police verification of radha. Pari says its not a big deal. But koki insists pari to finish the police verification by evening if not she will be kicked out. Pari agrees. 

Later, radha comes to pari's room for floor mopping. Pari asks radha to give her ID card to have verification. But radha says she has no one in Rajkot so she doesnt have any ID card. So pari decide to do something as she needs her. Gopi calls urmi and informs about the food poisioning and new maid at thier house. Radha comes to pari and massages her legs, pari doubts why she is behaving sweet with her. Radha says as she helped her from her husband and also gave a job. Pari gets impressed. Radha shows meeti's ID card and asks whether it is an ID card. Pari says she would get radha's verification with this.