Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th September 2014 Written Update

At raman's house, ishitha will be happy about the breakfast. Ruhi says ishi maa is happy so raman will be dropping her at school. Shagun calls bala's mobile, but vandhu takes the call. Shagun asks vandhu to come for aadhi's tutions as he has missed them since many days. Vandhu wonders but says shagun that she would inform bala. Vandhu hangs on the call, Bala comes there. Vandhu says bala about aadhi's tutions, bala says he was busy with special classes. Vandhu asks bala not to stress. Raman brings ruhi downstairs and asks whats the matter, why is she so good with ishitha. Ruhi explains that a boy in her class was bullying her best friend so she has hit him. So principal has asked them to bring parents to school. Raman says he is happy that ruhi has helped her friend but explains she shouldnt hit anyone. Ishitha will be cooking but finds cylinder is done. She thinks of getting one from her mother's place. But there her dad tells ishitha that their cylinder is also finished. Ishitha says she would take care of it. Raman goes to school with ruhi. At the parking, mani's car comes before and parks before he does. Raman gets angry and scolds mani's driver. But the security person comes there and asks mani's car to take away from there as its staff parking area. Both go inside. There raman finds ruhi has fought with mani's son nirvan. Both the kids apologize to each other before principal. Raman and mani as well apologize and leave. Ishitha will be worried about gas cylinder, mr.bhalla asks ishitha to cool down. Ishitha walks off to her room. Raman comes there. Mr.bhalla says raman that ishitha is worried about gas problem. Raman goes to ishitha and asks her to take rest for a while or try to vomit so that she feels good. The gas cylinder will be delivered. Bhalla says mani has sent the cylinder. Raman learns that ishitha was worried about gas cylinder and also mani is a man with whom ishitha went for dinner. Ishitha says mani was her best friend since school days. Raman feels jealous and ishitha feels happy about it. At mihir's place, shagun shows her costly wedding card and also asks mihir to order the same. Shagun says mihir that ashok can afford everything at his wedding as well. But mihir sweetly denies it. Later in the night, ishitha will be angry to know about who is mani. Raman thinks of waking up ishitha and find out but he couldnt. He thinks of checking ishitha's friendbook and find out. Raman takes the laptop to bathroom and checks the friends list but couldnt find the right one as there will be 3 or more mani's. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki stopping urmi who was about to slap pari. Koki says urmi that she cannot slap her dil pari nor scold her. Modis remain shocked at koki's words. Koki says pari that she cannot take rashi's place but she can make a new place in their house. Gopi asks koki not to believe urmi. Koki says gopi that they should forgive a person who does mistakes all the time and urmi is an example. So they cant believe now but that person can try to change. They should give pari to change for once. Then she too can love pari. Gopi defends herself that she isnt lieing. Koki says she believes her but gopi might have heard wrong as well. Shah familiy leave. Pari smiles proudly at gopi. Gopi goes to mandir and prays maata rani to help her in knowing the truth. Pari comes there and makes fun that she shouldnt trouble maata rani. Pari says she came here to love jigar but not to hurt anyone. Gopi replies, she isnt loving jigar whole heartedly and jigar loves only rashi. Pari taunts gopi saying ahem even hasnt loved her before and koki has helped her so now she too isnt bad. Gopi says she never lied to win ahem's heart. Pari warns gopi not to come in her way. Gopi says she will be in her way if she is going in wrong one and help her family. Pari says gopi is jealous of her as koki is accepting her slowly and very soon she will be more important to all the family members than gopi. Gopi says she isnt insecure like her in the house. And she has learnt from everyone to keep family together. But pari isnt thinking of same. Pari asks gopi to stop her nonsense. Pari challenges gopi that before navrathri completes she would everyone's heart and even jigar's. Gopi also challenges pari that before navrathri completes she would show everyone pari's true color. Pari finds koki is coming there and asks gopi to forgive her and give a hug. Koki comes there and asks whats happening. Pari says koki to ask gopi to forgive her and hug. Koki asks gopi to forgive pari. Pari says she would hug gopi herself and hugs. 

Later, pari calls urmi and scolds for blaming her before modis. Again pari says that gopi has warned her that she would show her true color to modis. Urmi asks pari not to worry about gopi. Chawl ladies come to urmi's house and asks her to take care of diya at maata rani. Urmi agrees. Later, urmi drops ghee in diya and sleeps. After a while urmi wakes up and finds kinjal has poured ghee in diya. Urmi wakes her up and asks about diya. Kinjal says urmi that she found her sleeping so dint feel like disturbing, so poured ghee in diya herself. Molu learns online shopping from pari.