Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th October 2014 Written Update

At the hospital, few people come there and yells to close the hospital as they are on strike. Raman requests to allow them. But they doesnt listen. All argue. Police come there and tells strike has ended. All leave. Later, doc tells raman-mani that ishu should be in ICU as TB might attack her again. Raman gets upset. Raman says bhalla and mr.ayyar to leave and he would stay back. Raman will be waiting outside the room. A nurse comes, raman finds maatangi as her name and recalls ishu saying ayyars has decided to name her as maatangi. Raman asks ishu to wake up soon. Bala gets a call and he scolds not to call him again and again. At ashok's house, ashok says suraj that he is unable to forget milka and he wishes to get her at any cost. At hospital, bala says raman that he has to take care of vandhu at home so he has to leave. Bala comes out and will be waiting outside the hospital. A car comes there, bala says angrily that he cant come. But door opens, bala gets in. Car moves on. At hospital, milka-mihir will be having dinner. Mihir feels bad that milka has changed her mobile and using the new one. Mihir keeps pulling her leg and milka gets emotional and cries. Mihir says he was making fun and apologizes milka. Raman comes there and finds them, raman recalls the romantic moments with ishu. Mihir finds him and says he would bring juice for him. Raman stops him and cries. Raman feels sorry for ishu as she has fast because of him and he doesnt know about her health issues. Mihir comforts him. Next day, raman sleeping in a chair, mani comes there and tells ishu has woke up. Raman comes into the room. Doc tells raman that ishu shouldnt fast anymore. Doc leaves. Raman yells at ishu that she shouldnt be stubborn anymore and no fasting now. Ishu denies to eat. Mani comes there and asks her to eat. Mani comes with ruhi and asks ishu to eat for ruhi. Ruhi says she was missing her a lot. Ruhi says everyone wasnt saying anything about ishu. Ruhi requests ishu to eat, as maata rani doesnt wish her children to fast. Ishu feels emotional. Ishu agrees to eat. Mani says raman that he should treat everyone with love not to yell. Mani comes out to bring water. Raman stops him and yells at mani not to involve in their family matters. He dint involve in any of matters of after her marriage. Mani yells back at raman that his family members are afraid of him, ishu will be worried all time. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th October 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, ladies gather in bha's room. Hetal says she would talk to jigar to accept her as his wife. Gopi couldnt say anything and remains silent. Pari overhears this and feels happy. Gopi comes to urmi and says elders have decided to make pari-jigar one legally. Urmi says pari is winning in all her evil plans and they couldnt do anything. Pari comes there and says both that she has planned the argument with savitha so that she should raise the topic and she has done it. Pari proudly says she will win in her plan and leaves. Urmi says gopi that they should do something. Later, jigar-ahem come home. Hetal-bha will be trying to explain jigar to accept pari but suddenly a person comes inside yelling out for pari. Koki and others wonder who is this. Urmi comes there and tells everyone he is pari's dad jay mehta. Jay mehta says everyone that he has come to take his daughter from this hell. Pari comes downstairs and hugs her dad. Pari wonders why he has come. Jay asks pari to come along with him as jigar doesnt love her. Pari tries to convince jay that modis have accepted her into their family but jay drags her out. Pari rejects coming with him. Jay gets mild heart attack. Modis help him to relax. Pari gives tablets and he gets fine. Jay explains pari that she shouldnt stay here as jigar doesnt love her. Jay again says gopi has called him and explained about the situation at home. Pari and all others wonders. Koki asks gopi how she could do this when elders have decided to accept pari as their family member. Gopi says she is sorry for not telling them before but she felt her dad should know all the truth. If jigar doesnt love her back then she will be wasting her time in modi bhawan. Pari yells at gopi to leave her alone. Jay mehta asks pari not to be so stubborn. Pari explains jay that modis have accepted her and very soon they will marry with jigar. Pari asks koki, she nods as yes. Pari asks hetal, she rejects as jigar doesnt like to marry her. Jay says marriage should be done with mutual understanding but not with force. Jigar says jay that he still loves rashi and cannot forget her so he cannot marry pari. Koki supports jigar and says jay that they cannot force jigar to marry pari. And gopi-urmi has done the right thing to call jay mehta. Pari denies to leave modi bhawan. Pari grabs jigar's legs and begs to accept her. Koki yells at pari that she shouldnt force jigar as he isnt loving her. Pari in tears says koki that she found true love in this house which she has missed since childhood. Pari begs koki to let her stay back in modi bhawan. Jay agrees to give pari a chance to win jigar's heart, if he doesnt love her back then she should listen to him. Pari requests koki to allow her dad to stay in their house. Modis agree. Later, hetal-koki-bha in a room, hetal feels bad for jay mehta as he is worried about pari's marriage. But pari isnt agreeing. Gopi comes there, koki asks gopi opinion about pari-jigar's marriage. Gopi rejects for the marriage.