Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th October 2014 Written Update

Ayyars will be searching for shravan. Vandhu will be worried for shravan. Mr. ayyar and bala move to give police complaint but they find a car stops and shravu gets down with some shopping material. Bala yells at shravu that he shouldnt leave house without informing anyone. Bala will be tensed that they have come till their house and he should do something. At raman's house, raman will be thinking how to kiss ishu and if she feels bad. Romi comes there. Raman thinks of practicing hugging and kissing. Romi rejects raman to kiss, so he blackmails that he would buy a motorbike and kisses romi. Bhalla family will be wondering why raman is showering love on all the family members suddenly. 

At mihir's place, mihir comes with a movie dvd. Milka says mihir-shagun that shagun's movie plan got cancelled so she thought of watching a movie together. Shagun will be happy and thanks milka. Milka thinks of improving the bond between her and shagun so that one day she can show the real face of ashok. At bala's house, bala yells at someone on mobile that he cant do what they are wishing. Bala will be worried about the suspicious person. Next day morning, romi wakes up raman and kisses him. Raman says he was practicing. Romi makes fun that he has to clean his mouth, and he should kiss on lips. 

At hospital, raman finds ishu isnt there on bed. He hears water sound in washroom and thinks ishu is inside and he would kiss her once she is out of it. Door opens, raman kisses the person on cheeks and feels happy that he has succeeded. But he shocks when he finds its the head nurse. The nurse yells at him and says she would complaint in police. Ishu comes there and defends raman. Raman defends himself that he has kissed her as a son-mother relation as she took care of ishu. Nurse gets convinced and leaves. Ishu wonders what has happened to raman. 

At mihir's house, shagun prepares brownies. Shagun asks milka to take few brownies for ruhi. Milka asks to teach the recipe so that she can prepare some for ishu and mihir. Shagun says milka to take few brownies for ishu, and makes fun that she would have mixed some wine in it if they are for ishu. Shagun says ishu needs to chill out and take few matters light. At raman's room, ishu will be taking rest. Mrs ayyar comes there and gives a festival gift which she has shopped on amazon. Milka comes there with brownies. Ishu feels happy. Milky says shagun has prepared them and she has sent few for ruhi. Milka explains that her relation has improved with shagun. Ishu feels happy. Later, mani-raman-vandhu-romi gather in ishu's room. All start making fun of raman that he has kissed the nurse. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th October 2014 Written Update

Gopi denies elders to marry jigar-pari. Even jigar denies to marry pari. Hetal gives the khandari chain to pari and says she has accepted pari as her DIL. Gopi gets worried. Urmi will be worried about pari's behavior and over pampering of pappu by kinjal. 


At modi bhawan, gopi says pari that the day when jigar accepts her and modis accept her with pure heart then she is one of the family members of modi family. Pari smiles. Pari asks gopi about jigar. Gopi says he might be in his room. Pari meets jigar, but he will be in no mood of arguing with her. Jigar leaves from there. Jigar comes to gopi-ahem and says that he has given money to a trust in the name of rashi and now he is going to confirm it. Ahem agrees to come along with him. Both leave. Pari's chain drops on ground. Pari gets worried that yesterday itself hetal has given her and now it dropped on ground. Pari checks the chain and finds the pearls arent real. Pari yells out for everyone. Koki-hetal come into hall. Pari blames gopi that she has given the duplicate chain. Koki defends gopi that she cannot do so or say lies. Pari shows the chain to koki. Gopi checks it and concludes that it isnt the real one. Koki wonders how a chain can get duplicate in one single night and she has to find out. Koki calls police to report. Hetal asks gopi not to get worried about the chain.

Later, gopi meets pari and asks to give back the real chain. Pari denies about it. Pari blames gopi that she has given the duplicate one and now blaming her. Pari says gopi is jealous of her. Gopi gets angry and yells back that she cannot play with emotions like her. Both start arguing, koki comes there and asks them to stop it. Again pari-gopi blame eachother. Koki asks them to stop. Pari says jay mehta has clicked the picture of the chain when hetal gave her, so she can show it and prove it. Pari goes to her dad's room and checks the picture. Pari finds out that jay has stolen it. Jay comes out of the washroom, pari asks jay whether he has stolen the chain. Jay admits. Pari remains shocked. Jay says he needs money for playing cards as his account has been sealed, and he has lost it. Pari says jay that if koki will know the truth then she will kick them out of the house. Pari feels bad that she will be away from jigar with this reason. Jay promises pari that he will anyhow convince jigar to get married to her. Pari comes back to the ladies. Koki asks about the picture, pari remains calm. Pari says that picture has been deleted. Koki asks pari that gopi gave her the real necklace and it got exchanged from her room. Jay comes there and admits he has stolen the necklace. Jay again says modis are underestimated that he has no business but he does with lakhs and crores. Pari again says gopi has given the duplicate necklace. Koki defends gopi that she will never do that. Koki says gopi-pari that within evening they should keep the real necklace. At urmi's house, kinjal comes to urmi and asks to give her jewelry to polish them. Here in modi bhawan, jay suggests pari to steal something and get 3 lakh rupees and buy the necklace. Pari will be tensed how to get back the necklace.