Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 10 October 2014

Rashi Modi Aka Rucha Off Screen Pics

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th October 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, ahem finds gopi stressed. Gopi says she is worried about pari's behavior. Ahem comforts her. Pari comes downstairs, finds bha-koki in hall. Koki says they clean these antique pieces every year during diwali time and keep them back. So they need to do something. Pari comes to them and explains the ladies about the Quicker app to sell/buy things. The ladies feel happy and asks pari to sell them. Pari requests bha to give her the money which she gets from selling these antique pieces. Bha agrees. Koki-bha leaves. Pari posts the ad on Quicker. Pari hears hetal calling for gopi and rushes there. Pari helps hetal to pin her pallu. Pari finds a kangan set and keeps on glaring. Hetal says she is going for satyanarayan pooja. Hetal again says pari that the kangan were given to bha from her MIL. Chirag calls hetal to come downstairs so hetal keeps back the bangles in the box and leaves hurridly. Pari thinks of stealing the kangan to get back the khandhani necklace. Pari apologizes khana ji and leaves. Later, gopi comes to khana ji and asks to show her a way to solve the mystery of the necklace. 

At jewelry shop, kinjal-urmi comes there. Urmi says she has come to check if the jeweler would cheat them. Pari gives the kangan to the jeweler. While weighing them, Kinjal recognizes the kangan as modis pushkayini kangan. Urmi taunts modis might have the duplicate ones at home. Urmi-kinjal argue on this matter, pari finds them and gets worried. Pari hurries and takes the necklace in-return of kangan. Jay mehta meets gopi in hall and asks for tea. After he leaves from there, Pari comes back home. Gopi dashes pari and the unwashed clothes and the tub drops on ground. Pari yells at gopi, koki comes there and warns pari to talk smoothly with gopi. Gopi while puting clothes back into the tub finds the necklace and tells koki about it. Pari acts innocent and recalls she dropping the necklace into the tub. Pari asks gopi how her necklace has come into this tub and keeps repeating that it was in the tub itself. Koki wonders how this necklace is in the tub. Gopi checks the necklace and tells koki that its the real one but finds a sticker on backside and says it has come from outside as there wasnt any sticker before. Koki-gopi suspeciously looks at pari. Gopi says she was in the home till now, and she came from outside. Pari says gopi might have given the necklace for polishing and that time jeweler has placed the sticker. Gopi couldnt talk in between. Koki asks both gopi-pari not to repeat this mistake and leaves. 

At jay mehta's room, pari says jay that she has worked hard to get the necklace back. Pari asks jay to leave to Delhi. Jay says their house in court case and he cant go their till the problem gets solved. Jay says pari that its waste of time to stay back here as jigar doesnt care for her. Pari asks jay to let her stay here as she loves jigar a lot. Koki comes there and says pari that she truly loves jigar and one day she will win his love. Next day, hetal says koki that they should polish their jewelry. Koki asks hetal to give the dadi saas kangan too to polish them. Hetal says they shall call the jeweler home to get polished.