Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th September 2014 Written Update

 Mihir says raman that shagun-aadhi is coming home. Raman says he would take care of the meeting and he can go to shagun's place. Here shagun will be very excited that she is going to her brother's home. Downstairs, ashok-suraj will be happy that he is finally getting a way to leave shagun forever. Aadhi overhears this and gets confused. Shagun comes downstairs and ashok says bye to her and aadhi. At raman's house, while ishitha is leaving she gets a call from her friend mani. Ishitha will be excited and tries to tell raman but he denies. Shagun and aadhi comes to mihir's house. Shagun will be excited and thinks of cooking mihir's favorite food. Mika says shagun that there is nothing to cook so she leaves to bring groceries. Ishitha will getting ready to leave from her hospital to meet her friend mani but mika-aadhi comes there. Mika says aadhi is feeling tooth pain. Ishitha says mani that she would meet her after 1 hour. Ishitha checks aadhi's tooth and has deep cavity. Ishitha asks aadhi to call shagun or ashok to tell about this, but aadhi denies to tell ashok. Ishitha will be suspcious why aadhi denies to call ashok. Here mihir-raman reach the hotel for meeting. But the secretary informs them that they are 3minutes late so meeting has been cancelled. Raman gets angry but mihir controls him. Shagun comes to ishitha's hospital, shagun scolds mika for bringing aadhi to ishitha. 

Ishitha informs shagun that aadhi is fine after giving some pain killers. Ishitha expresses her doubt that aadhi might not be comfortable about her marriage with ashok as he has reacted aggressively about informing him about his tooth pain. But shagun scolds ishitha not to involve in her matters. Shagun finds ishitha leaving with her friend mani and doubts who was it ishitha going. Here in the hotel, mihir says he needs to go home to take care of shagun-aadhi. Raman tells mihir about aadhi's tooth problem and feels happy that he could spend more time with aadhi now. Mihir leaves. Raman finds bala in the hotel. Even bala finds raman and rushes out. Raman will be irritated that he need to prepare another presentation for meeting. Ishitha comes home. She will be talking to mani and thanks the person that they spent a good time together. After hanging the phone, ishitha and raman dash, but raman grabs her tight. Ishitha feels so loving but raman yells at her and drops her on bed. Ishitha will be happy watching him. Raman scolds ishitha for smiling unnecessarily. Ishitha says she is no mood to fight with him as she is very happy. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, jigar says pari that he loves only rashi and can never accept any other gal in his life. Pari feels happy and says when he starts loving her then he would love her the same. Jigar feels frustrated. Pari hugs and kisses jigar and leaves. At urmi's house, urmi hears dol sound and comes outside. Urmi gets angry that her tenants have brought maata's idol without her permission. Urmi goes downstairs and blocks kinjal and other tenants. Kinjal-dhaval say that they want to do maatarani's pooja in the chawl. Though she denies everyone bring the idol into the chawl. At modi bhawan, pari learns about garbo but couldnt understand how to bring it home. Pari thinks of asking about garbo to gopi. Pari walks to kitchen and finds gopi talking to madhu on mobile, gopi says madhu that she would bring garbo home as its rashi's favorite festival and even kids would feel happy. Pari eavesdrop this and thinks she need not worry about garbo now. At urmi's house, kinjal-dhaval-madhu comes there and invites urmi to come for maata's darshan but she denies. All leave angrily.

Gopi comes to market and purchases garbo. Pari follows gopi and finds this. Pari thinks of stopping gopi by bringing garbo home as elders might appreciate her. Pari finds a lady selling chaniya choli and gives her money to do some work. Gopi gets into the car, the lady comes near the window and insists gopi to purchase one chaniya choli but gopi denies. While gopi talking to the lady, pari takes out the garbo from car and keeps another jhola. When pari gives a sign to leave, the lady leaves from there. Urmi's neighbors start maata's pooja, urmi couldnt sit at home without visiting, so she walks downstairs and participates in the pooja. Urmi apologizes before maatarani to forgive her. Kids ask koki whether they can celebrate navrathri this year. Koki explains them that they cant celebrate as its been very less time passed by after rashi's death. Kids plead koki to agree to celebrate navrathri. Kids get upset. Gopi comes there and says they will celebrate navrathri this time. Gopi says elders that she wanted to make kids happy. Gopi opens the cloth and finds a football. Koki-hetal appreciates gopi for bringing football for kids. Pari comes there with gopi's garbo and shows everyone. Koki scolds pari for bringing garbo home without elders permission. Pari defends herself saying when someone dies in home, then they dont stop eating or sleeping then why shouldnt worship maatarani. Gopi-bha supports pari that they should worship maatarani this year. So koki forcefully agrees.